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What is friendship?

Is it a term or something so much more?

And can you be a friend to something so different but so similar to you?

Something that I'm sure has been done to death but, since reading East of Eden, I wanted to do something a little more thought provoking. I got the idea while I was alone in my house, with just the sound of a clock ticking to keep me company.

Art done by murphylaw4me

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And so you have succeded.

Well done.

you should continue this

Damn, this was good. Ever thought of continuing to a sequel for this story?

Nice, this feels more like a excellent intro then a one off :) Good job

If this got a sequel, i would read it.

I would read it so hard.

3604194 we got the rain and now the crow.....I WANT MORE AS WELL

3604793 Now it has all come together:trixieshiftright: this is just perfect

3604832If it helps there is a midnight wolf

3604837 Wow Midnight actually very popular i guess i wonder what other variations there are

3604860i only know these 3:ajbemused:

3604883HALLO, CAn i Join your PArty gaiz?

Pleasent and about friendship, the cornerstone of fimfiction.

I'd love a similar one of these where they speak with Celestia

Awwwwww! That was so sweet!

That was beautyfull and you are really good at writing the real serious things. You still dominate the humor and friendship and slice of life better though, but this things needs practice.

3604194 Aurorus and I concur

3607589 Holy crap you were on the ball with that reply. Anyway I think its beautiful and I would love to see their relationship grow as time passes. It feels unfinished to leave it right there IMO

3607592 yes that is why i would like the author to continue so we can see their friendship grow

I really like Moony as you presented her :pinkiehappy:, on the other hand maybe the story is a bit too short? I'm not really sure... :applejackconfused:
Anyway, nice work :twilightsmile:


but awesome story:ajsmug:

Feels…injected through the brain to the heart :raritycry:

This is good

Wonderful. I, honestly, can't think of many stories that have made me think like this one. Well done, sir.

So many comment conversations! Anyway, I would like to say that this is one of the best stories I've read in a while. And I mean that with all my heart. I can't wait for the next chapter. :heart:

That said, you should get these proof read. (I think? I'm not sure if that was this one or not, but it still holds true.) :twilightsheepish:

To conclude; MOAR!!!!!!!! :flutterrage:

I've been reading the comments...I feel like a heartless bastard.

Quick Question: why do you write her name as Moony? Wouldn't Mooney be be.
tter? Note this may be bias on my part because my last name is Mooney and the other versions seem weird to me but still

Anyway great story! As with the people below me mentioned, MOAR!!!

This was good. My only complaint is that it is complete.

Nightmare Moon remains a fascinating character to me. My own take on her in Black Angel isn't quite as sympathetic as this, but there are moments when she does need help and does even find unlikely friends.

Very nice. Some spelling mistakes here and there that you might want to check out but I like the story.

A good one shot.

"...placing her muzzle into the nap of my neck." Isn't it "nape", not "nap"?

I have learnt a lesson today

Very well done oneshot. I loved the characterizations you gave for Nightmare Moon, she shows a lot of depth in the shortness of the story. Giving her the nickname "Moony" was a nice touch by the way; I've always thought that her name most likely came from hundreds of years passing and the knowledge got altered, not to mention her tale ending up being forgotten and dismissed as simply legend. I used to think that Nightmare originally was a title for Moon, written as such "The Night Mare, Moon" which can also be rewritten was "Mare of the Night, Moon", but ever since season 4 came out that idea was quickly and mercilessly shot down. Still it's a nice thought to think of Nightmare Moon in a less villainous and more misunderstood light.

I really liked this fic:twilightsmile:

3634550 dont mix milk with red bull? :pinkiecrazy:

3604793 The darkness is late, but lends his vote as well.

You have tried, and succeed you shall. Tis a wonderful story of friendship and the importance of how one person can tip the balance on one's life and misery. I love how you portrayed Moony not unlike that of a lost soul, finding comfort in a world that is similar, yet different from their own. I adore your characterisation on that matter, to help even the darkest of beings into something... beautiful.

I can't really say much more, and if a welcome passerby happens to read this, I highly recommend seeing the story in on itself.:twilightsmile:

Hurra the path to friendship has started.

I really think you should continue this...

Since there is no author's comments in the thread, there probably wont be a response, but I'll try anyway.

What did you mean by 'some of the material feeling off'? It looks like you tried to send some sort of clue but I'm really dense to that kind of things. Yet it sparked my curiosity.

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