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A brony that loves Heavy Metal, Africa, Rock, and Animals. Not to mention Ponies too. Fluttershy is best pony! \m/


Colin Fraser was living a good few weeks after the concert in the Crystal Empire with his brother and bandmates. He was living with his new mother, Fluttershy, and everypony in Ponyville as his new family. But, he is kidnapped by the evil George, who wants to take over Equestria with an iron fist, and plans to use Colin to get what he wants. Johnny, his girlfriend Rose, his band, and everypony will work together to free their beloved Colin from the clutches of this tyrannical child.

Disclaimer: Rights for George and his minions go to Crash Bandicoot

This is a little story that me and Crash Bandicoot are working together on. Please no harsh criticism. Rights for Colin, Johnny, Rose, the band, belong to me. Rights for George, his minions, and his hideout go to Crash Bandicoot

Chapters (37)
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Ooh, this is interesting. :pinkiesmile:

Le'ts get to work on the next chapter.

Comment posted by GenericMoonWorshipper deleted Dec 14th, 2017

7372389 Well said. that little bastard George will get what's coming to him.

You forgot to put in the music for these chapters.

Where can we read A Boy's Tears 1?

7500941 Just go to my user page under stories and you'll find it

You should really read through this chapter again, there are quite a few grammar mistakes


7749515 I will, I just need to catch up on my other stories. Please be patient.:pinkiehappy:

Nice one please continue the story its really good:ajsmug:

I love this story please continue


7765786 Let me think of ideas, and I will get right to it in time. Thank you!:yay:

A new ally. Poor colin but the army will free him, i'm sure of that

Can u like notify me when the next chapter will be posted?

7822614 Don't worry. I just need to catch up on my older stories, okay? i hope you understand

I would do that. Don't worry fluttershy, you get your son back Safe and sound

7856491 yah, it's a refrence. Gotta love those games along with Jak, and Rachet and Clank:yay:

7857228 awesome chapter my friend and I can't wait for the next upload for this story I'll be waiting my friend and keep me posted on the story thanks

With sly in their Team, infiltrating the prison should be no Problem, he has experience in that after all

I was hoping Murray and Bentley can be there with him as well.

7936739 They will still need more allies.

The cooper Gang may be thieves but thieves with a good heart and cause. Plus with murray's muscles and Bentley's brain, they have a great help, not to mention the cooper Gang has experience in prison breaks

Nice chapter! Cant wait for the rest:ajsmug:

I know next to nothing about Crash Bandicoot... Does George have a voice?

Nice to see that he made some friends.

Maybe i can help you make some of your chapters? If u want me to.:pinkiehappy:

Reminds me of the Limo Bar Mission in Sly Cooper 3

So how is he going to rule by kidnapping some kid? Is he taking the kid into a hostage situation to get what he wants?

8144530 He’s going to use Colin as a hostage and a tool so he can have world domination over Equestria, because everypony Colin knew would break if George so much as touch him before everypony’s very eyes

Gives me memories of Sly 3, Good times, Good times. I wondered why murry can't swim as hippo or how they can understand the Guru

Reminds me of the dive missions in Sly 3

Think Evil mavis is a little Bit crazy. And the Pirate Battle Made me Think of the same Battles in Sly 3, Good Times!

Can't wait for more.

Comment posted by xd77 deleted Aug 16th, 2017
Comment posted by xd77 deleted Mar 21st, 2018

At least it isn't as painful asa the other torture he had to endure.

Nice! Sly 2 paris theme, good memories

Everything is proceeding as planed for them, now free him!

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