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little big pony

Remember kids, eat your veggies, go to school, and murder all your enemies.... I murder all my enemies....


There's a little known fact about Bonbon, aka Sweetie Drops. Though she's known as a tough as nails, hard-boiled mare that has stared down monsters, she's also a notorious cuddle bug. Unfortunately, Bonbon, as with most other ponies, is ignorant to this fact. Luckily for her, Adonis is more than happy to bring this closely guarded secret to light.

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You couldn't even credit Badumsquish as the artist of the pic?

For those wanting the link: Bon Bon (as a Badumsquish Kitty)

this was super cute

The Bon-Bon nicknames. Why do they amuse me so much? Well done, good sir.

luv the nick names for bonbon way too cute!:yay:


Short, simple and cute :derpytongue2:

So adorable, both the story and the image of Lyra in a sunhat.

why is cheerilee part of the tags?

'Cause Cheerilee's a big mare who doesn't afraid of anything.

After she mentioned scaring her friend on the pooper, I almost thought she was going to try the "hand/hoof in a cup of water" trick on Bon-bon XD

The rump-touches are a good way to end too. :rainbowlaugh:

She is gonna bite him!

Ahhhh.. Will there be a seqiel, this reaaally looks to have a lot of potential

You wrote a story about me?! Aw, That's so nice of you :raritywink:

But seriously, a fun little story. I liked it :twilightsmile:

All ponies are Cats... I KNEW IT!

So... tsundere Bon Bon romance sequel?


We now need this.

Need to poke that warm pudgy belly of hers.

“I bet she’s upstairs pooping or something,” she said, making her way toward the stairs. “I’ll go spook her.”

The thoughts of a best friend.

Cuddly, fluffy, squishy ponies? Sold.



This needs a Tsun-Bon sequel. This was adorable!

“I’m… I’m sorry. That must have been horrible for you.”


Love this tsund-Bon Bon, this needs a sequel !!! :pinkiehappy:

Oh that ending I did not expect. Really fun and clever story.:rainbowlaugh:

She was about to close the door when a dastardly idea came to mind.

Grinning, her horn lit up. With a spell, she lifted Bonbon’s hoof and dragged it down to Adonis’s cloth-covered butt. She did the same with Adonis’s hand, bringing it down so that it was touching her friend’s cutiemark.
Giggling childishly, Lyra waved at the two. “Goodnight, sleep tight, don’t let the Breezies bite you two~”

You arranged them into a suggestive pose, and didn't think to capture the Kodak moment on film? For shame, Lyra! :trollestia:

That said, there needs to be more tsundere Bon Bon. MAKE IT HAPPEN, AUTHOR! :flutterrage:

Bonbon is really cute when she's grumpy.

Lyra you naughty mare. :facehoof:

I found this story to be extremely cute, i love bon-bon fighting it so hard and just knowing she made a mistake later on. Also i can totally see Lyra doing what she did.

"Adonis" really? Boo boo is all I can say.

Drawing herself up to her full height — which was rather impressive, even for an earth pony — Bonbon gave him a glare that could curdle milk. “Adonis, get your lazy flank up. You can’t lay in bed all day.”

Bonbon... Big? Not sure about that.
She always seemed average.
Big Mac is big and Trouble Shoes nearly horse size.
About mares... Sassy Saddles and Tempest take the cake. Or Fleur de Lis...

Hmm... Doesn't afraid of anything, indeed.

The hardest part about reading your story was pressing the title of the chapter. You shouldve just changed it to . hahaha XD

Very very nice though. 10/10 would like a romantic sequel.

But she had been in far more difficult situations than this! If she could figure out how to trap a hydra using nothing but a stick of bubble gum, a hundred feet of bubble wrap, and her gumption, she’d figure this out!

This. <3

Lyra, you cheeky bastard. :rainbowlaugh:

Aw cute story, love it!

That was awful on several levels. I cracked a smile.

It was so hard for me to click the chapter name, butt that ending though! :rainbowlaugh: (get it?)

Great fic, it was well worth the raging I did while trying to click the chapter name.

the hell is that voice?

its sounds familar...

This is quite great. Just would have loved to see the aftermath! :rainbowlaugh:

Lyra's delightfully evil. :rainbowlaugh:

perfect ending for when they wake up

This was hilarious and woefully short wish it was a series but oh well. The characterization of the 100th episode was done really well in this story. Not to mention it's the first time I read them as intended. Well done!

And now, a list of all the nicknames of Bon-Bon in this story:
Count Bonula
Bon de Bon

I have reviewed this here.

See, she kept her eye on the prise...

“Come on, Bon-voyage. Let’s snuggle the day away,” he said, opening and closing his hands.

OMG! I cant breathe!:rainbowlaugh: This story is soo funny!

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