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little big pony

Remember kids, eat your veggies, go to school, and murder all your enemies.... I murder all my enemies....


He's the traveler, the outlaw, the blue-eyed bad man, the restless wanderer who leaves nothing but woe in his wake. He is a man that has laid low entire cities in a single night.

And he has business in Equestria.

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You forgot the gore and dark tags...

Freaking hilarious.

Where'd you come up with the title?

This is just amazing

6970078 you apparently did not read the announcement a while back, Imgur does not like us posting links to photos on there site

Maybe you should not get sleep more if it results in gems like these

there most be a grup for clint eastwood in equestria :P

Yeeeees, the churning sounds of canon violence please me greatly.

I can SO see Mr Eastwood doing something like this, with in keeping with the show.

That, was absolutely brilliantly brutal.

Brushie Brushie.

Soon openeing, The Bugbear Beauty Saloon. :trollestia:

this is freakin hilarious. when i realised who the human was supposed to be i thought he would be all guns and killing but...a boop, tickling...and brushie brushie :rainbowderp: mind totaly blown :pinkiegasp:, then i started laughing cuse it was just to cute. have yourself a like and a fav :pinkiehappy:

two ponies had been thrown out (physically of course)

As opposed to...?

"Welcome to the Saltlick Spittoon, how tough are ya?"

You forgot about the OTHER devastating move; The Ear Scratch!!!

hi hi

That was incredible. I had a smile on my face pretty much the whole time. Though, you went and woke up my cat because of all the laughing and giggling. :twilightsmile:

I have never been high enough to come up with a concept like this.


This is the GOOD kind of madness. :pinkiecrazy:

6969919 I nearly threw up from the graphic tickling.

Why were they riding one of the most dangerous creatures of the Everfree?

This is my one complaint. Come on, guys. Remember how much of a sweetheart that manticore was after his splinter was removed? The worst a manticore would do to you is knock your stuff off the counter with his tail.

Also, the part where they threw pies at the manticore reminded me of the Spongebob episode where Patrick is arrested for the crime of throwing a peanut at a clam, which Spongebob did. Then they throw peanuts at him and he's trying to catch them with his mouth. I can't find the clip, help?

(My own personal addon.) This stranger had a glint in his eye. A glint, of a duel won. A glint, of a noble man. A glint, of the past. This stranger's name, however? "Mister, what's yer name?" The stranger looked at the small colt. "My name, little pony?" As he told the colt his name, the ponies were in awe. His name.... IS JOHN CENA. DUN DUHDUH DUUUUN. Update: 5 dislikes? Really? Update 2: Wow, fifteen dislikes. :pinkiesad2:

Love and Powerlifting?

is that you?


Well, at least he didn't use ...the pretty ribbons.

6972634 metaphysically.

6973826 Thanks, but PATRICK was getting assaulted(not a pun) by peanuts as punishment for throwing the peanut. This works too, but the Manticore was much calmer than that.

Does he boop full-grown gryphons, dragons, and minotaurs if enough money is offered?

Only Mr Eastwood can make tail mane and fur brushing as well as booping and pie throwing look scary and awsome.

6974334 I'm pretty sure those are banned by the Geneva convention

Listening to the Red Dead Redemption soundtrack while reading this made it all the more epic.

This was wonderful, good job little big pony.

6975055 It'll cost you A Fistful of Dollars.

I usually don't say this but... this might make an interesting series.

And this one became my 500 fave fic in muy library.

You see, on this website there's two kinds of fics, my friend. Those with deep morals, two million words and a plethora of well-developed characters, and those that are funny.

This one's funny.

Jesus fucking christ I butchered that quote

6970350 Google "The man with no name", that'll solve your issue.

Bed maker instead of undertaker... I like it.

Story was funny, and I could picture the entire thing playing out. Well done.

6977130 Hell yeah. Give him the capital, and he'll boop The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly.

Before you prepare for a journey of revenge, be prepared to make two beds.

6976121 All we need is A Few Ponies More.

So when are the sequels, "A Hoofful of Bits" and "3:10 To The Crystal Empire", going to be released?

Comment posted by The Lone Doctor deleted Feb 27th, 2016

That was far too savage for my innocent eyes! :fluttershbad:

The booping...and the brushing...


There is the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly. And this was beautiful.

Im hoping that you dont intend to bring Randall Flagg to Equestria.

Ponies + Clint Eastwood + boops = one hell of a fic.

I approve.

Such Violence. The brutality. The boops, those brutal boops.
The Booped, The Brushed and The Tickled.

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