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A demon of a long-forgotten time, trapped in the barriers of an ancient prison; forever cursed with loneliness... until one day, she meets a human.

"What a queer looking creature..."

Heavily inspired by Juniper's Knot a visual novel by Dischan Media. Reading it is not required.

Thanks to DVAN56, bocaj518 and Mr101 for their help!

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Comments ( 164 )

Imma leik dis, Brry! :rainbowkiss:

Such warm cuddly feels :fluttercry:

I like how your tied Snow White into this story.:raritywink:


When are you going to star adding a chapter to "Titanium"?

3972470 Please don't discuss my other stories in the comment section of a different story altogether.

sorry about that did not mean to be rude. Also like this story with how Nightmare was saved by a kiss.

This really seams like proof of concept, but that doesn't mean it's bad. Yes, it is rushed, because such thing should be. Now all you need to write a proper story, and rip the wins that it will be made of. Stretch that beginning to two, three chapters to make it more sensible, with introduction who he is and how he get to Equestria, and then shit-tone of chapters of Elliot and Nightie being lovey-dovey, with grand wedding, and we have pure win of feels! :heart::rainbowkiss:

3972704 Tis only a one-shot T^T I'm not good with multi-chapter stories :twilightoops:

3972712 thisblogisapieceofshit.files.wordpress.com/2013/09/darth-vader-noooo.gif
You could try at least! I hate when such potential goes down the drain because author don't have enough faith in his own ability's. :fluttercry::fluttercry::fluttercry:

This was very good for a one shot. This is getting a like and a fav from me.

Fine job, dude. :moustache:

it's beautiful. such a beautiful story.

Very, very rushed. I know you say you don't like writing multi chapter stories, but this isn't something that should have been told in one chapter. You might have been able to pull it off with a chapter with 15,000 or so words, but it could have been paced better.

3973656 S'alright. Time skipping ain't everyone's cup o' tea, thanks for giving it a read though!

... Jupiter's Knot was better.

Edit: reread description, glad I didn't accuse you of ripping it off. Maintain that Jupiter's Knot was better, still alright for a quick read.

3973765 Each to their own.

:raritydespair:why did you stoooop wwwhhhhhhyyyyyyyyyyy:raritycry::fluttercry:but great nonetheless:eeyup::yay::twilightsmile:

have to agree with you.


Could be the basis for a story of recovery and finding new bonds to the world about her.

Man i wish this was longer! much feels indeed. 10/10 mah friend :pinkiehappy:

Very nice! However, the link to the source isn't exactly the source. I don't know if it's just me, but do you mind sourcing the original creator?
Very nice story, I hope to read more by you!

3974974 I would if I knew who the artist was, I just found it randomly searching Google images :twilightblush:

Okay, but in the future try to find the source. It helps the artist a lot :twilightsmile:

3972712 dosent mean you should not give it a try :) id be glad to help if i am aible i do like this idea as a starting point and it could go far.

Is this one of those true loves kiss things?

Also, how was Celestia expecting Nightmare to reform if she was stuck in a prison by herself?

-"to be edited"

so when do I check back in on this

3975606 It's not that bad at the moment, I know it's not perfect. Just read it now. I'm not going to go and notify everyone when it's edited, so if you want to wait you'll have to check back every now and then for yourself.


Oh, no, I already read it. I meant for my downloaded copy. Because I save absolutely everything. Obsessively. In my personal archives. Backed up in triplicate. :pinkiecrazy:

When I get home later I can hunt it down. Or, if anyone else reading this is doing it through Google Chrome, they can quickly right click the picture, and "Search image in Google" or whatever the command is, and easily trace it to the original artist. :raritywink:

I find myself craving for more of this.

I literally just found the same page, was on my way back here to report as such. :rainbowlaugh:

3975734 I find myself craving for more Zone.

OH SHIT I've been spotted :pinkiegasp:

"Hi, Celly"? I think I want to know his background.

3976057 Well I did say that she was like a sister to him earlier on. This is a one-shot anyways.

Holy shit was this good...
I think it requires a sequel or something at least.

3976085 Nah sequels never do as well as the original thing. But if anyone else out there wants to add more background to Elliot, or perhaps write a sequel they can go right ahead. Provided they mention me.

3976095 But Elliot and Nightmare are so cute... Can't you just have a sequel with them in the future as a slice-of-life; maybe find out that Nightmare is pregnant or something?

Thanks for tracking down the source, even if they're not there anymore!

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