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Beasts roam the streets of Yharnam. The hunters dream gives refuge to chosen hunters. An old hunter watches over the dream. Now, it is Equestria that needs to be watched over.

Gehrman was many things. Some deemed him a hero, others a teacher and friend. Good thing Equestria is full of friendship.

Some knowledge of Bloodborne is advised.

Takes place after season two.

Edited by the awesome editor: XIII Hearts.

I own nothing.

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Seems good. Please continue

This is some good shit. Keep going bro!

The Doll seemed to have grown fond of the hunter. Especially when he gave her that small hair ornament. He would come back, talk to the Doll, strengthen himself, and leave. This leaved Gehrman thinking.

i think your looking for the word left here, it would flow better

Tonight Gehrman joins the hunt!

(Which means that I'm going to read it before sleep)

Gehrman is at the pinnacle of what a boss should be. He's an old man who's been sitting in a wheel chair for an age, and his body is slowly withering away. He even limps as he walks when you fight him. But the point is he can still kick you ass if you let him. He does a shit ton of damage and he can one-hit-kill you with certain attacks.

The music is amazing, the setting is beautiful and the circumstance meaningful and emotional. Gehrman has to be one of the best bosses in history. You could let him kill you and you'd awake in safety, no more beast hunting...

But fuck that, the Burial Blade's way too good to miss out on!

Can't wait to see where this goes.

6570669 I know, right? Gehrman is one of my favorite bosses. He doesn't use any arcane attacks. He doesn't do any 'magic', he doesn't transform into a beast. No, he is just an old hunter, waiting for his hunt to end.

This fic pleases us.

Well, I'm officially hooked.

Hmm, this fic is actually well written. Dare I say, it's quite beautiful in places and it certainly helps those not familiar with the game catch up to speed about this character, in such a short amount of time. That takes skill. Bravo. :pinkiehappy:

I would recommend, before going into 'vs' with Equestrian monsters and heroes, not to nerf them or at least, downplay their powers. For some reason, a lot of crossovers do that, making the other cross the dominant one. It's just a tip. I sincerely doubt you'd tip the scale like that because it's wondrous so far. You have talent. I can't wait to read more.

I hope we see that hunter again

I kind of hope that Gehrman is the only aspect that will crossover so the focus can remain on him and his interactions. Hopefully he also doesn't turn into a pony or anything like that.

Honestly, this looks very good so far. I'm not sure how I feel about the impending big bad this early on (a lot of stories don't handle an original villain very well), but I will keep my hope up. The descriptions are good, and the characterization is good so far as well.

Also, when I saw Gehrman in the picture, the first thing I thought was, "Please, please, please don't let this be another stupid, baiting, deceptive Displaced story." I was extremely happy when I saw that wasn't the case! I rarely see Bloodborne crossovers, much less decent ones.

I look forward to this stories progression. I will love to read on how Gehrman will react to and interact with Equestria and act as a rather kind (if not sometimes quite crude) grandpa-esque figure for many characters. And then when the eventual conflict comes, Gehrman rolls his wheelchair (if he will still have one) right up to the villain, exchange a fewer barbed words, and then the old man stands up. In that moment, everyone sees that what they once thought was nothing more than an old man, was in fact something far more dangerous than they could possibly conceive. Keep up the good work!

I like it, but, please go through your chapters and check for grammar, or ask someone to do it.

I tend to overlook these things, for the plot of the story is always the important part, but for you I make an exception. Not because you desperately need it, but because I know this will turn out well.

This seems to be very rushed, in all honesty. This needs quite a bit of editing to grow any more interesting, because as a starter it's not. I'm not supposed to nearly fall asleep during a combat scene. "Vertical slash" and "horizontal slash" are only so intriguing after the fifteenth time they're used. I'm not going to upvote this or downvote this just yet.

Yeah, I forgot to mention. The game doesn't happen over a span of months. The hunter entered the Night of the Hunt in the late afternoon & fought the last bosses as the next morning came. It literally only happened in one night.

6572598 While that is true. For the hunters who reside in that dream, it feels like days. Constantly going through Yahrnam, Bergenwyrth, Oedon Chapel, etc, can really do a number on a hunter's mind.

6572598 Very awesome when you think about it.

6571126 I will. This fic had been in the back of my mind for a long time. I'm glad to see so many people are enjoying it!

6570669 I didn't like using the burial blade to be honest. But the emotional impact of the fight? i am not ashamed to say i was crying, and just saying on repeat; i didn't want this, i don't want to fight you. over and over, again and again. He just wanted to free me, i just didn't want to die.
In the secret ending i was raging, completely enraged cursing the beast that damned him to this eternal suffering. As you said without the music and the setting this wouldn't have been so good. He is a boss that is more fleshed out than most characters, more real than most people, he is a masterpiece and i just wish i knew what happened when he dies, is he freed like you in the accept ending? finally able to see the day. or is he just dead? either way i pity him and admire him as a crowning gem to a masterpiece of a game. And he has no gimmicks, he is a hunter just like you but with more health (best of all no flipping arcane curse you Ebrietas and Logarius but not micolash hes okay) just like father Gascoigne.

6577492 Indeed he was. Well hold your horses, next chapter will be up shortly!

Good chapter, also:

“But only if you promise to hurt me.”

There's a not missing

6578102 Unless he likes it :raritywink:

Oh wow, this has been so interesting thus far. I especially love the way you have Gehrman so true to his polite characterization.

Honestly, I'm hoping he's the only thing crossedover. Seeing his interactions with the ponies, and, more than anything, simply having a chance to finally just relax and enjoy himself would be immensely satisfying. :pinkiehappy:

I am giddy as hell waiting for the next chapter.

