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This story is a sequel to My Little Mages: Erisomachy

It has been a month since Twilight and her friends fought and sealed Discord away in stone. However, another event in Mystica has come up for Twilight and her friends, the wedding of Twilight's older brother, Shining Armor being held in Chantalot.
Upon arriving Twilight meets the bride, Princess Mi Amore Cadenza. Upon seeing her, Twilight remembers that Mi Amore Cadenza was Twilight's former sitter, Cadance. However, something seemed off about Cadance, who wants go by her royal name. As Twilight oversees the preparations being managed by her friends and Mi Amore Cadenza being terrible behinds their back.
Twilight concludes that something is wrong.
Is Twilight right about Mi Amore Cadenza?
Is Mi Amore Cadenza just not a kind person and Twilight was wrong about her past?
Is Twilight just paranoid and perceive of her older brother?
Or is there something else going on and can Twilight stop the wicked plot unfolding within Chantalot?

Cover art, used with permission, by Didji

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Uh, the wedding will be interesting. Very good how you made more relevant the presence of the Crusaders, and very funny the music number with the Rainbow Rocks reference.

The little piece where Luna and Celestia are starting their wargame with the role reversal is good and heartwarming.

7680503 the wargame in this story is because I really did not like the whole 'threat of attack' thing from the actual episode and I thought this would be a better explanation for the absence of Celestia and Luna.

Hey, I already referenced Friendship Games, might as well do the previous Equestria Girls movies?

Well, this chapter was really similar to the show's episode, but as it's just the preparation of the wedding there isn't much that can be changed. Still a good work, and now we're approaching to the climax.

7700290 You work with what you got, both with what is there and freedom it gives, in the case of 'Revenge of Nightmare Moon' I had little to work with from the show, but there was a lot of freedom. In the case of this and 'Erisomancy', there is much to work with from the show, but not much freedom... expect for where there is an area that the I felt the show lacked and at this point, the main ones thus far are... well Princess Celestia's dignity and the Princess Luna plot hole with her appearance at the reception saying 'Have I missed anything?'. But yeah preparing for a wedding is... preparing for a wedding... there is not a lot of wiggle-room

Good chapter. NIce work with giving the Crsaders their time to shine with the suddivision of the group. And also making Cadance more battle-ready than the show's counterpart.

Interesting the classification of the changelings elite, seems inspired by the termites' morphology: in some species, only the males are the soldiers and are bigger and stronger than the basic drones, usally both male and female alike.

The part with the aria was cool, especially the moment highlighting why Cadance feels the strange need to sing during an escape. Thet was fun.

Celestia and Luna are playing their wargames during a freaking invasion? Are. You. Freaking. Kidding. Me!?

7724043 would you prefer Celestia in a cocoon and Luna not present at all and the army basically useless? Please hold off judgement on them, it will come clear. But aside from that thoughts on the rest of the chapter?

7724090 When I saw the CMC teaming up with their older sisters and doing actual crusading, I was impressed. If I remember, Sweetie's somesorta bard. Is she limited to the lute, or can she bolster allies with other instruments as well? Also, Spike's bigger than when I read Revenge of Nightmare Moon and does he even have a job class like everyone else? Finally, no I don't want Celly and Luna dangling in a cocoon while we go through canon.

7723849 I was thinking more like bees concerning the among them the drones are all male with the purpose of impregnating the queen and the rest are females. Here I am applying some more human anatomy and psychology as to their form and mind set, as for the rest of the changelings think non-breeding pair clownfish...

7724097 the change of Spike's size was aluted to in Erisomancy and will be flushed out in the future. I am sure if he actually has a class, he is a dragon after all. For Sweetie Belle, I think she can learn to empower others or does know it, but I was going for combat, and the lute just happens to be her instrument from the source material. As for the war game and the invasion, lets just say Chryalis has been playing the role of Cadance for a while...

7724105 Is there artwork of Spike as of now? In Nightmare Moon Returns, he's small enough to curl around Twilight's neck like Kudamon from Digimon and I'm not even sure if he can talk back then. Making stories out of artwork isn't new and I'm really hoping Twilight will treat Spike better now that he's bigger than her or something.

7724141 there is not new art work for Spike's size. Lets just say Diji allows for loose interpretation of his art work in fanfic. However Spike is about as big as the CMC, but yes Twilight will treat him better. And they could 'speak' even when he was smaller, both telepathically and in Draconic.

