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Everyone has their circle of friends in college. Mine is relatively small. There's me, Noah, an Astronomy major. There's Klaus, a griffon, and a Game Design major. There's Maud, an earth pony, and a Geology major...

and then there's Nightshade.

She's a transfer student from Equestria, and the most recent member of our circle. Klaus, Maud and I have known her for three months, and she's adjusted nicely to life in Florida. We all consider her to be a close friend, and she seems to feel the same way about us.

But as much as we'd all like to think that we know everything about our best friends, sometimes that isn't the case.

This is an HiE/Anthro story where humans and ponies have been in contact for fifteen years, and takes place after Season 3, but in an alternate timeline from Season 4. The story takes place on Earth, and because I know someone will ask: THIS IS NOT RELATED TO ANY OF MY PREVIOUS STORIES.

Cover Art: Me
Editor: danail24
Creative Consultant: Dewybmt

Featured on 7/12/14!

Chapters (20)
Comments ( 680 )

I am interested

And I know it is overused but you keep me awake at 11:30
Curse you:flutterrage:

Another good start to what will most likely be another great story. :twilightsmile:

On a side note, I clicked 'like' and it went up by two. :pinkiegasp: My powers are growing. :trollestia:

Please let this not be a one ahot

You might want to read the author's note.

Hmmmm! You published it already? Well I better get a reading! I'll be PMing you my thoughts and advice after I do. I offered assistance remember?:raritywink:

Even though I knew this was coming from your blogs, what a :twistnerd:

Yeah, I wanted to publish the first chapter so you could get a feel for what I was going for.

Good start so far. I can't wait to see where this goes. Like all your previous stories, a Like and Fave for ya. :twilightsmile:

(stutters)o-o-o-ooh sh**! that's insane!cant wait for more.and im hoping you spin something of of "My Overbearing Aunt".

I'm only one question, is Maud its here, does we are going to see Inkie and Binkie Pie as well as the well know Pinkie? Would she do appearance at some point?
Because she can't see reality as it is, would be start to ask if Noah its his colt friend and she is starting a herd?
How did Maud afford to get transfer to Earth?, that must had not be cheap. Do the Pies had a lot of money?

ah…and from all the places Moon can choose why she choose Florida?

Is this related to any of your previous stories? :ajsmug:

4347884 Read the edited version, and oh yes~. It's certainly MUCH better than the previous version. Excellent job with the added description and detail of Noah's shock and fear for Nightmare Moon's first appearance. Oh and nice touches of the more sensual parts of her body :raritywink: Bravo man, bravo. :moustache:

My initial reaction after reading the new chapter

I don't know how I feel about that ending. Noah was with her for about three months, so he must know about her personality and how she acts. If she WAS a monster, then she wouldn't have shown him her true form.

Needless to say, he overreacted.

Hmm...don't really have anything to say yet. Except that hopefully we'll see Pinkie at some point. Although I do wonder why Noah's freaking out as much as he is. I mean sure he knows about Nightmare Moon, but just stories. Other than her appearance, I doubt anything about her changed, and she trusted him enough to reveal herself. Seems he's overreacting just a tad.

Then again, heat of the moment and junk

this is relevant to my interests. Possibly because NM is best pony. Possibly because I am an actual IRL UF alum ( class of 06 Political Science and Economics)


"Don't panic." Nodon't worry I wont panic I'll just call the cops and scream your name.:facehoof::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

Why didn't I see that coming at the end?:rainbowhuh: Seriously she Nightmare Moon and the cover art is dead giveaway and I didn't even notice it.

Nice Work. Faving another story from you.:pinkiehappy:

Panic mode initiated! THREAT LEVEL: 4! CODE RED! CODE RED!

I have to get a new mouse now due to how hard I clicked that thumbs up.

Whoa :pinkiegasp: Good work, as usual. Can't wait for the next part

This is starting to get interesting for Noah.

"Your food, greatfully accepted. She will need it."
Prepare for a lack of sweets XD

According to your story, she is still gaining power, does that mean that at some point she will grow wings? because if she does and had enough power she could grant them temporal wings for all of them to have a day of flying in the night sky

Love the ending. I didn't see that coming. I wonder how this plays out.

Bless Noah's heart for offering Nightmare a place to stay. Now let's see how she'll follow up, and whether or not Noah made the right choice. Can't wait! :pinkiehappy:

You might want to re-read her transformation scene from the last chapter.

WHUT? ALREADY? :derpyderp2: Well let me read it over for tips.

No matter what happens next it is bound to be good.

Hmm...I'll give this one a chance.

I like the plot so far, and am looking forward to various romantic/comedic moments.

Here, have a thumb and favorite :twilightsmile:

Comment posted by djponyfl deleted May 15th, 2014

and the second being that I don’t want do.

I think you mean to.

You had my curiosity now you have my attention. Please, continue.

Could use some more Maud.

The comet is more than a rock, it's a setup for a potentially romantic situation

Part of me wonders if Nightmare realize the effect she may be having on Noah, which would make things interesting either way.

I am very okay with this. Keep 'em coming!

Hah! It'd be funny if Noah decided to call Nightshade "Moony" when they're alone. She'd like feel very embarassed and frustrated by the pet name!:rainbowlaugh:

Ten Bits says Noah accidentally calls Nightshade by the wrong name in front of their friends before the week is out. :ajsmug:

And when that happens, Maud's reaction. :raritystarry: Sweet Celestia, the epicness. :rainbowkiss:

The microwave started to beep, and I opened the door to let the noodles cool off as I carefully removed them from their hot confines.

Woah woah woah. Who the hell microwaves RAMEN NOODLES!?

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