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A rundown about my writing, sequels and other plans. · 11:11am Aug 13th, 2014

Regarding Pledging your Pie, I'm having problems writing on it. The story doesn't seem to want to go where I want it to go... The inspiration monkey has stopped tickling me, so to speak. So I will down prioritize it and write other stuff while I wait for the monkey to jump me again.

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2364109 Understandable, and heh, I wish more authors thought like that, the amount of great stories I've read, unfinished... :pinkiesad2:
Anyway, free time is the main killer I'd say for the stories, hopefully you get some of it sometime, and we will see that great burst of chapters :twilightsmile:

Well, two years ago I went from living with my parents, unemployed, to getting a job with lots of responsibility and moving out. My free time (as you can imagine) plummeted down to a fraction of what it used to be.
Also, I realized that I was really bad at finishing my fictions. So I decided not to publish anything until a story was complete. No more getting peoples hopes up when I'm not 100% sure of my ability to give them a satisfying ending.

If I manage to publish a story, the chapters should hit you like a tsunami. If not... you will never even know that it ever existed.

Hm, you're not dead, far from it, so I'm curious, what's up with your stories? You having a hiatus from writing?

So happy you enjoyed This Cruel and Random World! It's my favorite story and the one I've worked the most on so it means a lot to hear it's written well. Also, thanks for the favorite and watch! :pinkiehappy:

Thanks for Favoriting Drake's Empire. :moustache:

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