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Um- HI! Oh, sorry... Hi? It's Stagequill! Your friendly neighborhood actress and writer, ready to perform at the drop of a hat (Or in Chrysalis' case, the explosion of a hat). Hello world!


Discord talks about what it's like to be trapped in stone and what he wants to do when he escapes. Really, being trapped in one position for over a thousand years is far too boring for a God of Chaos.

Why did those pesky pony princesses have to decide I was 'evil'? I'm just a harmlessly crazy creature of Chaos. Nothing to worry about. As long as you like chocolate and pie.

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A Mistake

Colts and fillies follwoing a teacher


The only way it could improve is it's length. Of course you can't write that many words in one sitting though.

Really interesting, deserves a like.

3803591 Return review:

This was quite the story, what with it being well written and grammatically correct. I applaude you just for those aspects. Truly, it was very funny.

As the story transitioned, I felt as if Discord could have been characterized a bit more... discordantly... (Wow, Narwhal, did you really just say discordantly!?!)
It was, nonetheless, extremely enjoyable and hilarious. :pinkiesmile:

Good work.

Rating: 9/10

nice! love it! :heart::moustache:

I rather enjoy stories from Discord's perspective, especially in-the-rocks ones like this, as they often come with that faint tinge of surreal madness he'd very likely have, doubly so after being a statue for so long. After all, being a trapped in stone isn't fun at all. :pinkiecrazy:

Pretty cool story, and well-written to boot. The more I see of Discord, the more I like him.

I LOVED this. The inner monologue was hilarious; I could see him acting just like that if they had given him a little scene like this in the show.

As for the basics, structure was fine, grammar was good and typos are nonexistent. I'll be reading your pinkie story tomorrow. > w <

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