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The group of Equestria's greatest, or not so great, musicians. All who can play or know music can join.

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Octavia is a Cellist, Bass Player, Violinist, and on. She plays several different stringed instruments. After a few more years of experience, I can tell you all why.

Each instrument is like a bigger or smaller version of the other. Finger positions on instrument stay the same, though finger positions when played, are different, due to instrument size.

It's a macro-micro thing. If you can play a cello, you can easily learn to play a double bass, literally within minutes, and perfect it within days. Same for a violin. You learn to jsut gauge each fingering.

BTW, when you play a Double Bass, your fingers bleed.

Octavia plays the cello

The cello is smaller than the double bass, and played sitting don, while the double bass is played standing up. The cello plays higher notes than the double bass.

My main instrument is the guitar, but I can play a lot more (Bass, Drums, Harmonica, Piano, ...)

Yeah, I think i know music to a good degree ^^

Octavia plays the cello

and a double bass is more deeper, then the cello. It's bigger and produces lower sounds.

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Hi just wanted to pick your brains for a min whats your favorite song from the fandom ? (mine is below)

I actually play many instruments but I am mainly a pianist

I can play a song without looking at the music sheet. I only have to hear it first. (Don't know if that counts but that's for you to say)

Octavia plays the cello

The difference between the cello and the double bass is that the double bass is both larger and produces lower notes. While the cello is smaller then the double bass but bigger then violins and violas.

I'm a trombonist who's about to enter college.

I love all kinds of music really, but I've ben listening to a LOT of blues and Breaking Benjamin, lately.

Octavia plays a Cello, given the approximate height of about 4 feet, assumed dimensions etc. The displayed playing range/timbre is also more indicative of the cello.

The double bass is much larger than a cello, standing anywhere from 6 to 7 feet tall. It has 4 strings, usually pitched in E1, A1, D2, and G2, which are tuned in fourths. Serves as the bottom for an orchestra, along with the Tuba.

The Cello is more tenor-like in it's characteristics, being a size or two smaller than the double bass. It's strings are tuned in fifths. A3, D3, G2, and then C2. It gets melody lines often, and has a very rich, sentimental sound.

Jeeze...I have to check this more often. *Throws an M-150*


Soul. Lots of it. But I'm not the only one into music. I just fricken love soul.

Just none of these:

Nirvanna, slow soul music BS nirvanna, rock nirvanna, ok, we're just going to rule out nirvanna, and anything thats used to meditate, besides the good sounding music.

Recommended, now:

dubstep, electronic, remixes, heavy bass trips, acid trip songs (Pink floyd), etc stuff close to that.


That there is a very heavy dose of soul my friend.


I'm into rock/metal and I will have to go with princewhateverer being my favorite artist but as yet i dont have any favorite bands.

Just a example of the type of music I like

So what bands do you colts like and what are your favourite genres?

No others join?

I play the piano (classical, electric, and rock)
( doubt you knew you could play the piano electrically)

I like dark moody tones at times and at others I prefer happy jingles. It differs greatly ,I know.

Octavia plays cello.

A cello is a large bass string instrument that stands upright and is played from behind with a 'bow' and sounds like a very deep violin.

A double bass is essentially the same thing accept it is a lot larger and deeper.

Knowing a lot of bands doesn't mean you know music. It just means you are a fan of music and pay attention to who the players are.

Now, saying something like, I prefer something soulful, upbeat, and high, or something similar would be a better answer.

I do make some stuff but it sucks
I do know a lot of bands
the differences umm
A Double Bass is the largest of the string instruments and because of its size sounds the lowest notes - hence "bass"!
A cello - actually called a"Violoncello" is the next size up from the double bass, and is the third largest in the normal string instrument section of an orchestra (the others being the violin - top range of notes, then the viola - a bit bigger and sounds normally an octave lower).

I don't really have much good songs, so here is a good bit of a song done on some weird piano thing called a chipaphone (?)

My second song ever done that actually has worth. Enjoy it fellow musicians.

I am Muse Scratch. DJ PON-3's little brother. +I'm 10. :twilightsmile:
:yay: fuck yea.
Octavia plays the cello.
Cello - A four-stringed musical instrument of the violin family, pitched lower than the viola but higher than the double bass.


Can play music

knows music to a good degree

Does Octavia play cello or double bass?

With your answer of the question above, explain the difference between a cello and double bass.

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