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My name is Sasha, I was found in the Metro tunnels by a man named Artyom, my father. I am unlike everyone else of the Metro, for I am not human... but a pony. I have saved the Metro many times against the threat of the mutants and bandits. But my normal flow of life has been disrupted lately... I have been having strange visions and dreams, and one sentence I keep hearing... "Come home, Twilight..."

A darker take on the "My Little Dashie" style of story, featuring the Metro 2033 universe, starring Artyom, Twilight and the rest of the main cast of MLP: FIM

A short, multi-chapter story to try get me back into the way of writing!

Edited by Xhoral1865

Chapters (2)

A demon of a long-forgotten time, trapped in the barriers of an ancient prison; forever cursed with loneliness... until one day, she meets a human.

"What a queer looking creature..."

Heavily inspired by Juniper's Knot a visual novel by Dischan Media. Reading it is not required.

Thanks to DVAN56, bocaj518 and Mr101 for their help!

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October 5th 1986

Entry#1: I'm not sure what's happening, I'm scared and I don't know what to do. I am going to record this in my journal, to report of any new... Changes.


Cary Lee, a young middle school aged boy with a unique... gift, ends himself up in Equestria while on the run from the authorities. The only things on his person are the clothes he is wearing, his backpack and a journal.

Inside the journal he records his experiences in this seemingly new land. Will he find allies to stick by him, will he be shunned by pony kind and will he fall to the darkness that is Nightmare Moon? His powers he worked so hard to keep hidden will aid him in this dark world.

This story is set before Nightmare Moon was imprisoned by the Elements of Harmony.

Small thanks to Octaviscratch for helping clear up some mistakes.
HUGE thanks to Super Kami Guru my editor, who clears up many stupid mistakes on my part ^^;;

A special thanks to my very good friend Mr101 for being my pre-reader and making the awesome cover art :)

This story is actually based off of this music video

Chapters (4)

Rainbow Dash decided to take Scootaloo flying for the day. She pushed the young filly to improve her flying skills, but maybe she pushed too hard. Now Scootaloo is lying in Hospital in a critical condition, the doctors informed Rainbow Dash that she wasn't going to make it. She relives the events of that fateful day whilst sitting next to the unconscious little filly that meant the world to her.

Just want to say thanks guys for all the likes and faves!

This is my first time ever writing a sad story so lets hope it turns out ok.
Guys I want you to be brutal, criticism is needed.
It is pretty short but this is just a one-shot I have never tried anything like this before.
Comments contain spoilers, so if you can't handle 'em don't scroll down xD

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