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Um- HI! Oh, sorry... Hi? It's Stagequill! Your friendly neighborhood actress and writer, ready to perform at the drop of a hat (Or in Chrysalis' case, the explosion of a hat). Hello world!


Will Smarty Pants be made? Will Twilight discover the secret before it's time? Will Shining Armor ever learn to pay the bassoon?

Will we ever know the answer to that last question?

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Pretty cute. I did kinda wonder where Smarty Pants came from, and this works as a nice little origin story. I still want to see little Twily and Smarty Pants go on Calvin and Hobbes style adventures, though.

3848179 Well, that's already on DeviantArt.

3848185 Ooh! I wanna link to that!

It is? I should've known.
*Checks DeviantArt*
Oh, um, that... uh.... Well, it's a bit more direct and less original than I expected. I was hoping for more "Twilight has adventures" and less "Twilight acts like Calvin." Oh well. Maybe I'll just write some myself.

Nice! I had my doubts when you first told me about this story, Stage, but you've really developed it into something else. Nice job.

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