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Thiis is a group foor posting pee Stories. There will also be contests with varying rules going on for people who want to enter them. If I start the coontest there will sometimes be a character that has to be used. I do not judge people for what they're into as I have been bullied for liking pee. Anyone can start a discussion, There is not a waiting period for that.
Folder explanation:
the Male/Male folder is for pee clopfics with male characters.
The Female/Female folder is for pee clopfics with female characters.
The Male/Female folder is for pee clopfics with male and female characters.
The Chapter folder is for longer stories. This is so people who want shorter stories can go to a different folder.
The Forced folder is where the forced pee stories will go. This is so people can avoid them if they want.
Even if you are only sort of into pee join here.

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You know what? I can't do this anymore. Evidently I jumped in too late, because no one else seems interested. I heard people requesting Rainbow Dash or Rarity pee stories, and when I consider writing one to answer their prayers, I don't get a reaction, so either everyone in this club either left the fandom, or think the ponies are too cute, and honestly, I do too. I'll still enjoy pee stories about fictional humans or humanoids, but I'm out of here.

Or, maybe I'll just do a story about Rainbow Dash and Rarity, if only to satisfy those who want to see them peeing themselves, since no one else seems to have bothered to write one unless it has them wearing diapers.
It can be a short story that doesn't have to stand out, because I'm still chickening out with the Pinkie Pie one I had planned and can't bring myself to write one about Fluttershy.
If I decide to do this, how would I feature it in a group like this one? I've never written a single story before

412091 I think what happened is I saw a really adorable picture of Fluttershy, and something snapped, I suddenly felt bad about wanting to see her wet herself. For the first time since I discovered there are others like me, I'm feeling insecure about having this fetish. Can someone give me some honest reassurance that there is nothing wrong or perverted about liking - or writing - these stories?
And if I get the confidence to write a story, would you all be against a Fluttershy one, or should I leave her out of it (seeing as how the two big pee stories on here didn't have her wet herself and some people here were relieved that she didn't).

I almost want to write a story myself (I do have a few scenarios in mind) but I keep chickening out because I'm afraid of receiving comments from people who hate this kind of thing
Also I used to be really hardcore into this (especially wanting to see one for Rainbow Dash that meets my specific standards, which does not yet seem to be written) but suddenly I'm not so sure anymore, I don't even know why

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Me too and also I have a story, but it has Foalcon in it... does anypony else mind? It's in Male / Male if your interested.

I really want to see more stories added!

When will you add more stories?

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