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Metal Gear Solid and My Little Pony, writing, having fun with my best friends. I love all of those things.


Siegmeyer of Catarina was many things. A knight, an adventurer, an ally to the Chosen Undead... and a father. As Siegmeyer stands at the bonfire in Ash Lake, he is greeted by an unexpected visitor.

He is confused, conflicted, and in pain. Slowly going hollow... the last sprites of humanity threatening to leave his soul. His daughter, his wife, he left them behind to go on an adventure. But what good is an adventure when you can't even share it with others?

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Fires will fade, and darkness will consume the world. Over the ages countless Lords of Cinders have risen and fallen. All of them having completed their quest: To link the First Flame.

The Unkindled One stands before the First Flame. It's just an ordinary bonfire, right? He is tired, broken, and only wants to rest.

A summoning sign appears. Thinking it is the Firekeeper, the Unkindled One reaches out for it.

What he summons, however, shocks him.

Just a one-shot that popped up in my mind while finishing Dark Souls III. The Unkindled One had been through a lot of pain and suffering. And I could only think of one pony to comfort him while he pondered over his next move.

Edited by: XIII Hearts

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Beasts roam the streets of Yharnam. The hunters dream gives refuge to chosen hunters. An old hunter watches over the dream. Now, it is Equestria that needs to be watched over.

Gehrman was many things. Some deemed him a hero, others a teacher and friend. Good thing Equestria is full of friendship.

Some knowledge of Bloodborne is advised.

Takes place after season two.

Edited by the awesome editor: XIII Hearts.

I own nothing.

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After a freak accident, Princess Cadance and Shining Armor are whisked away to the human world, where they are taken in by two happily young teenagers. They quickly become friends as the two adapt to living in a world different from their own.

Only one minor nitpick. Cadance is pregnant...

EDIT: Yes, I know Princess Flurry Heart is official but this story was published before she even came into play. Hence the Alt. universe tag.

Disclaimer: I do not own My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. All rights go to their respective owners.

The story takes place two days after My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic: Season 5, episode 19.

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Comic-Con, a place that is widely spread across the fandom. You know the deal. Guy/girl ends up buying something from 'The Merchant', and ends up in Equestria as the character theywere cosplaying as. Well, that's not really the case for Simon and Sean. You see, they didn't dress up. Mostly because they didn't want to.. Well, Sean didn't. Simon just kept on begging and begging, but to no avail.

Having known each other for a good eight years now, Simon decided to celebrate their friendship by going to Comic-Con. Sean wasn't too hyped about the whole idea, but agreed to tag along. Too bad for them, things are going to take a turn for the worst.

Disclaimer: My Little Pony is owned by Hasbro. I own nothing except for the story itself, and my two characters.

I hope you will enjoy the read. But if you dislike the story, don't be afraid to tell me why. Criticism is much appreciated.

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The Clone Army. An army that was created by the Kaminoans, and is used to fight against Confederacy of Independent System's Droid army. Created from the genes of bounty hunter: Jango Fett, these soldiers are the 'tip of the iceberg' of The Galactic Republic.

Unfortunately, sometimes things can take a turn for the worst. When something goes wrong during the cloning process, the clone itself can suffer mental, and physical complications that cannot- or will not- be fixed. This was the case for: Clone 99.

99 was one of a kind. He never saw any battles, and never partook in one of them. Having been 'degraded' to a simple maintenance clone by his creators. 99 now inspires other clones to give it their all in the heat of battle. To care for each other. To love each other, like any normal family would.

But alas, fate had other things in store. The attack on Tipoca City, the attack on Kamino.. The attack on his home. Having been his first, and last battle. 99 died in his 'home'. But fate had yet again other things in store. Instead of his soul going to the afterlife, it was sent towards another place. A place called: Equestria.

Now, 99 spends his days in Equestria, living his life as he should have done from the beginning. But this day turned out to be very different. Why did Princess Luna insist on speaking him as soon as possible?

(If you dislike the story, please tell me why. It really helps me improve in certain aspects)

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What is your motto in life? Well, for Connor and Dave it's: Don't give a shit about things that don't concern you. For example: One of your classmates got an F on a test, what would you do? Well, Connor and Dave would just shake their heads, and walk away. They're no A-grade students, but they try to be.. Well, Connor does. Dave just doesn't give a shit.

Having known each other for a good four years now, the two friends decide to have 'night of fright'. Deciding to do something incredibly stupid

But now, they might have to change their motto, when they go from one world to another.

My Little Pony is owned by Hasbro. I own nothing in the story, except my OC's. The story takes place in The Equestria Girl universe. Set after the first movie, and before The Dazzlings arrive at Canterlot high.

This story was inspired by a good friend of mine!

Warning: This story contains swearing.

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Cad Bane, one of the most dangerous bounty hunters in the galaxy. Responsible for the escape of Zirro The Hutt, stealing a holocron from The Jedi Temple, and singe handedly defeating Obi Wan and Quinlan Voss, with the help of his helpful droid: Todo. Now, Cad Bane must travel towards Equestria and enter a peculiar mirror. For there lies his next bounty. A student from Canterlot High.

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Ken Kaneki had been through it all. First turning into a: Half Human, half Ghoul, then having to learn to live as a Ghoul. He had to fight against CCG Special Investigators, while also having to fend of against The Aogiri Tree, whom he later joined. After the raid on Anteiku, and after losing his best friend: Hide. Kaneki had to face one final obstacle: Arima. The CCG's "Reaper". He was defeated, but he wasn't killed. No, somehow, he was transported to Equestria. And worst of all, he appeared when the invasion of Canterlot was taking place.

Ken Kaneki is back.

A Tokyo Ghoul/My Little Pony Crossover!

There wasn't even one crossover on Fimfiction that had Kaneki go to Equestria, so I decided to make one!

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If you, for whatever reason, dislike this story. Please let me know why. I would really like to know.

What defines a hero? Save an old lady from being mugged, and they'll grant you the title of: Hero.

But what about the heroes, no one knows of? People don't know who they are, so why would they care?

This hero has saved the world from total devastation, several times. Now, knowing his time has come to an end, he is going to live his like a man, and not as a Snake.

A Metal Gear Solid 4 and My Little Pony: Equestria Girls crossover!

Warning/Reminder! The world this story is set in, is the "real world". Basically, it's the world of Metal Gear Solid, mixed with Equestria Girls.

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