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Our little corner is filled with stories. There are catergories for your favourite characters, shippings and a little clopfic folder for you if you wish. When you join, you are free to create threads on our fourm and comment on your favourite stories and ask for me or a staff member to submit your selected story. We also have writing prompts, guides to all things MLP fanfic and some awesome members waiting to have fun. We have proof-reading services and monthly writing challenges that will keep you entertained. Enjoy the Story Corner and stay brony my friends.

Please read the STICKIED threads on our fourm to get the rules and other fun stuff in before you post or comment. Thanks.

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I like how this group feels more like a friendly community rather than just a group. I have high hopes for this group :twilightsmile:

Thanks, just submit stories whenever you like :heart:

This looks like a lot of fun! :pinkiehappy:


Welcome to the Story Corner, please post on comments and enjoy your stay.

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