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This story is going to go through the process of a rewrite to keep canon with Season 4.

A young human boy of age seven is sent to Equestria by his loving parents in an attempt to save him from the end of the world. He is found by the Royal Pony Sisters and they bring him to Equestria to fulfill his parents' wish.

This takes place after Season 3 and is set in the Past Sins universe.

Edit: Changed a few of character tags.

Cover Art by PonnyGirl

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Uh-Oh Joshua's turning into a unicorn!:twilightoops:

Better write chapter 16 ASAP!

wait let me get this straight joshua transforming into a unicorn my mind is blown

Joshua was looking straight at the mirror, and there on his head was a unicorn horn.


I smell my old drinking buddy discords involvement in all this:pinkiecrazy:...on another note if joshua's species isnt the the only thing to change i will laugh my but off:rainbowlaugh:.

It seems like Joshua is changing into a pony. Why not a alicorn? The transforming Joshua is now Princess Twilight son. Will Twilight not be Joshua teacher in Magic, like Celestia was? that has the potency of making a alicorn. We shell see how this story continues. This is your story and thees are just some of my ideals. Keep up the good work on the story.

Drangonfox :twilightsmile:

Why do I have a feeling Joshua's original parents botched something up with their dimension sending device.

Well I suppose The Doctor had his technology and still wound up an earth pony, what chance did mere humans have of not botching up the technology when even Timelord tech failed to prevent ponification.

CLIFFAHNGER!!!!!! I WILL KILL YOU!!!! :flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage:

huh turning a pony.... well unicorn wow this story is addicting

I suspect that Joshua isn't the only one to have experienced ponification.
It's likely that Lyra Heartstrings and Doctor Time Turner Whooves were also ponified.
ever see how Lyra Heartstrings sits on benches?

what if Discord came in and said "Joshua, I have bad news and good news.
the bad news is that the inherent magic of this world is rearranging your body.
the good news is that I found a spell that can stop the process by shielding you from this world's magic.
though you won't be able to use magic with the spell active."

Wow that was fast. good Job! Joshua is scared about this thing that is happening to him. If you look at it one way, becoming a pony wood help him fit in better, in Equestria but he wood loows his human form and have to learn this new form. It well be fun to see whit happen next. there will be some decisions that need to be made. The quotations is why is this happening? Can it be stop? and the last one, shooed it be stop?

Princess Celestia transform Twilight into a alicorn when she proved herself. Now this is your story and I will enjoy the story as it continues. As far as I know there is no male alicorn in Equestria, wood it not be fun to see the reaction of the ponys if Joshua became one. If Joshua became one he wood have the power transforming back to his human from when he wont to. Of cores it wood take time to learn the magic to do so. I can see him missing his hands, having been human all his life.

Keep up the good work you are doing whit this story.


It will be all right Joshua.

Fun chapter, but what a cliffhanger! :pinkiegasp: Joshua with a unicorn horn? Very interesting.

It will all be okay Joshua. The Princesses and your family will know what to do.:raritywink:

This is gonna be sweet! :rainbowkiss:

Oh I mean..... good luck Joshua! :applejackunsure:

....The transformation isn't permanent, is it?.

3087099 You'll just have to wait and see.


It's that stupid Harmony force. Can't leave things well enough alone.
Oh no, a human?! They're all discordiant and junk, better fix that with a mega-dose of Harmony straight to the face.
Hopefully a horn is all he'll have to put up with. At the worst, he'll go full unicorn, robbing him of his humanity. And no, Joshua really shouldn't turn into an alicorn. He wasn't born one and he certainly hasn't earned the right to 'ascend' to it like Twilight.

That was a sweet and good talk Joshua had with Dinky. Also, the story of Snowdrop is a sad yet beautiful one. :pinkiehappy:

Snowdrop was extremely cute to say the least.
some say that Snowdrop was blind.
I thought the winters were harsh because nobody loved it, but when Snowdrop explained why she thought winter should be celebrated, then winter wasn't harsh anymore because it knew that everyone was looking forward to its arrival in nine months.

