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Horny Headcanons · 3:50am June 14th

Unicorns are way more into anal than other kinds of ponies. If you think about it, magic makes it a lot more casual. Just a few simple spells to clean everything out and lube up and they're off. It saves all the prep you'd have to do otherwise. Earth ponies and pegasi (with the exception of Coco Pommel) probably think they're all butt obsessed freaks.

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How's that fic of Dash and her mom coming along?

Hey do you plan to do more for need a hand 2?

Can you make a facesitting story next please

Oh, hello there!
I see you have popped “Luna Switched” into your folder!
Luna thanks you for your appreciation by blowing you… a kiss!
All good things,
Duskhoof & Synesisbassist

Hmmm. You know what? I should.

Thanks for the follow, btw.

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