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"Teh" is intentional. Just sayin'


Twilight is tired of her life. Her friends, her mentor, her job, her 'special talent', everything seems pointless, frivolous and boring. After a tragic accident she discovers and decides to join a secret, ruthless organization, created to protect all living creatures by the horrible, indescribable things that lurk in the darkness: the Foundation.

A crossover with the awesome SCP lore.

Inspired by the SCP Foundation Site and community: SCP Wiki.net

Hope you enjoy!

Thanks to Tsuguri for being such a good pre-reader/editor and all around awesome.

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MLP/SCP crossover fic? Yes please!

Oh, this sounds really interesting! Going to track this and read it a bit later. :pinkiehappy:

I love SCP, and I love ponies. Tagged to read later

888756 Well, if you're actually thinking of releasing that monstruosity on the internet, I'll make sure to continue. Glad you like it so much :3

This is quite the start for an adventure. :) great idea and I hope it continues to be this quality for the rest of the fic! (also about other races. Do we get to see the other races that join the SCP foundation?


The focus will be on Twilight, but yes, we will see other members of the Foundation that are not zebras or ponies.

I REALLY want to see what happens if she manages to stick her horn in SCP-914. Super kick ass powers activate!:rainbowkiss:

By far, one of the best fics I have EVER read. Please keep it going.:rainbowkiss:


The third chapter is shaping up, expect it to hit the site sometime next week.

Scary thing about the whole "inferior races" thing is that I could see Celestia doing it.


This is.... Incredible. Never heard about SCP, but the fic made me lurk on the wiki for hours.
Definitely tracking thisdl.dropbox.com/u/31471793/FiMFiction/Spike_lolface.png

Always nice when the fever gets passed :3
Also, read the tales. They are really nice and you get a lot of background infos on some of the recurrent Agents, Doctors, et cetera.

@Mister Frost: Yeah, I always noted that ponies in the series kinda have a patronizing look on everything. So I thought that in less bright times, instead of just being mildly annoying, they would be actively xenophobic.

So Celestia now knows what really happened to twilight but damn did you really have to end the chapter at such a cliffhanger can't wait for the next chapter to come out.


Understand this, my friend. A cliffhanger is an author's guiltiest pleasure. I don't deny there is some kind of sadistic ring to it, but what I do, I do because I want to make the story more enjoyable for my few but passionate readers. Also, I enjoy seeing you squirm :3

update soon please the suspense is killing me

This is actually really well done. The Twilight has developed (or downgraded, if you will) to get type before EP1. Studious and anti-social. Language was alright, fitted the mood well. One thing that could be improved was SCP-178's breach. Pinkie dying, although a great foundation for the story, felt a little too explosive in the cannon of the show. I also have a concern about how far this will (although still be good) slide away from the original FiM...but I am only at chapter one.

I hope you are working on this, I really do. SCP is one of my favorite fictional stuff to read. I just love the super natural and original items in it that either scares or enhances mankind.

“Happy to see you completing your training Miss Sparkle. I’m Mbura, an Observer.” ‘So, he’s assigned to monitor agents and their team. What am I doing here?’ thought Bright Light.

The dialogue is grammatically incorrect.
SCP-21 (The Pool, not the tattoo) dosen't exist, nevermind.

So...erm, you are not going to write about Twilight in the training room...at all? I know it could be to keep it mysterious but... come on D=.

Also, the video part could be done a lot better if broken up with more descriptions. You had also not explained Dr. Bright's appearance and cutie mark despite him being an important character.

I know what you're thinking. NO ORIGINAL SCP YOU JUST MADE THAT STUFF UP. Yeah, I did. I wanted to have the first case on my own terms. But from now own, canonical SCP or Equestrian version of them.

A lot of grammar errors, get an editor to improve this great story to an even higher status.


You have no IDEA how much I'd love a native speaker as an editor, since I'm not, and I'm mostly self-taught. But it's hard to find someone with the willingness (and the knowledge, I don't have any friend who could just look through the stuff I write) to just sit and correct mistakes upon mistakes.

Actually, if there's anyone willing and able that's reading this message, contact me and I'll be forever grateful.

What is taking so long? When is the next chapter?

Yo just out of interest I'm curious as to when the next chapter will come out but I can wait as long as it takes for it to come out just that damn cliffhanger leaves wanting to know what happens next but take your pace will rather wait a long time for a good chapter rather than one that was rushed and sucks.

I have half of it written down, something like 4.200 words. However, I have school, so if you want to blame someone, blame Horace, Kant, the Italian Resurgence and the goddamn Bakunin. I can't make any promises, but maybe, maybe, I'll have it completed by Sunday, if not earlier.

As I said take your time with it I can be very patient if I need be, once waited a whole year for a fanfic on another site to update guess the waiting made it even more special when it finally did come out.

You keep describing humans as "short" compared to ponies. A group of Bronies ran the numbers: the average pony is about 3 1/2 - 4 feet tall at the head, significantly shorter than a human

The legends portray them as short. On the other hands, Bright Light saw they are as tall as a dragonling, that are usually between 6' and 6'3''. I guess that if it's not clear I'll edit it a bit.

1401784 for some reason i was thinking of Spike when you mentioned Dragonling.

“We wish you harm, I believe we told you a minute ago.” Answered Celestia with a hint of annoyance in her voice.

Clef responds to this by holstering his weapon, so I think you're missing a "no" in there somewhere


Yep, my bad. I'll edit this later on.

FIY, we're nearing the end of the first part of the story. The following two chapters will be dealing with whatever happened in the week between the first contact, Twilight getting discovered and the whole Sun thing. After that, we will enter the second part, that'll feature a radically different Equestria as setting.

