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Um- HI! Oh, sorry... Hi? It's Stagequill! Your friendly neighborhood actress and writer, ready to perform at the drop of a hat (Or in Chrysalis' case, the explosion of a hat). Hello world!


Who is your favorite pony? · 9:20pm Jan 14th, 2014

Hello, followers!

I guess I should ask this question sooner or later, so I can know whether or not to block you*.

Who is your favorite pony?

Who is your favorite of the Mane Six?

Who is your favorite Cutie Mark Crusader?

Who is your favorite Princess?

Which type of pony is your favorite?

Answer me, dear followers.

P.S- If you don't have a favorite, if you love everypony, congratulations.

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I like writing and acting and singing and stuff. And stuff.

What a nondescriptive word. Stuff. "And, like, stuff. And stuff."

Anyway, hi! If you read my stories, feel free to comment your feelings. I mean how you felt about the story- Was it good, bad, or in between. If you want to share your feelings with me, that's fine. I'll have no clue what to say.

Oh! One last thing!


Enjoy what?

I dunno.

Best of my Work

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You haven't been around for awhile

Thanks for the follow:twilightsmile:

Thanks for the watch :yay:

949836 Ok! :pinkiehappy:

If you ever need help, you can come to me!

Its ok don't worry well be sure to read when I write it ok :pinkiehappy:

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