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Guild Story Spotlight
April Spotlight: Fickle Winds by Toric - Story Link
Tags: [Romance] [adventure] [alt universe]
Primise- “Not all friends are made by choice. Some are found purely by accident in places you'd never think to look. After being tossed around by a storm, Rainbow Dash makes just such a friend in a town too small to be worth putting on the map. And she's not the only one meeting new ponies, either.
But even as daily life plays out, events set in motion centuries ago begin to unfold. Things that were lost and buried are stirring, things older than even the princesses. After all, when ponies came to Equestria, who knows what they left behind?
It all begins on a spring morning shortly after the Royal Wedding.”


Write a story starting with the sentence:

Rarity had never been a big fan of cheddar cheese, and today was no exception.
Enter your story into the proper genre in the contest folder. Try not to make it too long.

Due: February 15, 2014

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I,have the perfect idea for a story, I just don't have the skill to write it. The adverage life of a collage student trying to juggle classes and running a pub by his/her self. This idea may be used by anyone if they wish to.

Okay, anyone here who is over 21, I have an idea for a drinking game. For every positive review of Pinkie Pride take a sip and for every negative review of Pinkie Pride take a shot of liquor mixed with your favorite juice.

Can you post multiple contest submissions if you have different ideas for the prompt?

To all who join the guild i wish to say thank you and let me know if there is something to add in the group or whatnot...have a great day:rainbowkiss:

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