• Published 22nd Jun 2012
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The Diary of Diddy Discord - DreamWings

Self explanitory really. It's a young Discord's Diary. 'Daddy asked him to write it.'

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Entry 3, I did it, yay

Dear Diary,

It's going to be great this week, you know why? Because Mommy's not going to be here. She's going away to do something or other with the leaders, which means I get to spend a whole week by myself with my Daddy. I bet he's got all sorts of fun things planned and everything: like chess, and catch, and jumping on pogo sticks, and rambling (I don't know what that is but it sounds fun), and he might even take me to the maze if I ask nice enough.

The maze is brilliant. It's massive, so massive that I think every pony in the whole of Equestria could fit into it. I told that to Daddy, he smiled and said it probably could. That's a good thing about Daddy, he always trusts me like I trust him. We went in the maze a few times when I was younger and I always got lost. One time, when I was really little, I lost Daddy in the maze and I started crying and refused to move 'til he found me. He did find me though; it didn't even take him very long. He's very good at finding lost ponies because he does it in his job. I practice finding lost ponies by making Daddy hide my toys around the house, and then I have to try and find all of them. I still haven't found Mr Wubs. Daddy gave me Mr Wubs when I was born, I love him with all my heart. Before I lost him, he used to like coming to the maze too.

I'm not scared when I go into the maze anymore, I know my way round it now. Daddy doesn't even have to come in with me anymore because I'm a big colt now; I can take care of myself. I like being in the maze....It makes me feel like I'm the only pony in the whole wide Equestria that matters. I don't have a Mommy, I don't have other foals staring at me all the time, and I don't have any pony to call me names. The only thing that is still living is me in the maze....and Daddy of course, he's living too.

Sometimes when I'm in the maze, when I get to the centre, I lie on my back and look at the blue skies and the yellow sun. The sun's a big star you know, Nocturn told me that, he learnt it from a book his Daddy was reading him....And if the sun was a star then that must mean that there was a very special pony out there, because the sun seems to get brighter every day. I want to meet that special pony, maybe they can give me tips on how I can make my star brighter.

Yes this week's going to be great....much better than last week was. Daddy was away on a mission for a whole week, so after school every day I had to go to work with Mommy for what seemed like forever. I didn't even get to see anypony when I was there. Mommy put me into a room and locked the door so I couldn't get out. Worse, there was no bathroom attached to the room that I could go to...and sometimes I really needed to go. That means that it was all Mommy's fault. The accident would have never happened if she'd let me go to the loo. I tried to tell Mommy this but it just made her even angrier. I can even remember all the words she said...or should I say spat at me because I ended up drenched by the end of it. I'm going to write down what she yelled so I have it to show Daddy later, she said:

'You are a horrible, dis-grace of a foal and further proof that discorded colts are an (big word I can't spell) and they should just (angry word Daddy says I shouldn't spell) off'

That word 'discorded' showed up again. Lots of ponies seem to call me that, even Nocturn calls me it because he says it sounds cooler than 'Diddy' or 'Dandelion'. I asked Daddy what it meant the day that Miss Lolli called me it and he wouldn't tell me what it meant, he just told me that whoever said it where all big liars who hadn't learned to grow up yet. All of the foals call me it at school, not just Nocturn, but they say it in a horrible hissing way. I miss the days when I used to be only called Diddy because that's who I was...and who I still am. Daddy still calls me Diddy; even Mommy does when Daddy's still in the room with us.

I like being called Diddy. I'm not so sure I like being called 'Discorded', it sounds mean and I'm not mean. I don't even like it when Nocturn calls me it and he's my best friend. Most of the time he's a brilliant best friend as well; he's funny and charming and handsome and awesome and cool. He's even got a fillyfriend, she's called 'Crystal Crown' and she's really pretty. She's also pretty mean most of the time; she made Teeter Totter and Wishee (yes, real names) cry the other day on purpose. Nocturn didn't care though, he really likes Crystal and is really happy when they're together. I'll never be that crazy over a filly or a mare; and I'd never be a coltfriend to any of them either....Yuck...

It's okay at the moment though Diary...we're not at school this week because the leaders are giving the schools a holiday while they go and have this special meet-up. That's why Daddy's looking after me all week; I can't wait. He might take me to the maze...oh..wait, I've already written about the maze...erm...well, I really like the maze. Nocturn's coming over one day as well...well he said he would, if he could get out without his Dad finding out. I don't know why Nocturn doesn't like his Dad very much, though no Dad could ever be as good as my Daddy. Anyway, Nocturn promised he'd come one day this week so we could work on our next plan together...

None of the other plan's have worked yet...They've all been really funny and brilliant but all that seems to happen is I end up at the Head's office. Nocturn went to see the Head once to admit that he was part of the plans as well but the Head didn't believe him...I didn't actually hear myself what they talked about, but I know Nocturn would have tried to help me, right? My hands are really sore after cleaning the classroom so many times; and I'm really thirsty from the amount of juice I've missed during playtime. A few times I've not even been allowed to have pudding at lunch...and one time when I was lined up for getting my dinner, the foal behind me poured his Tapioca over my head...He said he slipped but I still wasn't happy; I know for a fact that he didn't eat Tapioca because he didn't like it so why did he even have it in his hooves? This is all Mommy's fault; because of her everyone thinks I'm a Mommy's colt.

But I'm not going to be this week. I'm Daddy's colt this week; only Daddy's. And Daddy's going to be all mine too. It's going to be the best week ever...

My name's Diddy's Daddy and I want my little Harmonious Chaos to come and play with me.

Daddy's not allowed to write in my Diary. My Diary's for me to write in.

Well I guess I'd better stop writing in it then...and start tickling the little colt...

Daddy's a really good tickler. I have to go with him to make him stop tickling me.
He's so funny; he makes me laugh. I need to go now Diary but I'll be back soon...Me and Daddy are going to go have some fun....

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