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Twilight Sparkle has led a good life. She's become a princess, been on lots of adventures, made a lot of friends, and read a lot of books. A pity the books don't love her nearly as much as Twilight loves them, or she might not have been killed by one. But it's alright, this skeleton fellow talking to her seems nice.

Twilight Sparkle has led a good life.

Her death may be even better.

At least she has books.

A crossover with the Discworld series.

Pre-read by RTStephens, The Albinocorn, and FanOfMostEverything

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That was delightful. Very nice job capturing the characters. :twilightsmile:

And now I'm remembering Christopher Lee...

Is it wrong the only way I know Discworld is from the Hogfather movie? So I'm reading Death with that voice. Love the story by the way.

Only Twilight would love being dead. If there was a library to read. And catagorise that is.

It's pretty fun, and I always like the crossover. The idea of Diskworld being the other side of Equestria makes a surprising amount of sense as such things go, though obviously both sides are actually the top at the same time with only the ocean disagreeing on the matter.

I would have like Twilight to get a bit more time to think things over, get pulled out of reading by friends passing, and so on. I guess that time is relative around Death will help her out there.

But yeah, def enjoyed this. The two series work well together. Nothing is ever going to convince me that Pinkie Pie isn't a relative of Binky.

This looks to be good. You've nailed Death's voice for sure.

Thank you for writing us this!

Doesn’t the Grim Squeaker get a look in?


This is excellent by the way. As a diehard fan of the Wordsmith, I’m sure he’d approve.

Also, I’m fairly certain Binkie and Princess Celestia are a thing, and so do other fans.
Come and See

Very well done, captured Pratchett's silliness very well, I hope there's more!

After the recent resurgence of shite weather, this was a very pleasant surprise. Much appreciated, sir.

I first truly knew the Discworld series through the Hogfather two parter. As such I myself use the voice Sir Ian Richardson as the voice of Death.

But since watching Hogfather I've now got a collection the books.

Fantastic. Absolutely fantastic.

Oh yes. Twilight Sparkle would totally do this. Well done.

Every single time i have read a story where twilight dies, she ends up in some great library and it is always amusing. This is no exception.

This reminded me of that scene from Conker's Bad Fur Day, where he meets the Grim Reaper. Both funny and deep at the same time.:trollestia:


While that was great, there's one thing I don't get. If Equestria is on the underside of the disc, and the disc is on the backs of four elephants, how is there room for anything without being squished by the elephants?

It's been only 27 years, they're still kicking. Give it a couple centuries and Dash will come to call her an Uber nerd. And ask to be sent back so she can collect the pool.

Did anyone get the number of that Pony's cart?!

What a brilliant crossover

The ponies don't believe they'll be squished?


Oh, that makes sense.

Uh, do they also not believe there are giant elephants? Because I'd imagine they'd fill the sky.

Glad I could be of assistance with something so fun. :twilightsmile: (Also, you kind of forgot the Crossover tag.)

There used to be five of them before one fell off the shell and crashed into the top side of the Disc, where dwarves are still diligently mining its reentry-rendered fat out of the bowels of the earth and reselling it at an obscene profit. (Also treacle from the wild, primordial sugar cane that was growing at the impact site and the carbonized carcasses of unlucky animals who happened to be in the way, known to fat magnates as BCBs, or Burnt Crunchy Bits.)

Suffice to say, with one gone, there's plenty of room between the four remaining elephants. Equestrian cartographers refuse to comment on why most maps of the world are roughly X-shaped.


Oh yeah, I forgot about the fifth elephant. That makes sense.

Were one to recognize this object as the Alicorn Amulet, they might ask Twilight ‘why were you keeping that in a trunk in your attic next to your Smarty Pants doll?’ to which Twilight would likely respond ‘where else would I keep it?’ and the conversation would swiftly come to a close. (1)

(1) That is, if you didn't press the matter. If for some reason you did press the matter, you would eventually find yourself in a combination debate/lecture on why the Princess had chosen to store one of the most dangerous, malevolent, and simply evil artifacts known to Ponydom next to a somewhat tattered rag doll (complete with toy quill and parchment pad) that had eventually been reclaimed from a somewhat eccentric, but very good natured stallion some months past. And, to your utter chagrin, you would find every argument you had against this seemingly pointless act expertly demolished and utterly devastated as the Princess would demonstrate that, in fact, the safest possible place for the Alicorn Amulet was to be stored in the bottom of a footlocker next to a rather worn Smarty Pants doll. (2)

If nothing else, Twilight Sparkle knew Magic. In ways that the Wizards of the Unseen University could only have suspect dreams about.

