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A girl so bad at writing she took to learning how to write at University. How'm I doing so far? Yeah, I know-- I'm working on it, I promise.



'My Daddy told me to write this story you know?...My Daddy's great.'

Many years after Discord was defeated we look back into what his life was like growing up through his own eyes, how he came to be such a monster, and how he saw the world right from the begining.

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A big thanks to Enderstorm for doing the new amazing artwork for Diddy. Cute isn't he?

Just to say that Diddy means small. It seemed to be a word some people didn't understand but that's what it means.
A big Thankyou to Tricondon who thus far has pre-read every one of the diary entries

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792434 It means small or tiny. Am I the only one who knows this word? :derpyderp2:

792440 I've changed the Description a bit to show what Diddy means. I think you got it right though

:pinkiegasp: That. Picture. Is. ADORABLE.

792476 I know, I love the picture too. I thought it was cute

792442 Nah, I was just curious... I knew what the word meant, I was just making sure it wasn't a spelling error.

And the picture fits the story.

792482 Who did that picture, and where can I find the original size?

792499 Nope his name's Diddy. I'm assuming you thought it was Daddy Discord or something? It's a play on it

792511 Hmmm..

*continues to read*

*looks at author's OC*


792522 What about my OC? You mean DreamWings?

This is really interesting so far. I'd love to see more. I especially love how you wrote it in a childish manner that reflects his age, but it doesn't seem overly done.

792770 There will be more. This isn't like my one-shots; this will continue. And thanks for noticing the child-like writing. I hoped it would come across :pinkiehappy:

:pinkiegasp: This story is so Cute!!!! :yay: for you! I'm definitely following this :twilightsmile:

792816 Thanks. I have plans for this story. And I'm actually begining to really love Discord as I write this :pinkiehappy:


This story is so damn cute that my black, soulless heart can't take it! Anyways good fic and I'm eagerly awaiting the next chapter. Have a mustache Spike for your awesomeness. :moustache:

Great story, really like the style of it! If I got angry with Nocturn, it means it is a really great read :yay:

Wow... Nocturn's a real jerk, huh?

Anyway, I really liked this chapter. It's nice to know Discord had at least one good parent. But there's one question that's been bothering me-

How did two ponies make a draconequus?

798517 I'll explain in a later chapter. He's too young to know that sort of stuff yet :rainbowwild:

Just thought I'd better give a shout out to BronyMaster. He's the one who came up with the name Nocturn that I used. I just really liked the name for the character :twilightblush:

Is that a dramatic hint at how Discord's hopes will be crushed when he meets Celestia? Because if it is, you just almost slipped something under the radar.

Anyway, the quality of these (and I'm not referring to the writing quality, especially considering it gets better as he gets older) has really gone up. Truly, you are a master of puppets, because I'm dangling in your grasp, waiting for the next update.

Awww, this story is so precious! :heart:

Too bad I can't use my other thumb to upvote this. Maybe I'll just borrow one from somepony else *procures a knife :pinkiecrazy:* Anypony interested in helping?

I get the impression that this story is going to take a very dark twist very quickly. It's already quite sad, but the childish nature in which it is written keeps it light hearted enough to not be too soul cruhing.
I am seriously looking forward to this story continuing. Keep up the good work! :pinkiehappy::twilightsmile::raritywink::heart:

I'm really looking forward to more of this, it's so adorable and a really engaging read :pinkiehappy:

I've read this chapter, and like me, I just like to point out mistakes. I can't stand not doing so. :derpytongue2: I'm a grammar Nazi, and that's why.

1. Daddy gave this to me this morning as a suprise gift...he said it would help my...erm...self-steam...
"Self-steam" is actually "Self esteem" as in emotions like depression. If you are talking about anger, you are correct.

2. When Mummy's not around. We play games like Hopscotch and Catch together and he lets me win.
I think it sounds better if the sentence is "When Mummy isn't around, we play games like Hopscotch and Catch. Daddy usually lets me win."

3. The only time's I'm ever upset with Daddy is when he leaves.
One of my pet peeves is in effect in this sentence. Time's. "Time's" is possessive, while "Times" is plural. Remember that rule.

4. Everypony will look up to me because I'll be a grown up and not just a little foal (well sort of).
Discord is a Draconequus. Of course he didn't know what that word was, or probably how to pronounce it at his young age.

Awesome chapter. Period. We'd like more. :raritywink:

826035 You spotted the mistakes because they were put there on purpose I'm afraid. I wrote it that way to show his youth...he's supposed to get better through the chapters.

The self-steam thing was meaning self-esteem but it was a joke that he thought his father said self-steam and not the real word, and phsycologically it means a person's overall appraisal and evaluation of his or her's own worth. The Draconequus thing is because his parents are both ponies and so he counts himself as being one of them too. Thanks for the Times thing though, I can change that easily.

And thanks for reading :pinkiehappy: There's nothing wrong with liking good grammar, I do too

826060 Well, I guess I sorta ignored that thought about the youth part. :applejackunsure: I just can't ignore the grammar.

826156 Don't worry about it. Grammar's one of my pet peeves most of the time...it's just with this that I had to ignore some of it. Thankfully I just pretend to be Diddy so it isn't so painful :fluttershyouch: Thanks for the favourite by the way, really appreciate it, and the comments, I like to get comments :pinkiehappy:

826169 Yeah.

You can write extremely well-made sentences;

Wor hwollibwle wewkin sainteeensees. :pinkiehappy:

Big Difference. BIG.

826198 Which one am I, I wonder. Probably depends how I feel that day :rainbowderp:


Sure does when you got dat feelin' tat ya got that twaaaang.

Or Are Very Strict By Capitalizing Every Word In A Sentence Which Is Another One Of My Pet Peeves.

I have recently discovered how to do pictures on here...and thought this picture was a good representation of Diddy and Crystal Crown's relationship:


Wee, another entry!

That lullaby is spot on! I wonder what Diddy did to them bullies :trixieshiftright:

839864 I can't stop watching tiny Twilight, so hypnotizing. Thanks for the comment :twilightsmile:

If only we got to see what Discord did. That would have been interesting.
Also, about how old would you say Discord is right now?

840308 I imagine him about 7 in human years. Maybe 8.

Awwwww! Now this just made me fluttercry!:ajsleepy::fluttershysad::fluttershysad::ajsleepy::raritydespair::fluttercry:

Dude, why do you have to make me cry so early in the morning? :fluttercry::fluttercry::fluttercry:

heart, shattered. I'm no more than the mere shell of a man now, this chapter has sapped every drop of good feeling from my body. How did a chapter with less that 1000 words make me this upset?:fluttershbad::fluttercry::fluttershysad::raritydespair::raritycry::applecry:24.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m65kxtGLb11qjgk69o1_250.gif media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m6459sxhFI1r2zpvp.gif media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m657ifb83M1r6r7t1.gif media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lgd7x8H7Vi1qf6y79.gif media.animevice.com/uploads/2/29732/525098-elfen_lied_lucy_crying_by_blaze_1_2.gif


857210 Aw don't cry...everything will be all right. Or will it? I believe this is 'insert evil laugh here' time...:rainbowwild:854444


To quote (freestyle) a certain AI:
"You are a horrible person. It says so here in your file. A horrible person. Strange. We weren't even testing for that."

I demand Nocturn develop taste buds in his flank. I'm boycotting the story until that happens :twilightangry2: Will have to read further chapters to make sure you complied.

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