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Just a new writer who stumbled upon a show about Pastel magic ponies and thought "What if these ponies could summon giant monsters and fight each other?" And here I am now


Changes to schedule · 4:05pm July 13th

Hey, guys, it’s me and while my writer's block is gone, I am sad to say that the ultimate progress slower of them all has hit me. REAL LIFE!!! Yep, I got a job that makes me wake up at 4:00 am three days a week, so needless to say chapters may come out once every three weeks to a month now. But fret not, for I shall still try to hit that once every two-week quota, but realistically it will be probably once every three weeks. That should be all. hopefully, the next chapter will come out next

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No problem. I’m always favorite stories I like.

Thanks for the fave.

thanks for the fav of my series. :rainbowkiss:

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