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An Abyss Watcher’s soul is torn from the whole, sent flying through reality upon the event of a Great Betrayal.

Finding himself within an entirely new world, he discovers a new purpose under the guidance of the moon, charged with the protection of her subjects. It is something to hold onto, to resist the Undead Curse for at least a little while longer.

However, a darkness rises again in the Frozen North, seeping into all that is good. The old king of Shadow, Sombra, will challenge the Watcher’s newfound connection with this world and its princesses.

A Dark Souls 3 Crossover.
Takes place during the middle of Season Three.
Edited by The Dark Soul.

Chapters (15)
Comments ( 177 )

This boss was badass, the background track is one of my faves and I died SO many fricken times trying to solo the Watchers. Now let us see how this will continue.

Interesting. Looking forward to seeing where this story is gonna go.

It's funny, I actually just beat the Watchers about an hour ago.

I'm really feeling a dark souls one asylum vibe from the prison situation

With chapter 1 you piqued my interest author.... and now you have my attention..... I'll bee watching you author, I'm interested to see where this goes

I look forward to more....

It seems the hollowing has begun

So far the story sounds good can't wait for more

Love it, simply love it

I'm this liking this please feed my ravenous imagination dear writer :twilightsmile:

Prithee, be careful. I don´t want to see my work squandered!

7424689 I can just see Andre in a memory sitting there with a flexed bicep, hammer in hand, and a big ass smile shining through his beard saying, "Don't fuck up, that's my shit you're carrying... Good luck."

Dang, I like your writing style. Keep it up man!

Great job, now featured...

... I Need to get Dark Souls...

Indeed you do. But prepare yourself for lots of frustration and hours upon hours of trying to piece the worlds history together from item discriptions and the odd dialoque from (more or less) insane NPCs alone.

Also, expect to rage a lot from the Abyss Watchers fight. Best fight in the game, but also the one that is the most frustrating early-game bosses.

Not enough good Dark Souls Crossovers these days....

The Abyss Watchers are my favorite boss battle in the series.

Can we expect Roland to do some sick spinny flips in the future?

7443905 Of course. There will be break-dance battles.*

*Not actually dance-battles. Hopefully ya'll get what I mean.

This was a great boss fight. Soundtrack was good. Amazing really.

R.I.P. Red Eyed Abyss Watcher. You were my best friend in that fight.

A very interesting story. Favorited.

Hope you mean ALL your wisdom teeth. Trust me, you don't wanna deal with that twice.

I'm interested in this, please continue. My favorite boss out of DS3, and you've made one into a true character with their own view and personality.

The Abyss Watchers are probably my favorite DS3 boss, but Artorias The Abysswalker, and Sif The Great Grey Wolf beat them by a lot. Though killing Sif was rough, not physically, but mentally/emtionally.

7442378 ya know Celestia's always a bitch in all fanfics in some way

It's good to see Roland eager to learn.

Means he has a goal.
Means he can stave off the Hollowing for while longer.

too damn short!!!! :flutterrage:
more pls!!!:yay:

YOU MUST CONTINUE THE STORY! :flutterrage::pinkiecrazy::raritydespair:

7489088 You don't gotta worry about that.

Grinding through the end of the game(first time playing anything Dark Souls, certainly not the last). I gotta read this.

You know, when I first saw this story, I passed it by because I thought that it would be some sort of overly edgy sadfrst.
But no, this is handled beautifully.
I like it.

7500440 I used to be what many would call an "edgelord." This was about four or five years ago.

The stuff I wrote back then was absolutely horrific. Buuut, hindsight is 20/20.

Thanks, though. I appreciate it.

7500457 I feel warm inside all over again.

The Abyss watchers or as I like to call them Youtube commentators because they probably fight eachother more than they due you.

7442378 Definitely! Dark souls and mlp are soooooooo great together.

Is he in hollow form or human form?

7501347 Thanks. I was confused for a bit.

I always recalled that those who linked the fire or carried a lord soul became true undead. No longer suffering the threat of hollowing. maybe I have my info wrong.

7501759 If that were true, and I don't know if it is or isn't, I suppose that would apply to the Abyss Watchers' soul as a whole - the "Soul of the Blood of the Wolf."

Problem is, our dear Watcher's soul has been "torn from the whole," as the description states, and isn't individually attached to the title of Lord of Cinder any longer.

Who knows where the other Abyss Watchers' souls could have gone, if others were "torn from the whole" as well. :trixieshiftleft:

Is he going around barefoot? If he is, all that dirt that collects on his feet will give him dark soles.

That was absolutely abyssmal

I remember beating Artorias and Sif just as I would any other boss. But as soon as I read the lore, I felt like a complete dick

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