• Published 22nd Jun 2012
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The Diary of Diddy Discord - DreamWings

Self explanitory really. It's a young Discord's Diary. 'Daddy asked him to write it.'

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I spy entry four

Dear Diary,

It's really unfair, Nocturn got his cutie Mark a few days ago....it's a really good one and everything. It's not like I'm not happy for him or anything, it's just that every time I look at my flank it's as blank as a new born foals behind. It makes me seem like I'm just a baby, when I'm not...and I'm not a Mommy's colt either.

His cutie mark is really flashy and cool, just like Nocturn is. I don't know what his talent is meant to be though; his cutie mark is like a sword with flashes and stuff coming out of it...He says that it came onto his flank without him even noticing, whilst he was on a trip with his Dad at the armory museum (though I don't know what his cutie mark has to do with arms. Arms are on monkey's and things, and monkeys could never be smart enough to hold a sword). I have no idea what his talent is at all...but Nocturn's still really proud of it. He's been showing it off at school ever since Monday.

Crystal Crown's been doing nothing but following us ever since he got it; I think that she's stalking us or something. She's not got her cutie mark yet either, although one time she came into school with a picture of a bag of money on her flank. It turned out she'd just drawn it on her backside with some magical crayons that belonged to her Mom...and even after we all found out, the crayons wouldn't come off for weeks. Crystal is so stupid sometimes, I don't know what Nocturn sees in her...

You know, Nocturn told me that he wasn't called Nocturn any more. He said that now he had his cutie mark he wanted to have a cooler name that more suited what his talent was. He's making me call him 'Nox'. I don't like that name, he was cool enough when he was called Nocturn, but I had to promise to call him that because I'm his best friend, and best friends always do what their best friends ask, don't they?

Anyway, I'm in trouble at the minute at school. I don't know why, I don't think I even did anything wrong, and even if I did it wasn't done on purpose. I was sitting by myself on the jungle-gym at playtime; Nocturn had gone to the armory that afternoon with his Dad, so I was all alone. Some of the other foals decided that I'd be a good target for spitball practice...I tried to stay as calm as possible when the hard paper pellets started to whack me in the side. In fact I did that counting thing that my Mom does whenever she seems angry with my Daddy...Whenever I went up a number a paper ball hit me in a new place....

1- I was hit on my side.

2- My paw got hit.

3- A hit on my claw.

4- My left wing got a big splattering.

5- My foot felt sticky and wet.

6- The right wing was all goopy after a big wad hit it.

7- I flinched as a sticky pellet went inside my ear.

8- Pacemaker got me on my horn and the paper stuck to it.

9- My other horn got a covering.

10- It was the final straw....they hit me right in the eye....

....I don't really remember what happened after that...I blanked out for a second and when I woke up all of the foals were hugging inside the trash can...it was so funny; I couldn't help but start giggling.

If Miss Lolli hadn't been on playground duty then I don't think I would have got into any trouble. She saw me laughing and dragged me by the ear to the Head's office. I thought I was going to have to clean the classroom again. No such luck Diary. You know what they did? They sent a message to my Mommy at work...She had to come and talk to them about my behaviour. Mommy was not happy...

My bottom still hurts from where she slapped me...it's really red too. I can't even sit down without crying out in agony. Daddy wasn't even here to comfort me or to stop her...he's been away for two weeks already and he still won't be back until Tuesday. I miss Daddy... He usually comes into my room and spends time with me when something bad's happened. He usually sings me his special lullaby so that I can fall asleep happy. He's not here to sing it now; I guess I'll have to sing it to myself. I know, I'll write it down in here; that way if Daddy's not here I can just look in this Diary to remind me of it. Here it goes:

Diddy's Lullaby by Daddy

My Little Colt, Poor Little Boy
Who lost his faith in all that joy brings.
Come on and smile, my little one;
Experience a life full of laughter and fun.

See the dark clouds fade away,
Instead the pink clouds drizzle chocolate rain.
You open your mouth wide
Let the happiness inside
And join in the chaos parade.

Everypony will wave and adore you;
They'll be happiest when they're near you.
Night will become day
Or maybe the other way around.
It will all be your own choice, you have your own voice,
Make this World yours and mine.

That will be the day
The nightmares run away.
No pain, no tears,
Just you and me facing fears.
We'd stay strong together
As we get our happily chaotic ever after.

I feel sleepy now...Goodnight Diary...

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