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Remember kids, eat your veggies, go to school, and murder all your enemies.... I murder all my enemies....


Sometimes, there are states of emotion that can overwhelm even the mightiest of creatures; or so they say. Queen Chrysalis had never taken stock in such tales, nor the creatures that told them. Until today that is.

Artist is hotkinkyshy

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...she REALLY shouldn’t visit Earth then... who KNOWS what she’d see at Bronycon alone!

i have no words for this, but i do have a song for this

Couldn't happen to a nicer bug.

Hooray for being a pervert! Now who else wants to tie up Chryssy?

PLEASE! We need more of this! This is amazing and funny as hell! :rainbowlaugh::rainbowwild:

Humans thought processes upon discovering a new species:
1. Is this a threat?
2. Is this a friend?
3. Can I f*** it?

that was great

Skipped #4: Can I eat it?

Then again that would be abit dark for something a fluffy as this story/chapter

My thought process:
1: Is it trying to kill me?
2: How should I kill it?
3: Can I eat it?
4: Can I use it as a target?
"Can I f*** it?" is 58th.

Dangit, your right. Can't believe I forgot.

Well, at least he's able to keep his... urges internal, considering the fact that Chrysalis seems to be the only one who's noticed.
So... good for him?

This story is worth its weight in gold. And by weight, I mean an amount of solid gold bits equal to the length of its binary representation. So in other words, a dragon hoard. It's that good.

[Lewding Intensifies]

Hah, that's the same vector I used.

Honestly this to be even hilarious as a long-running story I like the premise and it’s a different idea of human in a equestria

poor succubus horse couldn't handle us humans.

Honestly more tame than I expected. There wasn't any hoof-holding, after all.

And then Alondro takes Chrysalis to a furry convention...

...she REALLY shouldn’t visit Earth then... who KNOWS what she’d see at Bronycon alone!

Take Chrysalis to the mirror portal, open it, then watch her head -- or possibly something a little further south of her head -- explode.

Humans thought processes upon discovering a new species:
1. Is this a threat?
2. Is this a friend?
3. Can I f*** it?

I don't know if it applies to all humans, but it certainly applies to James T. Kirk.

I loved this story. Comedy gold all around.

Alondro #21 · Sep 4th, 2018 · · 3 ·

“Yes you!” Chrysalis said, stomping a hoof into the dirt. “Where do you get off—”

"Everywhere I can, bug babe," Alondro replied waggling his eyebrows. "Sayyyyy... can you actually do vore?"

The images... the VIDEOS... which flashed into Chrysalis' mind finally broke her and she collapsed into a limp pile of limbs while seizures wracked her body.

"Huh, I think my perversion killed her. I'M A HERO!!" Alondro grinned triumphantly. "THIS DESERVES HERO FAWNING!!"

The ponies suddenly began to believe Chrysalis was on to something... :unsuresweetie:

Alondro #22 · Sep 4th, 2018 · · 2 ·

9149927 This applies to lions, chimpanzees, and dolphins too... though lions tend to add 'can I eat it' between 1 and 2. If they get to #3, they're probably already rutting it.

Chimps and dolphins will sometimes screw and eat something... :fluttershbad:

Mother Nature is one messed up crackwhore who abuses her children 24/7. Those hippies are morons who know nothing.

That is hilarious. And also uncomfortable. And also brilliant.

A pile of miserable secrets.

*insert rule 34 joke here*

Wow, I hit like and three others appeared!!

this is internet gold


A relevant example of Question 3, perhaps. :raritywink:

I tested to see what would happen if I REMOVED my like, and four more appeared for me! :rainbowlaugh:


I put it back afterwards, of course! :rainbowdetermined2:

Okay, I gotta say that I want much more of this. Just to see her and maybe other changling reactions to him. This seems like such an awesome concept for comedy writing. Wouldn't also mind seeing what the ponies reactons would be if chrissy would tell them all.

Chryssie has no idea what she's toying with. Sadly, now I'm being told that most of the things I want to do to Chryssie she doesn't like. Why live? :raritydespair:

Priceless! Need a sequel for this brilliant story!

Little big pony is not giving enough HOT MONKEY SALAMI to mai waifu chrysalis.:fluttershysad:
Pls moar.

I wish I could disagree with this. But I can't. Humanity: Furthering inter-species relations.....through inter-species relations.

This was pure gold. The human whipping Chrysalis into submission purely through his knee-jerk reaction mental images. Sounded like she got a few ideas she didn't know she'd ever want from it, too. Which scared the bajeebus right out of her.


Down the street, Chrysalis let out a scream.

Motherfucker if you tell me that this wasn't a cameo of him I will murder you.

proving once again, that chrysalis has no chance against a brony, if it comes down to it


This was simply awsome :rainbowlaugh:

assuming this is a mistake

“By the swarm, kill it Sparkle! Kill it, for all that is holy and scared on this earth!”

Nice story btw. Made me laugh.

Loods save the day again.

Heh, just saw this on RGRE a bit ago.

Rather, we need a hundred chapter epic saga of Chryssie suffering the lewds... :scootangel:

Nah, she'd cave before the third chapter. Too much lewdness for a single changebug :trollestia:

I do agree this needs a sequel in an episodic format where the human shows equestria the wonders of lewdness, one pony at a time :ajsmug:


I suspect this is how every HiE really goes...

Summary of this story:
"What is a man? A miserable pile of lewd thoughts. But enough talk, have at you!"

It would become old if each chapter is the same. No. We need real sequel, with character development, and how Chryssi learns - first to endure the tsunami of lewdness, and then, maybe, to enjoy it. Also, some agressive friendship would be good, and maybe romance between her and someone (human, one of mane6, or other character) would be nice too. If romance would be not with human, occasional flying thought-lewds would ruin some moments... and enhance other moments =)

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