(2) It mostly had to do with the parchment pad. Don't ask, you're not ready for that level of Truth.

That was an amazingly true to Pratchet intro... and a delightful read. Well done.

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Yes No

That's so adorkable.

This was an excellent work that captures Pratchett's spirit to perfection.

Faving and saving, with a thumbs up too.

Sadly you are missing the one thing a Discworld fic need, footnotes.

You did a good job at capturing the series and all it's quirks. Thank you

Alas that they don't fit the Fimfiction page format well, or I would have - the narrated parts including the intro were originally much longer and flowery, and some of the cut stuff would have made good footnotes.

Odd, I know FiMFic doesnt do footnotes as well as AO3, but I've seen them done. Yeah can't do links as easily but ANs are a good place to put them

More Discworld, plse.

Good read, But I was thinking that twilight would become deaths secretary after he found out he missed royals.

Man, I've really got to read discworld now.
Also, my mind is screaming at the non-eucledean relationship between equestria and discworld.

Well, I admit there didn't seem like a WHOLE lot of point to the this story... but that's about my only criticism of it, because you absolutely NAILED Terry Pratchett's lightly satiric writing style and I grinned and/or laughed multiple times. Well done! =Dd Aaaand now Death has a librarian. XD

This was beautiful. It felt like it was truly Discworld, the only reason I knew it can't be actually Terry's work is that he is no longer with us.

Rare to encounter one who can evoke Pratchett. Well done.

I'm not really a fan of the introductory part. It uses all the right words, but it doesn't really have that incisive cleverness that made Pratchett enjoyable when he did the same kind of thing. Good try, though.

This here, however?

I strongly dislike that term. I should think I'm rather pleasant, all things considered.

This is absolutely exactly the kind of thing Death would say and it made me chuckle in nostalgic amusement. I kind of want to re-read Reaper Man now.

Thats a long way to drop the Neighcropartynomnomicron.:twilightoops:

Great thing is, Twilight could have reincarnated as an alicorn at the moment of her death. :trollestia:

Do it, I've already started on Mort. Never a bad excuse to re-read some Pratchett :D :scootangel:



I really, really need to get to reading Discworld sooner than later...

Liked it, don't know what discworld is though or who Pratchet is? Would have been nice with a little more meat though, seeing someone find the body, like someone else suggested her friends meeting her in the afterlife, or Celestia and Luna's reaction when she finally got reincarnated something just a bit more.

This story was... it was okay. It just feels way too short and ended too soon, close around the moment I was getting into it. But for what this was, it was a good read. I'd give it 7 out of 10. Too short, but it's an interesting crossover I haven't seen done before which for me automatically gives this fanfic a unique feel to it.

Well well well, it's been a while hasn't it Wiam?

Not too short, not too long and a great mix of the two franchises. The only criticism I can think of is that "if one" appears more times than is maybe necessary but that's barley a blip on the radar. I only even noticed it after a second read through, because that's how fun this was to read. Good stuff!

Ah, good reading. I cannot help but hope for some sequels. They could easily be made since Celestial sisters ARE immortal and i do not think death would be impolite enough to object friends visiting. That or book-club.

But sneakily trying to suggest ideas aside good read! Really cheered me up!

Me, but a pony.

Rule 85 of the internet.

To Twilight, Death's jaw joints seemed to draw higher to accentuate His smile. I suppose I could carry you.

Revelations 6:8 - I looked and beheld a purple horse, and his name that she sat on was Dᴇᴀᴛʜ.

Dark, but whimsical in a way. Pratchett would be proud of this I feel...

Do you think he lives in Discworld, now that he's been freed of the mortal coil?


Every single time i have read a story where twilight dies, she ends up in some great library and it is always amusing. This is no exception.

I am still waiting for the Princess of Books to end up here

I read one where she did end up there. She was told to sort all of the books correctly and she did. Then the demons guarding her realized it was a mistake and she wasn’t supposed to be dead

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