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An astute (oblivious) Rainbow Dash spends her days working, lounging, and hanging out with her best, completely platonic, in no way pining, 20% tsundere sis, Anon.

This story takes place in an AU called RGRE (Reversed Gender Role Equestria). If you're unsure of what that means, there's a group on fimfic that catalogues stories like these that might explain it best. If you're interested in content with a similar setting, consider joining it and looking around.

Cover Art by Affanita

Chapters (1)
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Comments ( 53 )

a pegasi

pegasi is established as plural, you want pegasus

Although I think the actual proper plural is "pegasus ponies". But people get lazy.

Only other real hangup was the awkwardness of "sis" replacing "bro" directly. Pluralizing "sis" is worse than "bro".

I-It's just like one of my Japanese animes!

Great job! Those fleeting moments of vulnerability in Dash are always a joy to see.


pegasi is established as plural, you want pegasus

Derp, thanks for that. I'll skim the document to make sure I don't miss anything else like it. As for the 'sis' thing, I agree. I wanted to keep the theme despite the roughness of that term. Some uses of it, especially plural, will probably feel off to the average person, but hopefully it isn't too distracting. Appreciate you reading and commenting so fast! You guys are quick.

D'oh, you and your flattery. Thanks for reading, bud.

This is where you get a flood of people asking for more.

Everyone like, favorite, and favorite again. It is a good.

I find it interesting to see how the 'bro' concept for this RGRE is 'sis', despite the awkwardness that others feel in its application. I personally find it as a way to showcase the female dominance in this society, instead of the regular male-dominated 'bro' that we're accustomed to.:twistnerd:

I'd love to read further chapters - one-shots as this one serve well its intended purpose. :moustache:

The sweetness of the story got you a fav and thumbs-up, mister writer. :yay:

I don't know, this an awfully small sample size to critique. Possibly if you went and wrote more on FiMFiction--chapters for this, or horsewords in general--we could then have a firm foundation upon which to build a proper opinion :trixieshiftright:...

Wouldn't want to rush to judgement, you understand? Wouldn't be right and all :trixieshiftleft:.

Edit: Hah, story is featured right now :pinkiehappy:.



I want your hat and gloves.

You remind me of someone I know.

Also cute story.


I just realised from reading this, but having a story with Anon being from only the pony P.O.V is extremely weird, since most HiE's tend to have it in the human's P.O.V

Other than that, adorable. The captainpudgemuffin art is also a nice sight, you don't really see his pictures for cover arts even though he has a ton of adorable SFW images

... I don't know why I didn't get a notification for this, but...:rainbowhuh:

Heh, found the pic online - and I want 'em too! :yay::rainbowlaugh:

Kinda expected dash to be the cute one, not dissapointed in any way tho.

Took me way too long to get 'sis' = 'bro'.

Also I'd love to see more of this.

“You guys know how the office is coming?” you ask as one of them tosses you a hard hat.

"Guys" threw me a bit when all the rest is RGRE, unless she's shit-talking them. All good though. :twilightsmile:

Heh, that's neat! I found it in pinterest.

Thanks for the tidbit, and I hope you can get some good-ol' tentacley goodness for the next winter! :pinkiecrazy::rainbowlaugh:

I have found another heretic!

Edit: wait I don't have a chaos symbol as my profile pic on this website. This is heresy!

More please. I desire more horse words.

This was completely and utterly adorable. I love it.

reminded me of one of the best RGRE; https://pastebin.com/SuSFAc4e. Something about Anon just being a sis is interesting to me. In the case of the linked story, everypony just thinks he's literally a girl.

I literally meant it as parsing the word identically despite it being different. "bro" becomes "bros" but "sis" does not become "siss". You need another syllable for sis, where bro doesn't need it.

I believe 'Sis' contains itself well enough for singular and plural. :moustache::trollestia:

Now, let us not discuss such small details over the main thread, 'lest we draw the ire of the author who granted us this enjoyable one-shot.:yay::twilightsmile:

I was confused is it he or she and there a part where rainbow dash call the hand? a claw can i get a picture of anon?

I totally lapped this slice of adorableness up.

Well, ghouls, you are an odd fellow, but I must say... you steamed a good ham.

did you mean the tittle as a reference to Oreimo?

Then it shall throw you off no more (I changed it to 'girls', like it should be).

You are a reader of patrician taste, I see.
Good ol' Frosty. We've been trying to bully him into adding more of his own stuff onto FimFic, but I think he's still mulling over the specifics. He has an account already, so keep an eye out for him if you're interested.

Ahahah, no, he's not a hermaphrodite forest creature or anything, it's just the terminology from Dash's PoV. Anon's a typical male human.

Yeah, it felt really natural. In fact, this may have been the easiest time I've ever had coming up with a name I liked for something.

very well written, love it

hey you got featured congrats

Nice little story here. Kinda feels like a lead into a larger story though. Well done conveying emotion in the lunch there.

That was a fun read..thanks for posting that.

we have clearly gone past the point where we need to stop

What the hell is RGRE? Google says it's Ronan Group Real Estate.

Thank god more RGRE:yay:. I find myself struggling to like stories that aren't. It just makes more sense.

Ahh, sorry for any confusion. That would be 'Reversed Gender Roles Equestria', a somewhat popular AU setting that some writers use for stories. A group was recently made on fimfic by Fugger to catalogue stories like these. He might be able to explain it better than me: https://www.fimfiction.net/group/212801/reverse-gender-role-equestria-rgre

The plural of "sis" would be "sisses".


If you're back from your hiatus, does that mean you're going to be writing another story? I find myself fascinated by the HiE/RGRE genre, but there aren't a lot of stories out there that are in this category. Your first story was great, and I'd love to see another from you.

I don't like to talk about future projects too much since, honestly speaking, I'm a finicky, untrustworthy flake when it comes to anything even resembling a word of promise. That said, I'm pretty much finished with the first act of another story, and since I'm only ironing out the last few issues and sprucing it up a little before translating it over here, it shouldn't be too long before some new content is up in my story list. I wanted to challenge myself with this one, so It's a little different than what I've written so far, but it's still RGRE and, for the most part, HiE. It's just not an Equestria I've written in yet... 🎒

When I do release it, I hope you enjoy.

I kind of hoped she was into him instead of him into her.

It is a nice story but for some reason I didn't got a good read at anon/alias/ wallace/ nobody.

I appreciate the swapping of "bro" for "sis" to account for the matriarchal society difference. Just little changes like that really hammer home the fact that it is a different world than we are used to.

Dammit im so damn sad it ended. Fucking love me some HiE/RGRE. Would love more to this story or genre

This is great storytelling, I loved it. Stories aren't always about violence, or mystery, or huge plot devices. Some of the best stories here are the short slice of life. Just the simple interactions between two people. This is a great example.

The Monk

This had been sitting in my RIL list for awhile and I regret not reading it sooner. I'd love to read more about these two. Good job ghouls.

This is me right now!

I have heard this phrase before. Hmmmmm. [BIG THONK]

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