I can't wait to see how "Doctor Time Turner Who(oves)" reacts to Joshua.

3103729:rainbowlaugh: THAT one should be worth a laugh for several days, I'm just as intereted in Joshua's transformation and WHERE that's going to go:pinkiecrazy::pinkiehappy:

a good but short chapter. I can't wait for the next one. Keep up the good work.


what if Doctor Time Turner Who(oves)' transformation was actually because he changed from the 9th doctor to the 10th doctor when the TARDIS crashed.
Doctor Who is a Time Lord and they have 12 lives.

At least there's a silver lining to this, he's young enough that he will adapt quickly. In so many other stories the human is an adult who then laments/regrets their loss of humanity to one degree or another, bumbling around as a pony trying to do things with hooves and walk on two legs.

But only the author knows how far this will go. Maybe it'll stop with the horn? We're now treading on anthropomorphic territory so it's just a measure of degrees form here to 'full pony'. But when he gets his cutie mark, then we will know without a doubt that he's been accepted (or assimilated) into Equestria as one of Celestia's little ponies.

It is kind of logical he become a unicorn however, both parents were scientists and undoubtedly brilliant... which manifests itself in him too. As for turning into an alicorn? No. There is not a single reason why he should turn into the next almighty alicorn. A 'mutant' pegacorn... maybe. By mutant I mean there is no indication of another existing in the show itself, so maybe that word is too harsh and I should use 'unique' instead. Well, he's a human, from another dimension. If that's not unique then I don't know what could make it more unique! Heh.

Hmm, humans have no specialization, unlike the three pony types. Maybe a pegacorn is the natural equivalent for a human in Equestria? We're the jack of all trades, yet master of none. I'm tempted to say Changeling but only in so much as the form of one having both wings and horn. We crave companionship (herding?) but we don't drain love, and the most we can disguise ourselves with is a mustache and plastic glasses (no doppelganger magic sadly).

Poor, poor Joshua. :fluttercry: Just hold on little guy, I know that Celestia and Luna will be able to help you. :raritywink:

I know that Joshua is the last human from earth and the only human on Equestria. Is this the reason Joshua wants to say human? If he keeps changing in to a pony, will it be a compleat change or just parts of him? He has a horn, can he do Magic?

Keep up the good work you are doing on this story. Hope to see a up date soon.

Dragonfox :pinkiehappy:


If I might hypothesize, he may wish to stay human because being human is a portion of his identity. Further his own human body is probably one of the few physical reminders of who his birth parents were and he probably wants to protect his memories of them. Not to mention depending on how the transformation goes, he may or may not have muscle coordination with his new limbs and magic. Not to mention it can be a matter of it being forced upon him rather than being given a choice.

If you recall the Architect's Speech from the Matrix Reloaded, the reason the first form of the Matrix failed was because despite creating a paradise for the humans trapped in it's illusion, they had no choice over their actions, and rejected a seeming paradise because of this lack of choice.

Poor Joshua, after he was finally over of his troubles, new one comes. :fluttershysad:

3113950 i don't see what's so bad about turning into a pony eh must be just me

How do I make my words italic like that, I've been trying to get it like that on most of my stories.

3116394 There should be an italicized letter I button. You click that and you'll get these symbols small lowercase I's in brackets. You place what you want to italicize between them to get them italicized.

3116462 I click that button all the time, but none of my words ever get italicized.

3117545 Did you read this section of my previous comment?

You place what you want to italicize between them to get them italicized.


3117566 Between the symbols that pop up when you click the italicize button.

3117569 Yes that's what I'm trying to tell you, I click that part that I want to get italicized, then I go click that button, the symbols pop up, and I put the symbols where I want them, but whenever I click the publish button to look, my wordsare still not italicized.

3117583 I'm not sure how else to put it. That's the best I can give you right now. Sorry I couldn't be of more help. :unsuresweetie:

3116394 Highlight the text you want italicized and hit Ctrl+I, or surround them with (i) and (/i) tags.

(replace ( ) with [ ] )

For bold and underlines, use "b" and "u", respectively.:twilightsmile:

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