• Published 22nd Jun 2012
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The Diary of Diddy Discord - DreamWings

Self explanitory really. It's a young Discord's Diary. 'Daddy asked him to write it.'

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I wish entry 5 wasn't real

Dear Diary,

I don't want to write this down; if I write this down then I know that means it will stay true forever...and...if it stays true forever that means that what happened really happened...I don't want it to have happened. It's just so unfair.

It was all Nocturn's idea in the first place...but I went along with it...and...I shouldn't have gone along with it. I just really wanted to get my cutie mark and Nocturn said that if I did what he said then I could discover my true talent just like he had.

It took us a long time to plan what we were going to do...I shouldn't have helped in planning but I did...Eventually we decided that if we went to the top of the highest mountain just outside our village, 'Mount Bleak', and set off a whole bunch of fireworks and things then we could create a display that the whole village would love and admire. Nocturn said it would work and make the other ponies think that I'm the best in the whole of Equestria.

He came over really early in the morning so we could start to climb...I didn't tell Daddy that I was leaving. He was looking after me that day because Mommy had gone to a meeting for a couple of days....Maybe if I had told him what happened wouldn't have happened.

Me and Nocturn started to climb; me carrying all of the fireworks and Nocturn leading the way up the safest path he knew. Nocturn knew a lot of the paths because his Dad had taken him up this mountain many times...but he'd not expected that it was going to be so windy at this time in the morning. Snow was blowing into our eyes so heavily that at one point I actually thought I'd gone blind... Maybe if I had gone blind we would have been stuck where we where. Then we wouldn't have got to the top of the mountain and everything could still be what it used to be.

It turns out I wasn't blind, which meant that we carried on and eventually got to the top of the peak. Nocturn planted all of the fireworks and aimed them in the direction he wanted them to go. I thought back then that they were pointing in a weird direction....I wish I'd said something before we set them off...or should I say before I set them off. It was only an accident; I didn't mean to, but something scary happened. A spark flew out of my hands when I was rubbing them together...I was only trying to warm my hands up. I don't know what the spark was but it was really powerful. The fireworks set on fire and burst like explosive balloons. Nocturn froze in fear...I was terrified, but somepony had to be the one to pull Nocturn out of the firing range. Otherwise we'd have both ended up as fried foals.

I grabbed hold of Nocturn's neck and jumped off the side of the peak. I just about managed to grab onto a ledge and pull us up. That ledge saved our lives....if only he had been that lucky.

I didn't know that Daddy would wake up so early...if I had known I wouldn't have gone. But Daddy was scared when he found the note from Nocturn saying about our trip. Daddy went off up the side of Mount Bleak to try and find us both; to try and save us both...He...he....he went up the quickest route he knew....The quickest route isn't the safest route...

The...the...fireworks started a big avalanche that rushed down the mountainside...the snow was really close to pulling me and Nocturn down off the safety of our ledge...but Daddy...Daddy wasn't on a safe place. The snow swallowed him whole, like a big monster with frozen teeth...

I thought Daddy could survive anything, being a guard and all...but guards are still ponies...and nopony can live forever...I learned that the hard way...I just want Daddy back...I don't want him to be gone forever...He needs to be here with me, where he belongs...Daddy...

...Daddy...if you come home right now...I won't even mind that you pulled such a horrible joke on me; at least you'll be back....Please come back...I need you...I need you so much...

Nopony's coming.

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