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After Twilight Sparkle moved to Magiville it took her a few weeks to make everything feel just the way she wanted it to, now it's been a few weeks and she's getting ready to make some preparations with her friends.

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After Twilight Sparkle moved to Magiville it took hera few weeks to make everything feel just the way she wanted it to

Who's hera?

6479001 I meant to say "her a", looks like it's been corrected since you last read.

6479349 I can't seem to find it in any of the chapters with my browser's search function. Are you sure you're reading it in my story?

6479369 I'm reading it in the description.

6479376 There, fixed. I kept on thinking the mistake was in one of the chapters:derpytongue2:

Glad to see someone's still doing MLM fics. Although these are normally action-filled adventure stories, I guess I'll take some time to see if it lives up to the legendary MLM stories I've seen.:trollestia:

6485328 I noticed, but I figured more slow paced set of tales would be better, I do plan to have some action type chapters in the future, but it's all ruined without lead up and context. Also, do you have any suggestions on who we should look in on next?

Continue...Please...I needs more My Little Mages

7033462 I'm working on the next chapter now, but it's slow going. In the meantime I'm encouraging the readers to make suggestions on who a future chapter focuses on.

7033783 How about where Scootaloo first becomes Raindow Dawn's ulitamate Fangirl and by the end they become sister-like... Not unlike Sleepless in Ponyville? Or maybe something like Putting your Holf Down done correctly...

Whoohoo! Update!

Even if it's a short chapter, is still a good one. Simple, but effective, I say! :moustache:

I think all that attempt to write, draw, create in any form can relate to times of being stuck creatively. Looking forward to more. Also Sweetie Bell is such a sweet little sister

I am more of MarbleMac shipper, but I can see Twilight... and most of the main 6... and even most of the CMC... having crushes on Big Mac.

7073586 Yeah, I am a bit of a TwiMac fan, but you have to remember this is pretty early into Twi's moving into town, and as such Mac hasn't met Marble Pie yet. Besides, Mac is such a sweetheart I wouldn't be surprised if he ended up with more than one wife at some point. Now that I think about it, that would be an interesting story to try, project for another time I suppose.

So Sonic Rainboom coming soon?

7141005 maybe, it's more a case of Rainbow testing/pushing her limits

I approve... But I do need to tone down the Pinkie Pie 4th wall jokes...
Also all errors in this chapter are mine... Not dracone's... So if don't take it out on him... I am the one that done screwed up. On a positive note. You readers are awesome for reading this story

Heads I vote Fluttershy, :yay:
Tails I vote Pinkie Pie, :pinkiehappy:

It landed on it's side, :fluttercry: :pinkiesad2:

7441688 Roll a die, even is one pony and odd it's the other (also less chance of something ambiguous coming up).

7441892 Got a three. So Fluttershy. :yay:

:pinkiesad2: 'But what...':pinkiesad2:

Your chapter in my story is coming up.


:pinkiehappy: 'I have the bestest friends EVER~!'

Yes, Pinkie you do...

you will not be leaving this building until you're first assignment is turned in, it's short day and after you have turned it in you are free to do whatever you wish for the rest of the day. We'll be having normal school ours the moment the sun is up tomorrow.” The rest of the class groaned as Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo skipped out of the building.


So, you said that this was canon to your series. Is it? I'm a little thrown off by the TwiMac.

1) Twilight has yet to meet Flash
2) it's a crush
3) Every woman save family either had or have a crush on Big Mac at somepoint

Please do note the publishing dates of this and my works over all...

Oh my. Okay then. I'm guessing any discrepancies are due to the publication date.

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