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  • ETo Swoon the Stars
    When the chilling winds of harsher trials whip through their lives, can Luna and Hendrick find the strength in each other to endure? Sequel to 'To Befriend the Night'
    LucidTech · 35k words  ·  1,035  38 · 9.4k views

Submitting to Trials, Tribulations, Lies, Misunderstanding, and Pain. And all these things for one purpose. To Befriend the Night.

Coverart by: jjames10 (Tome Turner)
Thanks man!

Sequel out now: To Swoon the Stars

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Haha! This! I want another!:rainbowlaugh:

I too want "moarrrr". Damn hooligans and your nonsense lol

i like him. faved for a hopeful future update(s)

The soup is good.

I counted two or three grammatical errors (I'm often nitpicky about those, sorry) but other than that, it's pretty interesting!

Shining Armour's rant reminds me of a certain XKCD article. Specifically this one.


That wasn't Shinig Armour's rant...


My apologies, I made a few edits that I didn't have editor look over.

:rainbowlaugh:BAHAHAHAHA.... Pinkie wants moar :pinkiegasp:

1199165 Oops, misread. Well, my point still stands. XKCD


Yes, the rant was inspired by xkcd and the song that he links to in it.

I like :twilightsmile:

Good job on a good chapter. :moustache:

I like it. Keep up the good work.
Also, I think the blind Vinyl is a really good idea.

So basically a strange pony comes in, asks awkward questions, makes himself a rather rude guest, and runs away. Why does anyone care if he leaves again?

i still like him. i hope you keep these awesome rants in it. its too bad i cannot double like this. or add a like for each chapter


Because curiosity is the strongest force in the universe.

Don't steal that, now that I type it out I feel I need to copyright it... unless dr. who said it first.


Though I'm happy to hear how you feel. I will be deleting the second of your comments to remove unnecessary clutter.

cant wait for next chapter:pinkiehappy:

Eagerly awaiting the next chapter good sir! Keep up the amazing writing!


I like this chapter. It's a fresh breath to the old tried-and-true HIE inserts.

The comedy tag got me interested, and i'm now hooked. Keep up the good work!

is there going to be romance, because if there is I will watch and fave right now


I will be using the romance between Shining and Cadence more. I also plan on some friendshipping with Luna but beyond that... No.

awwww... ill fave, but not watch

Hmm rather interesting story, I can see it has potential. I must say you played out Hendrick's character quite well; with his personality being "down-to-earth" (ironic I know) and his emotions that is quite different from other HiE story that quite hooks me on. I find this a rare story that can play well for this kind of story if you can executed it correctly. I'm quite loving this story and can;t wait to see how it develops, keep up the good work man. :eeyup:


Oooo, a paragraph comment. I live for these you know. Thanks for taking the time to put down your thoughts. The purpose for this story is to break away from HiE cliches, hence why it's told from any third person limited besides his own.

I...honestly can see no issues with it. Perhaps you could put more detail into what the locations look like, but that is truly my only complaint. Very good work.:twilightsmile:

A very nice story you have hear. Plus 1 and fav'd. Please continue

Fuck me.

I had several paragraphs typed here on my iPod, but safari decided to crash right as I was finishing up. I'll try and retype it on my computer for you tomorrow.

'Till the morrow!

That must be some good soup:rainbowlaugh:

Four sentences and a destroyed reporter later:rainbowlaugh:

Ha! Common Beggar by day, Companion of The Moon by night. Nicely done my friend, it was very good. You have left me wondering about what age Hendrick is ,due to his level of maturity that he displays, im guess between late 20s to early 30s maybe? I also gotta love how Hendrick doesn't take his environment for granted and is alwalys active/perceptive to his surrounding.

By the way, gotta love that reference on Cheers (on the intro song i take it?).


Yup, intro reference. Also, the name of the bar is Steers, which was inspired by the same thing.

This is getting very interesting to me, as Hendrick seems like a very mysterious character as well

again i wish i could like each chapter individually, to have them add up, you deserve more than one like per person. you hit me right in the expository each time.

I am subscribed to like 30 pieces, but now i look forward to this the most

Need more, MORE!

I need to see MOAR!!!!

I like your words and style.
This is a special fiction!
I love to read and plz keep writing!

A nice reference. I thought the tune was familiar. I remember it from somewhere else (probably the radio), but i get the gist of the story just from the few vids i watched. I understand what Hendrick meant by the atmosphere of that bar now. Now that song will be pleasantly stuck in my head for a while. I thank you.

Oh, and blind Vinyl is best Vinyl. A unique take on a very eccentric personality (ponyality? eh, close enough.). I like it.

Not bad, mainly because of his intelligence level yet they don't know anything about him:)
I like it when when he talks to the princesses and Shining making them totally confused.

This is certainly worth a fave and rating. Also it is too short :raritycry:
The Moar Act has come into effect so that means you need to please hurry up :pinkiehappy:

I love how this story is progressing, please keep up the good work!

So will we have a romance tag or will it stay friendshipping?

I need more of this!! Its too awesome!! :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:


*Checks the featured box - sees this*
"Huh another HiE, something seems interesting - ahh wth, I'll read it now"
~15 minutes in~


Literally, this picture perfectly describes my reaction to glancing at your fic en-route to my favorites list. This is a gem, a very unique take on HiE, I cannot WAIT to see more of it! Congrats on getting featured BTW.

I will withhold a rating for now - I want to see how this develops.

This is fucking brilliant. Can't wait for more!

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