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little big pony

Remember kids, eat your veggies, go to school, and murder all your enemies.... I murder all my enemies....


They came suddenly and without warning. They wanted us to boop them. We must resist.

The art is by neuro if anyone was wondering.

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Well that was a thing.
You might want to add the random tag, though.

Well that just happened.

This has been the single most cracked thing I've read in weeks. I heartily approve!

“Well, I tried, but the aliens’ might was too great,” he said, popping the cube into his mouth. “All shall fall. Chaos will reign.”

Best piece of the story. It was a quick laugh and cute story. Good job.

I loved this adorable, silly story.:twilightsmile:

Tom just sounded way, way too chill, and it was hilarious.
Pinkie Pie is best pony. He made the right choice.

Boops are indeed magical things.

boop a pony huh? ok sure, whats the worst that could happen:rainbowhuh:.....?

...i am surprisingly ok with this:duck:...

For obvious reasons:

This needs a sequel.

Just putting that out there.


oh yeah....

post marrital booping...

...thats the good stuff:pinkiecrazy:...

8001668 Your profile image needs to die in a fire right now. I was enjoying this funny story and I saw that thing and now I want to die even more than before.

haha wow really nice dude!!

8001763 I've had that a lot.


Twilight and Jerry at the marriage counselor (Cadance) trying to find out why the booping magic has gone out of their lives? They used to boop all over the house, in the closet for a quickie... even in a public restroom once! Now, Twilight's lucky to get booped once a week. Just the standard position, five seconds of soldiering on and then he rolls over to sleep. It's enough to make a mare think about ch... che... -seeing someone new! And Jerry's new job in Ponyville isn't any better. New job, new boss, new world, and still getting yelled at for crap he has no control over leaving him exhausted every single day. It's a vicious circle I tell you!

I wonder how Tom's doing?

“Can we have parties with the chaos?” the pink pony asked, offering her muzzle.

Pinkie, Fluttershy has the Chaos frequently over for tea and crashing on her couch. If you haven't partied with it yet, that's your own dang fault.

And darn, Twilight's taken already. I wouldn't mind Moondancer though...

8001839 in that case, i suggest they go on a little adventure, visit sight unseen for a millennia, enjoy exotic cuisine and lay side by side on a beach, embracing each other as the sun sets on the horizon. (and if they get frisky later that night, it most definitely wasn't because i jammed enough aphrodisiac in their drinks to make a sperm whale randy). later they can talk about each other and how life is going, hoping they can improve things when/ if they go back. call me old fashion, but i believe in the good old stick-to-it approach. that, and the good old book of pony-sutra certainly helps, got to keep things "healthy".

That was adorably silly. It really made me smile all the way through it.

*is banging head against desk in the same beat that sounds like Bonetrosle for some reason*

Just the right amount of random! Needs more Muffin Horse...

Anon: Hey Twi! Boop the pony!
Twi: Dooon't boop the pony!
Anon: Boop the pony! *Boop*

Ponies have low standards

This is all I could think of after reading the title.

I'm so sorry.

I like trains.

ALWAYS BOOP THE PONY!!!!:flutterrage:

None can resist the boop. Submit, submit.

8001831 I really did contemplate suicide a few years ago. Thanks to you, I have the courage to take my life now.

God bless you, sir.

8002326 So long as you don't go shagging the pony, I'll boop a pony.

8002428 I have contemplated making everyone on Earth commit suicide so no hyoomans remain to interfere with my domination of the cosmos. :trixieshiftright:

well that depends.......:trollestia:

I chose... *looks at the line of ponies available to boop* Rainbow Dash!!!!!! *boop* :rainbowkiss:

Sequel! More booping! More crazy! Pleeeeeeeeze.

Updoot for boop the snoot, toot toot!

Go back to imugr u scrub

This is still my all time favorite reaction gif

8002446 No, I mean don't go shagging the pony without it's consent first, or checking to see if it's already in a relationship.

I have no idea what I expected but this was certainly not it. Good job :rainbowlaugh:

Twilight Sparkle didn’t seem monstrous or unnerving. She looked cute and fuzzy

Yeah she does. That's how they get you.

I'll boop Pinkie Pie... and I would except my fate

You can almost hear him saying "No prob fag"

I can't believe it!!!

(I am the first though!!!)

Must add to cute bookshelf...

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