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His last memory before being pulled from the physical world were those magnificent green eyes. Caught off guard, Snape had been killed by Voldemort and found by Harry; as he let the boy take his tears, he lost himself in the eyes, the emerald orbs that were exactly like Lily's.

The next thing he knew, he had a new task before him. The afterlife, whatever it held, was denying him, and the only thing he could possibly do about it was help bring another world to balance. Whether his deeds at Hogwarts weren't good enough or if he was simply too good to let go yet, he did not know, nor did he care. His entire world was taken from him and he was thrust into a whole new one.

Severus Snape has come to Equestria, and his actions will bring great peace or great pain to the land, that is the only thing he is sure of.

*I'm not the biggest Harry Potter fan by any means, but Snape was definitely the best thing from the entire mythos in my opinion, and I had to write with him a bit. Hopefully my knowledge of the HP universe will suffice.

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I can't wait to see how this turns out.

Well I'll be following your story as well as Vlad's story.
So far I really like it though maybe Severus is a bit to hmm nice to them ? but meh he still has that cold attitude so it's ok for me.
And same as Vlad I can't wait to see how it turns out so keep up the good work. :pinkiehappy:

Agreed. I forgot how much I liked that jerk attitude he had :heart: :pinkiecrazy:

5001397 Thanks! I saw your story and did a double take, lol. I read through all the posted chapters and I like it (faved it actually), good work on your part. :twilightsmile:

Wow that's a new idea! A good idea! :rainbowlaugh:

Such a great story. Can't wait for the next chapter

5002317 noted, and so far chapter 2 is working at a better pace (as far as I can tell) thanks for the input :)

5001397 I hate that you both are doing this. I have to take a few hours after reading yours. so I don't unintentionally try to compare them.....but then again....

Another work of a Potter-fan... Me like~ :raritystarry:

Looking good there.
I wonder which princess is doing something wicked.

5005439 My money is on cadence she has a dark side, i know it. We have seen luna's dark side, but celestia,and twilight's is out there too. but i say cadence is the one how is evil.

Are you kidding me? You used "where" instead of "were" is the FIRST sentence of the description!

This is what happens when I don't edit what you write.

Unfortunately, you still hold the record for better-liked NET writer. My usurping lasted but a short while.

Oh boy, Snape-In-Equestria is gonna be the next Big Thing, isn't it?

Two Snape stories in the same weekend. I could really enjoy this :yay:

I couldn't get into this because of the cliche "Falls into Equestria Everfree Forest" stuff. The pacing is also killing you. Seemed too quick for someone, even someone like Snape, to accept so readily.

I guess I'll give it a read, even if it's just riding the popularity of that other Snape story. It looks kinda cool.

5007111 I assure you, pacing is being adjusted with chapter 2, and this was designed to only be part of the intro...

And so, in keeping with the best traditions of the Harry Potter series, he was sent on a quest to decide the fate of the world while being denied vital pieces of information.

Oh, although ponies have no need for wands, they'd know what it is - there is one in Trixie's cutie mark.

5007339 hmm...good point...though, the HP wands look a lot plainer...I'll let it slide if you will :)

Severus...damn...I've been itching to read a HP crossover, but most of the characters aren't interesting when inserted into Equis. Snape though...DAMN SON!:pinkiehappy:

Keep it up! I'm liking it!


Doesn't Filthy Rich have the American Dollar sign as part of his own mark? even though they don't use that as currency?

5007175 ...I kinda like to think that we're helping out each other but....you know...i guess its open to interpretation...:derpytongue2:

5008318 He does, actually, on the money bags every criminal in the movies uses to steal money from the bank. :twilightsmile:

breaded? i think the word your looking for is crossed.

And now I am enthralled with the possibilities of Snape becoming a unicorn animagus... Silly Brain, why doth thou conjure such thoughts?

Nice to see Snape is doing his best to set himself up as the disliked teacher once more. Some things never change.

5009361 Thank you, i quite passed over that

Omg I love this fic!!! Thank you for posting it :pinkiehappy:

I wasn't sure about how you wrote Snape but the scene in the end was worth it. I expect more teacher Snape in the future. Keep up the good job:pinkiehappy:

Snape really doesn't seem like himself in this chapter: he's snarky at anyone who pisses him off in the slightest, and praises his favorites to the fullest. No rating as of yet due to this characterization in question.

5011801 Well noted; Snape is easy enough to characterize, but writing him in with ponies is a lot tougher, lol. I'm working on flushing him out more and making it closer to the source
Thanks for the input (and postponing judgement, lol)

"Some take longer to guide than others. In the physical world you left behind, it has been approximately 19 years since Voldemort's defeat, which occurred very shortly after he killed you. You have finally been judged Snape, and your new task awaits you."

Not sure if he means that his case was that hard to deal with, or that he just kept putting it off until he decided to put it off some more, this time with ponies.

5013736 I took it (and meant it) as the former. ::twilightsheepish:

5014669 It's always another life.

I see what you did there.

This story has 1/6 the views as Always, half the dislikes, and 1/10 of the likes.
With those ratios, Always is the better story. Sad, since I'm rooting for my co-writer here.

this story is kicking, who cares if another story with Snape is out, why not enjoy em both? :trollestia:

I'm reading this after the other Severus crossover fiction and as you said yourself, it is different. I actually have more interest in this fictiom in some point of view. So I look foward your next chapter and apologise I thought it would be the same stuff with the other one in mind.

He's really charismatic professor even though I avoid one like him if I could.

5015589 thank you :) 3rd chapter is in progress

Must be one big bummer for you, releasing a fanfic you have been working on only to find somebody else have wrote a story with the same basic idea and relesed it just Before you.
Similar situations have happend to me, i came up with an idea, was about to post it and somebody else have already done it, Always so much fun eh?
But it really dosen't matter, i've read several One piece/MLP crossovers where Luffy ends up in Equestria, and several Mlp/Dark souls crossovers, and even if the basics are the same, the storys themselves are completly diffrent and just as wonderful to read.

So far your story are really interesting, and i shall keep my beady Eyes on it, keep it up!

5015949 thank you for the empathy and moral support; I was in slight disbelief, ha ha :)

Geniuses tend to make poor teachers. Severus Snape is a Potion's Making Genius, one of the youngest ever to be made Potion's Master.

That being said, while the man knows his stuff, he's ill suited to teaching because of his high personal standards.

Which makes this all the more hilarious to watch.

That's right ponies, welcome to the school of hard knocks.

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