1412661 well damn you, then. i'm going to be on the edge of my seat for the next, like, two months.

OMG possibly the best end to a chapter ever. I do pray now that the humans get mixed up in this even if a tiny amount.:pinkiegasp:

Man this is getting good. Hope you update.:twilightsmile:

Wait, Hiatus?
Finally updated, short, but great quality.


I'm keeping the Hiatus since I don't really know if I have the inspiration to just write a 4000 words chapter all tomorrow or just wait another 4 months for inspiration to strike me.

maybe you could write a chapter about there reaction to twilight being alive

It Lives!

Also, Satan Clef is best Clef

Interesting to say the least, but i hope you don't delve too far away from MLP lore. A little is fine, more is tolerable, but too much kills the mood and plausibility. I am a fan of SCP lore, however. Count me in.

On a side note, it's easy for brains to register the designation if you use the full designation. Don't use "11", use "SCP-011".

Also, what is a Zaqar class SCP? Why not use Euclid? Since many SCPs are extradimensional in origin and the lore of humans is common knowledge - their accuracy not withstanding - why not just use Euclid? Considering Keter is a Hebrew word, i'm not sure why there is a switch.

On a third note, you forgot the Ethics Committee. They are the guys who order around the O5 Council.

Ah, so this is the reason behind not using Euclid. It's flawed, but it does make sense.

And Clef makes me fear greatly, but not as greatly as Dr. Bright. The other Dr. Bright.

Smaller quicker ones every month instead of SLIGHTLY longer every 3 months.


Might make a heavy rewrite of the first chapters, since I did what an author never should, pretty much went along with my story without thinking about the changes I was making and what they would entail. Also, it was my first time writing something that extensive in english, so it definitely came out stiff and not really enjoyable to read through.

Anyway, about the lore... I can tell you (actually, all my readers) that I like my stories long and this post-apocalyptic Equestria will not be the definitive and final setting, but of course saying more would spoil the surprise factor.

Thanks for the input everyone, and I'll try not to be a lazy bum and actually update this regularly. Peace!

You've done a good job so far getting the tone of the foundation right. I really like the "darkness" of this fic.

Wait, what.
Did I just turn over two pages at once or something? I lost sense of the story just after Twilight teleported away from Celestia and the elements. Something about the humans meeting Celestia, then the sky exploded, then spike being a whiney cunt, then... unknown SCP invasion (was that a real scp?), then somebody named clef uses a fancy plot armour piercing bullet on Shiny for massive damage, then 'clef' makes a completely useless analogy and ruins any intrigue about Celestia's very abrupt and poorly described death.

Did I get everything or am I missing something?

oh god you make it sound like 682 coming out then you describe it like 096 STAHP IT your confusing me

What's the order of events here? Does Twilight getting her cover blown come first, or does Celestia and Luna meeting Clef and the pony Foundation come first?

Also, how does Shining know Clef? Shining was knocked out and replaced by Bright Light when he appeared.

Did I miss some foreshadowing? Where did this apocalypose come from? I understnad that the sun going out would royally suck, but where did all the monsters come from? Escaped SCP's? If so, from which Foundation? Is there something more going on? I'm not sure what to think about here.


Ok, maybe it was too convoluted (like the Bioshock Infinite ending, man I love that game.)


Let's say Clef got into Equestria on March 1st, that's when Bright Light switch momentarily with Shining and then escapes. Between that, and Twilight getting her cover blown, there's span of like, two weeks, in which she broods in her room back at the Foundation because the discovery of the century was hers and she was ousted from it. In that span of two weeks, Bright Light managed to get back into Foundation territory (again, remember that there are no bases in Equestria since Celestia forbids it) just in time to know that Twilight was sent on the fateful mission. Sensing there's something wrong, he finds Kalos, together they piece the truth and realizes Twilight is walking into a trap. They go to Ponyville, help her before it's too late, and for a couple of hours, until dawn, they just run to avoid getting captured. What happened in that couple of hours is not revealed yet, so we don't know if Clef actually killed the princess and if he did, how, if Celestia is really dead ( Luna sure seems to think so) and why there are these Walkers around. All the rest, the fact that there is no sun and the world is on perpetual dusk was explained by Luna: until someone who can replace Celestia as the Regent of the Sun is found, the world was put on some kind of stasis. Again, there are several inconsistencies with this "apocalypse", and they are pointed out by Twilight and Kalos in the last chapters: why there are no ponies around, what are these Walkers, why Bright Light is so shifty, and so on. There's reasons for these, I don't know, plot holes, that of course I cannot explain yet, but rest assured as they are all intentional.

For the Shining Armor deal, he was knocked out, yes, but not killed. So, when Bright Light escaped, he, after a while, got back on his feet (or hooves), and procedeed, in that two weeks, to know Clef and his team, like Luna and Celestia. I didn't feel the need to write this because I thought that just knowing that there were some weeks between the first contact and Twilight getting discovered would be enough to understand that in that time Clef and his team procedeed to make contact, know the princesses and viceversa. If it's really not that clear, I guess I could do a rewrite and add a small scene with Luna, Celestia, Shiny and Clef together.

Anyway, it's all written down in the fic, but I can understand confusion as this is actually a pretty complicated story ( and again, I have reasons for that, reasons that you'll see, coming soon). Hope I helped you with any doubts you might have had. Thanks for the reading this story and update your minecraft crossover cuz it's awesome.

Dranconic guy named parthurnax?
Skyrim much?

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