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Metal Gear Solid and My Little Pony, writing, having fun with my best friends. I love all of those things.


Commander Thorn was just another clone out of millions. He was strong, he would never back up for a fight, and he would give his life for the Republic... Unfortunately that last thing became reality.

While on a mission to escort senator Amidala while she would begin negotiations with the Banking Clan, Separatist forces landed in the neutral-zone and began attacking Commander Thorn and his squad.

They were no match for the Droid forces and were all killed.

5 shots in the chest was all it took to put Commander Thorn down.

But what if his journey as a Clone isn’t over? What if this is just the beginning of something new?

Let's see how everypony will react to this Clone Commander.

He's got his blasters, he's got his armor, the only thing he doesn’t have is a way home.

but he will find a way home, of that he is certain.

Chapters (31)
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Comments ( 467 )

Well this looks good, can't wait to see everyponys reaction to the new arrival.

Good, very good. Let us, continue down this path.

Looks good so far.

oh man... I am loving this! even if I did not see that episode... I bet it was good.. I can not wait for more!

5314793 It's Thorn, search it up.

comence it i cant wait for next ones

Thorn, a yes. One of the clones who were truly Badasses.

So far it´s promissing. I hope for more.

Yes, Yes it is. Keep on going strong this is getting good.

Only one word to describe Commander Thorn: BADASS!!!!!!!!

I will say it again. BADASS!!!!!

Thorn: it is time to kick ass and cew bubblegum. And im all out of gubblegum.

There are some mistakes here and there. Try to find an editor.


1. Damn you and your cliffhangers

2. MOAR CARNAGE :pinkiecrazy:

A cliffhanger, Commander Thorn vs Chrysalis. Who will win?

It's obviously going to be Celestia.:trollestia:

5320154 thorn. if magic cant penetrate his armor then chrysalis is already dead.

5320339 You are missing the obvious.Luna will win,didn't you see how she powned all the Changelings in the episode?

5323069 bullshit Luna didn't show up until chrysalis had her ass sent flying

5323110 thank you someone who actually saw that episode

So will he be forming his own rebellion against palpatine after Knightfall or will he still go by protocol? You don't need to answer this if u don't want to fyi.

We have contact. I love the reactions, both clone and pony. Keep up the good work. :pinkiehappy:

A promising story and I love it keep it up more

The great and most powerful Anti Brony likes this story.

fuck you why you make cliff hangar

Are there going to be more clones sent to Equestria? For example: Commander Havoc?:twilightsmile:

Comment posted by Lord Demolitions deleted Nov 29th, 2014

"You can call me by my name Commander Thorn." Celestia said.

Next time double check. I don't want my brain hurt again.

5324193 It would be kind of strange seeing Havoc in Equestria, didn't he die on Kamino in season 3?

Thorn died in season 6

5323076 You're not getting my comment.
Pah,you never looked through the window.You could see her incinerating thousands of changelings there!And when Chrissy went to the window she got incinerated too!

I like this story for several reasons:

One: Commander Thorn is awesome.:pinkiehappy:

Two: You aren't making him appear to be a heartless machine who only knows how to kill stuff.

Three: You aren't making the ponies be the stereotypical "you just killed people who were trying to kill us, and instead of thanking you for saving our lives, we're going to treat you like crap because you're CLEARLY evil for saving us" a-holes.:facehoof:

Four: Proper grammar and correct spelling seems to be a luxury on this site, and you do a good job of ensuring that mistakes are kept to a minimum.

Five: Stories that have frequent/regular updates are also somewhat uncommon on this site, and your updates have been quite consistent.

In other words, keep up the excellent work, good sir!:moustache:

Good sir I like your story, and you made thorn a Badass without making him OP as all fucking hell

FYI if you bring the Separatists to Equestria, please don't bring Ventress or Grievous. And yes I know at this point Ventress is a bounty hunter.

well hes proof that even dead men have regrets

That was an interesting chapter.

Love the story by the way but the chapters don't seemed to be paced fast enough. I recommend making them a bit longer. Those are my prefrences so you don't have to really do it. Love the story!

There's no party like a pinkie pie party! This is great keep up the good work. :pinkiehappy:

Love the story. Nuff said.

A lot of dialogs are missing some brackets

Some errors but enjoyable can't wait for more :twilightsmile:

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