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This is my first entry into a kilala97 fan contest. In fact it's my first entry into a fan contest period.

The story is about how Candy and Pinkie discovered her terrible sense of direction, I don't know how good it will be since this my first time writing a story like this. The story will bounce back and forth between the time of the actually event and the ones telling/listening to the story. The story starts with the premise I had, Candy's little sister asking how they found out she had a bad sense of direction to begin with. Hope it's acceptable to everyone, and I got all the characters somewhere in the ballpark. If it works out I might try for another entry or just turn it into a set of stories told by older siblings to younger siblings about how they arrived to a certain self discovery.

Also for those of you who have designs on giving the story down votes please leave comments about why you dislike the story.

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Lost in a closet all night! Wow little filly! :pinkiegasp:

5643789 Yeah, that is pretty bad.

5644192 I would have been screaming 2 hours into the whole thing... :ajsleepy:

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