• Published 20th Nov 2013
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Equestrian Crossover - New Life meets A New Home - jkreader

Nyx gets sick one day and accidentally hits her little brother with her magic, sending him to an alternate Equestria, where he realizes that he's not the last human left as he thought.

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Chapter 5 - Nyx’s Mission and Toby’s Auntie Pinkie

Chapter 5 - Nyx’s Mission and Toby’s Auntie Pinkie


*Twilight’s P.O.V.*

“Why Nyx?!” I asked suddenly, “Why can’t I do it?!”

“When a pony teleports an object or another pony to one location, then that pony has to go wherever he or she teleported the object or other pony went to get it back,” Luna explained.

“But Nyx’s magic isn’t strong enough!” I protested, “And who knows what kind of danger Joshua could possibly be in!”

“Twilight,” Celestia interjected, “The charm from when Sombra was still around is still on Joshua’s locket, correct?”

“Y...Yes,” I replied.

“Then wouldn’t it have notified you if Joshua was in danger?” she asked.

She was right. So far, other than when Joshua got accidentally teleported, my horn hadn’t alerted me of him being in danger. Wherever Joshua was, he was safe for the moment, as far as I knew.

“But even still Celestia,” I continued, “Nyx’s magic isn’t strong enough. That spell was completely at random when she sneezed.”

“I know Twilight,” Celestia said, “Which is why you must train Nyx in the art of teleportation if you are going to get Joshua back. The spell in question takes a full day to recharge for one pony. If Nyx is going to bring herself back along with Joshua, then she’ll have to stay with him in that dimension for two days.”

“I see,” I said dejectedly, “Thank you for your help Celestia. Is Spike done here?”

“Yes Twilight. Spike may return with you to Ponyville.”

“Bye Princess,” Spike said as we walked out.

“Tell Nyx that I wish her good luck,” Celestia called after me.

*Nyx’s P.O.V.*

“Well Nyx, I am happy to say that you have completely recovered from your cold!”

“Thanks Nurse Redheart,” I said.

Now there was some good news. All that rest and medicine had helped cure my cold. Now all I had to do was wait for Twilight to come back with information about how to get Joshua back.

“Well, I must be off now,” Redheart said, “I’ll see you later Nyx, Fluttershy.”

“Bye Nurse Redheart,” Fluttershy said, “Thank you for your help.”

After Redheart left, Fluttershy and I had lunch. While we were cleaning up after finishing, I heard the library door open.

“Fluttershy! Nyx! I’m back!”

“Twilight!” I said happily.

I rushed out of the kitchen to see her and Spike walking in. I ran up to her and nuzzled her under her chin. She returned it.

“Hello Twilight,” Fluttershy said coming out, “Good news! Nurse Redheart came by and said Nyx has completely recovered from her cold.”

“That’s good,” Twilight said, “Because now she and I can get to work.”

“Get to work on what Twilight?” I asked.

“Nyx,” she said taking a breath, “Celestia and Luna said that the spell you accidentally used on Joshua has only one solution: you’re going to be the one to bring Joshua back.”

“ME?!” I exclaimed, “Why me?! My magic had a spur-of-the-moment thing when it fired that spell!”

“I know Nyx,” Twilight said, “But you’re the only one who can go wherever Joshua went to bring him back. The spell also takes a full day to recharge, so if you’re going to bring yourself and Joshua back, then you’re going to have to stay with Joshua in that dimension for two days before you’re ready to bring the two of you back.”

“But I don’t even know basic teleportation yet!” I said.

“Which is why I’m going to teach you how,” Twilight said determinedly


*Toby’s P.O.V.*

As we walked toward Sugarcube Corner to see Auntie Pinkie, I began wondering what Joshua’s big sister, Nyx, must be like. He said that she was supposed to be Auntie Luna’s evil self, Nightmare Moon, but he also said that she wasn’t bad like the old Nightmare Moon was. The more I thought about her, the more I wanted to meet her.

Soon we were in front of Sugarcube Corner.

“Looks like the one from the Equestria I’m from,” Joshua said.

We walked up to the door, opened it up, and saw Mr. and Mrs. Cake behind the counter. They looked up and saw us after hearing the bell over the door.

“Hello Fluttershy!” Mrs. Cake greeted, “Hello Toby, nice to see you again.”

“Hi Mrs. Cake!” I said waving, “Hi Mr. Cake!”

“Hello there Toby,” Mr. Cake said to me. He then saw Joshua. “I see you and Fluttershy made a new friend.”

“Yeah, this is Joshua,” I said introducing him, “Is Auntie Pinkie here?”

“She’s upstairs in her room looking after Pound and Pumpkin,” Mrs. Cake said, “Go on up if you’d like.”

