• Published 22nd Jun 2012
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The Diary of Diddy Discord - DreamWings

Self explanitory really. It's a young Discord's Diary. 'Daddy asked him to write it.'

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Look Daddy, I wrote entry 2

Dear Diary,

You'll never guess what happened today...Well, go on and guess then...Oh, right, you can't. Well I'll tell you anyway. I went to school. Not a fake school like the one's Daddy always makes for me in the sitting room, but a real one. With other foals and everything.

It's called StrongHold School, and you know what, it's the first school in the whole wide Equestria that all different types of ponies learn in. There's unicorns, and earth ponies, and pegasus's...That doesn't look right: Pegasus's, Pegasusis, Pegasisis...Oh well it doesn't matter, now I'm going to school I'll soon be able to spell any word I want, just like a grown up can. I can already spell enough words to write this diary though can't I? Mommy taught me how to spell. She may not play with me but she likes to bore me with lessons and serious stuff like that...That's another good thing about school, Mommy can't get me there.

Mommy didn't want me to go to school; I know she didn't. I heard her argue with Daddy a few nights ago about it; I should have been asleep but I like to watch the outside when it's night time. Daddy says that every star is a symbol of a special pony that's been born, and everytime that special pony does something really special their star gets brighter. My star's up there, right next to the big white circle. It's not got brighter yet but it will one day; when I'm a Daddy it will shine brighter than all of the stars in the night sky. I check on my star every night though, just in case it is shining more than usual. That's why I was awake when Mommy and Daddy were arguing.

It took a long time (and some big fancy words I can't spell) but Daddy won the fight. Daddy always wins every fight. Mommy loves him so much that she'll change her thoughts to fit his quite quickly, that is if my Daddy fights hard enough. I was signed up to school the day after. And then, like I said, I actually went today.

Mommy had to take me though; Daddy had gone away on another mission. He didn't even tell me he was leaving this time, and he didn't say goodbye either. I heard him leave last night when I was looking at my star again. He said goodbye to Mommy but he didn't come and say goodbye to me...I don't like it when he doesn't say goodbye, even if he did think I was asleep.

The gates on the school were really big and shiny. I think they were made of gold, though Mommy growled at me and said I was stupid for thinking that. I still think they're made of gold though, no matter what she says. The school house was big to; even bigger than the (golden) gates...I think you could fit about a gazillion herds of Buffalo into there, though Mommy just told me I was stupid again when I said it. I hoped she would go when we got there but she took me to the room I was staying in. I don't know why she did, she never would usually do that. Daddy must have made her promise to do it (she never breaks a promise that she promises to Daddy).

I was glad when she left. All of the foals stared at me when I walked in with my Mommy; they thought I was a big baby thanks to her. That must have been the reason that hardly any of them came near me during class or playtime; they thought I was a Mommy's colt. Well, I'm going to show them that I'm no Mommy's colt, just you wait and see. I've got a plan. A big colts plan.

Well, it's not my plan really. It was all Nocturn's idea. He's my best friend that I made today; he's really cool and brave. You know in fairy tales there's always a pretty Prince? Well that would be Nocturn if he was in a fairy tale. He's the best looking pony in the whole school, no, in the whole of Equestria, no, in the whole of the Universe. And he chose to be best friends with me...He thinks I'm cool too.

I didn't think Nocturn would like me that much, let alone think I'm cool. He's the most popular foal in the whole of the school, no, the whole of the...oh wait I've already written this...erm...well you get what I mean. I think the fillies love his velvet mane the most; it's done up really nice like. Unlike my mane which is only tiny and sticks up no matter what Mummy does to try and make it look nicer...it hurts when she tries to make it look nice.

Daddy says he really likes my mane. He calls me 'Spikes' sometimes and gels his mane up like mine so we can have the same mane type. He looks funny with a spiky mane...my spikes just look like a little tuft on the top of my head. I don't mind really, Daddy just says it looks dis...dis...distinquisher...or I think that's what he calls it. Daddy uses big words sometimes, that I don't understand. Mommy is worse though. Sometimes during when she argues with Daddy she uses angry big words that Daddy says I must never repeat to anypony, let alone to Mommy herself. He says that they're words that even grown-ups shouldn't use because they're mean and serious and they can hurt ponies feelings. Mommy needs to be told these rules, then she could grow-up like Daddy has.

Anyway, I was talking about my cool, brave, best friend Nocturn. Well, Nocturn has a plan for me to be able to fit in in school. It's a really cool, heroic plan that will give us 'street cred' (whatever that means). We did the first part of it today. You want to know what we did Diary? Well, I'm going to write it anyway....We put berries, the really juicy kind, on all of the seats in the classrooms, and when everypony sat down KERSPLAT. They had juice dripping down their legs and they were all crying for their Mommies, it was so funny. They couldn't call me a Muommy's colt now. They were the one's crying for their Mommies not me...hahaha... Of course me and Nocturn didn't put berries on our own chair's, that would have just been silly. Nocturn put some on the teacher's though. Miss Lolli wasn't very happy about her, now, berried bottom.

She came after us, really angrily. Since we were the only one's who didn't have juice running down our ankles, she knew it was one or both of us. Nocturn didn't even blink when she came over to us. Even when she was yelling, he didn't say anything. He did pass me something behind my back though. I took it; I thought it was some kind of letter to me or something. I never got to find out. I pulled it to the front of me and Miss Lolli snatched it out of my hand. She turned around, looked at whatever it was; the next thing I knew she pulled me out of my seat and to the room that the Headteacher lived in.
I don't know why they call him a head. He had hooves, a body and a tail just like my Daddy did.

I didn't hear most of what she said because she sat me down outside his room while they talked. She talked just as loudly as my Mommy did when she was using the angry words. She used a lot of big words like Mommy too. That reminds me, I'll have to ask Daddy what 'discorded' means. She said something about me being a 'discorded colt' I think.

I got punished for that plan of Nocturn's. I have to clean all of the classroom in playtime tomorrow...Nocturn says he'll snatch a juice box for me while Miss Lolli's not looking. I was glad about that, I didn't want to miss out on juice like Miss Lolli said I had to.

Mommy's not happy about what I did at school...but Mommy gets angry at everything I do; so I don't think it really mattered what I'd done. Nocturn's got a new idea for what we can do in a couple of days, after my punishment is finished. I can't wait to find out what it is.....I wonder when Daddy will be home...he promised to be here for my first night back after school...Where is he?

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