7724148 Is Draconic the only language Spike can use?

7724151 in Revenge of Nightmare Moon yes, now he also speak Common, please check out my other fanfic.. The one that this is the sequel of, which in turn is the sequel of Revenge of Nightmare Moon...

“Hint, a-ah savior of the universe,” the man answered with a smirk and vanished into the crowd.


Not much I can say other than great job on this entire story. The exchanges, emotional content, action and future story set-up are all well done in all the right places. I really like how you managed to stay faithful to the original story, but still expand upon certain things (particularly Thorax's resignation note and even include some stuff that wasn't in the original story. At any rate, I will definitely be looking forward to more of your work as soon as time and inspiration will allow.

7741326 Oh inspiration is not the problem, it's time... but thank you

Uhm, nice work on the ending. I really liked the mention to Thorax and the last part with Nightshade, Bon bon and the mysterious stranger.

the answer to your question luna is yes the last millennium has been that bordering at least till twilight show up,

is it bad part of me want a twist to happen that was something like twilight being both candace and shiny armor daughter they had years ago after what seem like the whole of the harmorny and chaos going against them by trap the two in a snowstorm in a cabin with only thing to drink is hard cider and wine, and they had to hide the fact candace was pregnant form everyone but the princess and shiny armor folks.

anyway good story keep up the good work

7773297 if there will be such a twist, it's that either Celestia or Luna is Twilight's actual mother

7773074 pretty much spot on.

My only issues start with a lack of Thorax ascending into his full mature royal form. But, that would be outside the spirit of your version of My Little Mages.

The other issue is that I didn't see any explanation of how Chrysalis came back after Applejack's victory over her during The Revenge of Nightmare Moon. I already have a very good explanation. Chrysalis is a Lich, and therefore has a Soul Jar that automatically recreates her body.

8101038 This is in a separate AU from BrassHeart's "My Little Mages: The Nightmare's Return", the first story in this is AU is "My Little Mages: The Revenge of Nightmare Moon" and is part of the same AU as dracone's "My Little Mages: After Effects" and my other works. As for Thorax.... check out this ... and it's too soon for that. :raritywink:

8101123 Saw that pic. I have Didj on watch. Guess I need to reread your first story.

Oh my! I think I had WAY too much fun reading about the two sisters having WAY too much fun. :rainbowlaugh: So, let me see if I got this right. The war games are a sort of nonlethal yet realistic military training exercise that doubles as a way for the princesses to amuse themselves, correct?

And functions as a means of preserving Celestia's dignity and explain better why Luna was not involved in the episode.

Wait. When did Spike learn to speak English or whatever the common language is? It seems more people are able to understand him than just the Mane 6.

My Little Mages: Erisomancy, chapter 1, after the prologue. Go back and re-read it.

“The want-it-need-it spell,” Twilight said with a grin.

Oh! Oh! You, sir or ma'am--I can't tell, are brilliant. :rainbowlaugh:

“Changelin’s, say hello to ‘Little Friend’, ‘Little Friend’, Changlin’s, now yall play nice,” Apple Bloom said as she finished constructing her weapon. It was, for lack of a better term, a portable canon. She then pulled the trigger and it sent a blast of pure concussive energy that forced an entire line of changelings back. However, the recoil was too much for Apple Bloom and she fell backward landing on her rear. “Cornhusk,” the artificer almost cursed.

That's one way to make a reference. Nice to see the CMC in action.

Hold on. I just thought of something. What do monks do in this universe? All the other talents seem pretty self-explanatory. Is Scootaloo part of a religious order now or something?

Ask Didj on his deviantart page. My guess would something akin to D&D more so then Real World Christian and/or Buddhist monks.

“Hint, a-ah savior of the universe,” the man answered with a smirk and vanished into the crowd.

Fangirling intensifies. :pinkiehappy: :yay:

Then you're going to love this

I looked in up in the DnD wikia. Apparently, a monk is another word for a martial artist in this universe.

Was that Skyborn Flash. I really wished you put the part where Rainbow was dancing or talking with Soarin if that happened I missed it :(

Ok so here I am at the chapter shifty bride is this yet another no one listens to reason trope sequence or did one pull their head out of their ass

Question and a statement cause only 1 story I read so far did some one actually not question it and figure out what is going on and if this is the usual no one listens i'll skip it and go to the next book

I am not an expert on names of tropes. But it's an example of no one listening to reason

Twi isn't exactly giving a new bride a chance, isn't she? But I mostly blame the prime canon for that.

Her friend's arguments do make sense from a certain point of view, and Twilight went to the possessive sibling mode instead of just consult Princess Celestia directly.

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