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Remember kids, eat your veggies, go to school, and murder all your enemies.... I murder all my enemies....


Princess Celestia attempts to hunt the most dangerous game: man. Her assistant wants more than anything for her to get back to work.

Artist is lovelyneckbeard

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Once more, we head into the storm

fucking lol m8

Poor Raven, no one should be subjected to such incredible, mind-shattering-ly silly mental torture.
Hope the drink serves well

In other news, the site must have turned of my profile picture or something, cause I can't see it for the life of me.

Be vewy vwey quiet I'm hunting hyoo-mans!

I wonder if Celestia is trying to send a message to the “nobles” what she thinks of their proposals? She needs to send them all on a snipe hunt.

hahahahahahaha poor little Raven

Can vouch, it is very common knowledge that hyoo mans cannot see neon orange vests.

I love these little slice of life stories. No monsters, no mayhem, no drama. Just a fun look behind the curtain of everyday life.

Fantastic job.

The Monk

Celestia has found that forbidden tome of hyoo-man stealth, the Book of Cena. All is lost booped.

The most dangerous creature known... MAN!!


Alondro #12 · Jul 9th, 2018 · · 3 ·

9035019 I caught a bunch of those.


They actually do exist, ya know? Of course, they're just European and Asian birds and not the mythological beast of varying description which arose in North America as a prank circa 1840.

Hunting the actual bird requires both stealth and skill, as they are very fast and skittish. The term 'sniper' in fact arose from the hunt of these birds in British India, being solidly part of the vernacular by the 1820's, regarding a hunter with the skills to hit one in flight from a discreet distance.

Alright, who leaked the secret about our neon orange issue?

I’m not sure...all the copies of the report are locked up. I sold a neon orange vest to a nice looking mare some time ago though...then she just fucking disappeared. And the office door opened by itself a few times...

The creator of the Naruto series, I think.

Lots of laughs to be had!

HOWEVER, much like the tag says, it's "Raven Inkwell" not Quills.

Hmmm, I wonder about the possibility of alykorn hunting


That I did not know. Still I hope Celestia will have a slip of the tongue and let several of the nobles what she actually thinks of them.

This is...what was...I-I can't even find the words.

...Oh wait yes I can, god bless your warped little mind :derpytongue2:

Unfortunately for her, alicorns were a stubborn sort.

Oh, that explains Twilight.

The deadliest hunt.

We must lill him now

I need some brain bleach...

My favorite iteration of the princess I’ve ever read honestly I was like to see this universe continue on forever with silly stories like this

She Who Ate Cake


Still, like all in the animal kingdom, he has patterns and weaknesses that can be exploited.

A voice from the foliage behind Celestia: Princess, you've made one minor miscalculation in your efforts at stalking.

:trollestia: Oh? What might that be?

The voice: We humans descend from arboreal mammals. And we come in packs. Boo!

:trollestia: ACK! We've been caught! Fly, Raven! Leave me to my fate! I am doomed! Tell my little ponies I loved them!


My grandma tells stories of the time one of my mother's cousins came back from the "snipe hunt" my grandfather sent him and a pack of other boys on while on a camp out in the Oregon woods with a wiggling sack. "I caught a snipe!"

It was a very angry raccoon.

:fluttercry: Oh dear...

Very cute! Very funny! No Lyra? :rainbowlaugh:

What? Is it Hyoo-man hunting season again already? Wait a minute... what is that duck over there doing with that pencil?

It was the boop that did it for me

I have to admit , this was funny and cute at the same time xD


They actually do exist, ya know? Of course, they're just European and Asian birds and not the mythological beast of varying description which arose in North America as a prank circa 1840.

Are you sure those aren't just simply changelings in disguise?:trollestia:

:raritydespair:better break out the RAID!:raritycry:

That was the TV show about the Ghost Ninja, right? I could never understand why he wasn't more successful as a ninja, being an invisible ghost seems like it would be super advantageous.

Yep. That one girl with the white eyes could see him but I figured they explained that pretty well.

this was great although I do have one question does anybody know what happened to lovelyneckbeard?

can confirm not changeling unfortunately.
poor guy needed a vet

Now I desperately want to see a fanfic where this is true, everyone can see neon orange things, but the moment you put on a piece of neon orange clothing you b exome invisible to everyone and Naruto inadvertently discovers this when he gets his jumpsuit

Ah yes, a normal day in Canterlot castle :trollestia:

Reminded me of this video:

I think he may have taken one too many pills

That cover art fits this story perfectly. :rainbowlaugh:

I love fluffy stories like this, and would encourage any Anon haters to read them. He can be used correctly. You just need to understand what/who he is.

Hey Reykan,
No time no see, how are you?

Seems like a slight touch of romance at the end.

I came in expecting shitpost. I got what I came for.

Very nice.

Currently splitting time between online classes and certifications for IT. I've done some writing here and there, but not enough in one place to post. :pinkiesad2: I'm online often though.

D48 #48 · Jul 11th, 2018 · · 14 ·

This was cute, although it would be much better if you used a real name. It doesn't even have to be a good name. Bob is fine. Just something that makes him sound like a person and not a transparent plot element some idiot child shat out.

I am in love with this veesion of Celestia! Great job on the story

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