• Published 22nd Jun 2012
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The Diary of Diddy Discord - DreamWings

Self explanitory really. It's a young Discord's Diary. 'Daddy asked him to write it.'

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My First Diary Entry

Dear Diary,

Erm...I don't know what I'm supposed to write.... Daddy gave this to me this morning as a surprise gift...he said it would help my...erm...self-steam... or at least that's what I think he said. Though why he wants me to steam I don't know.

My Daddy's the greatest pony in Equestria, he really is. It was him that actually gave me my name 'Diddy'. I was actually born 'Dandelion' because my Mommy said it sounded pretty and she wanted her little pony to sound as pretty as she looked.
Daddy said she had a massive shock when I was born. Not only wasn't I a girl, but I couldn't even be counted as a pony really, due to my mish-mash of different body parts. Mommy was so upset when I was born that Daddy said that she could still call me 'Dandelion' if it made her feel better. Mommy didn't know, but she so wanted a foal with that name that she went along with what my Daddy suggested.

It wasn't until I turned one that my nickname really kicked in. One day when Daddy took me out in my pram to the park I got really angry at a big toddler pony who was kicking sand in my face. I roared at him to make him leave me alone but he wouldn't leave, he was just a big bully (or so that's what Daddy says). Daddy ran over to get rid of the foal and started laughing at my mewing; he said I sounded just like a kitten who had got its tail trapped. That's why my name was changed to Diddy Lion because of that pathetic roaring I did. This then got shortened to Diddy and that's who I am now. Daddy always makes me laugh by calling me other names to. He's the best Dad in the whole world.

My Mommy's okay, I suppose. I don't get to see her much; she's always too busy to play with me. She works with the Lords and Ladies of Equestria to keep peace and run the land so that everything is in harmony. Mommy really likes harmony; she's dead serious about it. Daddy always jokes that she needs to get some more chaos into her life, then she would feel happier and less stressed. That's why Daddy says I'm his little Harmonious Chaos, I can be really nice and sweet when Mommy is around, and then when it's just me and him we go crazy. Daddy is the craziest pony I know, which is why I always wondered how Mommy put up with him. She doesn't like crazy ponies, yet she loves my Daddy. Everypony loves my Daddy. I love my Daddy. Have I already said that? Well, it's true...he's the best pony I know.

Not that I know many ponies as it is. Mommy doesn't like it when I leave the house, I think she's ashamed of what I look like, though she's never said it before. I told Daddy that's what I thought one day, but he promised that Mommy loved me very much indeed and would never be ashamed of me. My Daddy is a really bad liar, but he gave me some special berries he had found in the wood and it made me feel a lot better. Even if Mommy was ashamed of me, Daddy would never be.

He takes me out to the park still sometimes. When Mommy's not around. We play games like Hopscotch and Catch together and he lets me win. He pretends that he didn't let me, but he is much better at these games than me. He's teaching me how to play chess as well. I like chess, ecspecially when I get to have the white pieces. The white pieces are pretty, ecspecially the white knight, the horsie one. Horses always look better in white, at least that's what I think.

The only time's I'm ever upset with Daddy is when he leaves. Sometimes he has to go to Canterlot on a mission for the Leaders. That's what comes out of being a Highly Decorated Royal Guard. Though why he has to Decorate himself I don't know; he's not a Hearth's Warming Eve tree after all. Though knowing my Daddy he'd look great no matter what he was dressed up in.

I remember when he dressed up as Princess Platinum in the holidays. Well, he dressed as her after the holidays; he couldn't make it on the actual day, he was on some mission or other like usual....He looked so funny in the purple dress and silver tiara. I don't think he ever told Mommy that he borrowed her clothes, ha ha ha....I'm only kidding Diary, Mommy would never wear such a fun outfit. It wouldn't be harmonious enough for her.

I'm never going to be like Mommy, and I don't think she'd ever want me to be anyway. No, I know what I'm going to be when I grow up. I'm going to be a Daddy, and I'm going to be as good a Daddy as my Daddy is. I'm going to be exactly like him. I'm even going to be decorated like him. That's right, I'm going to be a guard pony just like him except I'm going to be even better. Everypony will look up to me because I'll be a grown up and not just a little foal (well sort of).

Erm...Mommy's calling me, Daddy must be home finally. He left this morning to do something for the unicorns. He never tells me what actually happens on these missions, but I'm going to find out one day; you see if I don't. Yes, when I'm grown up I'll protect this land just like my Daddy does and everypony will love me....Oh...Mommy's calling me again...I'd better go and see Daddy, I can't leave Mommy waiting or she'll get angry... I'll write some more soon.

...Wow, Daddy was wrong, I feel as if I've let off steam rather than gained it. Oh well, even perfect ponies aren't always right...

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