“Thank you Mrs. Cake,” Momma said. The three of us went upstairs to the door that led to Auntie Pinkie’s room. We saw her standing outside the door that was a tiny bit open.

“Where’s Pinkie Pie?~” she said in sing-song. She then pushed the door open, poked her head in, and said, “HERE I AM!” We heard Pound and Pumpkin giggling from inside. She then closed the door almost all the way and did the same thing again, making Pound and Pumpkin giggle again. She then bounced into the room and blew a raspberry at them, making them squeal in laughter. I found myself laughing too. Auntie Pinkie must’ve heard me, because she stuck her head out in the doorway and when she saw us, she smiled.

“Hi everyone!” she said.

“Hello Pinkie,” Momma said.

“Hi Auntie Pinkie!” I said running over to hug her.

“Heya Toby!” she said returning the hug, “How’s my cutie-wutie nephew doing today?”

“I’m doing good Auntie Pinkie,” I said, “Momma and I have a new friend for you to meet.”

“Someone new?!” she said excitedly, “YAY! That means another party to plan! Where is the new friend?!”

“Right here Pinkie,” Momma said behind us. We looked over and saw her place a hoof on Joshua’s shoulder, “Pinkie, this is Joshua. He’s...”

“He’s from a different Equestria where he’s Twilight’s adopted human son and has a big sister that’s a reformed Nightmare Moon filly who sent him here after accidentally hitting him with magic while sneezing?” Auntie Pinkie said quickly in one breath.

“That’s...That’s right,” Joshua said, “How did you know?”

“Just a hunch!” Auntie Pinkie said shrugging the grinning, “Anyway, it’s nice to meet you Joshie!” She then bounced over and gave Joshua a hug. Joshua returned it smiling.

“You too, Pinkie,” Joshua said.

“So what are you all doing?” Auntie Pinkie asked.

“Well, um, we’re introducing everypony to Joshua, and after that we’re going to go back over to Twilight and see if she knows of a way to send Joshua back,” Momma explained.

“Cool!” Auntie Pinkie said, “I’m sure they’ll all really like meeting him, just like we did with Toby. I need to get back to watching Pound and Pumpkin, but I’ll see you all later!” She then went back into the room where Pound and Pumpkin were waiting. The three of us left Sugarcube Corner after leaving Auntie Pinkie.

“So, where to next boys?” Momma asked.

“How about Auntie Rarity?” I suggested.

“Okay,” Momma said nodding, “Is that okay with you Joshua?”

“Sure,” he said. The three of us then started making our way to the Carousel Boutique.

*Twilight’s P.O.V.*

It had been at least an hour since Fluttershy, Toby, and Joshua left the library, and I hadn’t found anything that could possibly send Joshua back to the alternate Equestria he came from. What really intrigued me was that he had a reformed Nightmare Moon filly as an older sister, and that I was his mother over there. How they managed to get Nightmare Moon and Luna into two separate beings was beyond me, but I would ask Joshua about it later though. Just then, I heard the library door open.

“Twilight! I’m back!”

It was Spike.

“Hey Spike!” I said walking over to hug him, “How did lunch go with Princess Celestia and Princess Luna?”

“It was wonderful!” Spike exclaimed, “They had a nice, ripe fire ruby there for me, and it was delicious!” Spike then looked at the piles of books behind me. “What are you doing exactly? It’s not reshelving day already, is it?”

“No Spike,” I said, “This morning, Fluttershy and Toby came here with another human. His name is Joshua, and he’s from an alternate Equestria where I’m his adopted mother, and you’re his brother.”

“Wow,” Spike said, “What are you going through those books for though?”

“I’m trying to find a spell that could possibly send him back,” I explained, “But so far I haven’t found anything.” I then levitated a new book about magic off the shelf and started to read it. Eventually, I found a section on teleporting magic. “Ah-ha! Let’s see what we have."

When an object or another pony is teleported to another location by the pony that cast the spell, then the one who cast it is the only one who can bring back what he or she teleported.

"Oh dear.”

“What is it, Twilight?” Spike asked.

“Well, it seems the only way Joshua is going to get back is if the pony who accidentally sent him manages to come here to get him,” I explained, “And that somepony is his older sister.”

“Wait, what?” Spike said confused, “I don’t recall you adopting a daughter.”

“Well, in the Equestria Joshua came from, I did apparently,” I said, “And he told me that it was a reformed filly Nightmare Moon named Nyx.”

“Reformed? Like how Discord was reformed? And how can there be a Nightmare Moon without Luna? Isn’t that Luna’s dark side?” Spike asked again.

“Well, I’ve been meaning to ask Joshua that Spike, but Fluttershy and Toby will probably bring him back to the library later so he can tell me about it,” I said.