There's a reason there are no whips allowed amongst the people of Yharnam

neat story, never played the game in question, but i don't feel like that detracts from the story too much at this point. granted i am likely to miss all the subtle jokes but baring that it is fun read and i loved that last paragraph at the end. "are you the local authorities?"

OK you got me hooked I got the two ending that end in killing him so i'll be reading this and his personality is funny so let's do this.

i wonder if their going to realize he was trapped in the dream realm right off the bat or if they'll be dense about it.

Huh, never realized that Gehrman had a peg leg.

So in the game, Gehrmans purpose was to keep the dream going, or serve the moon presence? And on the topic of insight, does he have enough insight to ascend his humanity into an old one?

and infinity as time does not run right there is no time in yharnam no sun to rise, Gehrman has lived in the hunters dream for at leas ta 100 years this dream is an instant and eternity.

6578836 No matter how time was distorted or how many hours you feel had passed, it doesn't change the fact it still all happened in one night. There are countless grave in the Hunter's Dream, which is proof that there have been other Nights of the Hunt before the current one. And when the Great Ones are gone & the night ends, the order of the world returns, & the things that happened will seem like blurry dream in the morning.

welp cliffhanger more :rainbowkiss:

6578870 That's true, but the fact that Gehrman has lived through those countless nights is proof that he has been living in the Hunter's Dream for a very, very long time. Just look at how many gravestones there are in the Hunter's Dream.

6579824 I agree about that. But my point exactly, is that the Night of the Hunt is still exactly what it's called. It's a night that lasts from sunset to sunrise. But it is the presence of the Great Ones that make it feel as if the night goings on for so long. But once the night is over, 12 hours have only passed with everything that happened in between squeezed into that small stretch of time. This is why in a sense, we real people spend roughly 40+ hours in our 1st playthrough, some even longer, yet where the story is concerned, the Night of the hunt will always only last as long as any other night.

I agree that a night of the hunt is compressed time due to the otherworldly influences but inside that compressed window time still progresses as normal during a regular Hunt. But the one in the game is somehow different, mostly because the Hunter has to perform specific actions to advance time and you happen across and kill a lot of enemies, mostly bosses, that a Hunter on a regular Hunt would never even see. Also several NPCs comment on how this is the worst Hunt yet and i'm pretty sure that after the night is over a lot will change, mostly because you killed a lot of the creatures that made everything so horrible to begin with.

6578541 As far as I can tell, a little bit of both, and probably not, respectively. It's a little difficult to speak to Gehrman's role, as it's only ever seen from the outside, and never in full. As for transcending humanity, it seems to be incredibly difficult; the only way the player character manages to do so is through using the umbilical cords and then actually, physically killing an Old One. I'd imagine it has something to do with the echoes in the Moon Presence's blood, as well as Insight.

Fun times ahead, it seems.

Yeah, I figured Gehrman would be hostile or at the least wary and distant towards Luna. Given his rather very negative past involving both the moon and being trapped in a dream for who knows how long, it would make sense that he will be rather unappreciative of Luna given both the Moon and dreams are supposed to be her domain. I can see Gehrman refusing to go to sleep for a very long time due to him finally being able to exist in the waking world. One thing I wonder on and worry about in this fic is Insight and its possible implications. Insight in Bloodborne is really only gained from viewing that which drives people mad, when a truth that leaves them feeling so utterly insignificant is laid bare before them. So I wonder, assuming Gehrman has a very high level of Insight, will be able to see things in this world that no others can (or at least without some kind of extensive and powerful spell)? What would happen if anyone in Equestria tried to gain a similar understanding, would it drive them mad since they seemingly lack the proper methods to handle such truths or would their magic somehow be able to compensate for it? Maybe the villain of this fic is someone who already came across such eldritch truths and is attempting some other form of ritual involving the grand scheme of some other Great One, or perhaps one we already know. Maybe Formless Oedon? Perhaps Gehrman comes across some scene of devastation and finds a familiar phrase amongst the wreckage, that being "The sky and the Cosmos are one!" Keep up the good work!

Haha! You just activated my trap card!

This is a crossover of the Metal Gear series, right?

6581238 Understatement right there. ;)

For those of you who have played, a reminder of either the most epic or feels fight in the game (at least for me).:ajsleepy: I think I will just drop this here and be on my way for now.

Eh, that bit with Luna at the end should not happen. As in, that was frankly beyond ridiculous. First of all, he has no reason to jump to conclusions from her short introduction. Second, he knows good and well that there's a massive difference between what he has gone through and what ordinary dreams and nights are. Third, he knows what the Moon Presence really is, and what it looks like.


Yeah, he would not get the two of them mixed up. At all. Ever. Period.

The fact that any of that bit at the end happened at all almost seems like nothing more than a cheap joke saying something like, "Hey, Luna is associated with nights and dreams, and so is the Moon Presence. Sure, they have absolutely nothing in common, but common themes! Do you get it?!"

Sorry, but that just felt very out of place.

6581170 seeing heaven while alive and uninvited... looking into the eyes of faust in the etharel plane... an old ones dreamscape.. the bones of reality... reading a black book.. an analog of the elder scrolls would be some easy way for insanity and insight


That comparison is an enormous stretch. Yeah, both have a common theme in nights and dreams, but that's were the similarities end. The two of them have an almost infinite number of major differences, and anyone would be able to realize that. Especially someone like Gehrman who is very familiar with just what the Moon Presence is.

As to some big bad showing up, I hope none of that happens. There is plenty of potential conflict from just this premise alone without needing to throw in some cliche boss to fight or other big bad.

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