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1514080 I'm sorry to hear that. I suppose I'll just go somewhere else for my pony porn. Best of luck to you, good sir.

1121050 Yes, I did completely erase my stories quite a while ago. Those stories got me into a lot of trouble, but I hung onto them anyway. Eventually, I lost not only the one person I care about the most but also my close relationship with God. Those stories and their inappropriate contents have robbed me of the only good in my life, so I decided I and everyone else could do without them.

I'm currently trying to get my loved one back and most importantly trying to rebuild that loving relationship I once had with God. The reason I took them down instead of just forgetting them and letting others still read them, is that I know many others have had to give up/lost important things in their lives to pornographic content too, and I simply refuse to contribute to that. These stories took me to an all-time low, and I am just now getting my life back together. Finally, things are looking up, so no... I will not be re-uploading any lemons of any kind. I may one day write fanfics again, but they won't support the morals my old stories did. I'm telling you, my life is finally right again... and I will not ruin that--or anybody else's--by continuing my old habits and addictions. I know this is old news and it probably doesn't need to be explained now, but I decided ya'll deserved an explanation even all this time later because everyone was so good to me like a family. I hope you all understand. Thank you.

Did you just seriously delete all your stories???? Are you crazy?!

1120980 Oh...

Well, it may have been vague, but worse is silence, so thanks for the answer!

1119797 I can't use this profile anymore. I may one day upload a story of what happened, but for now Season3Brony is gone. Thank you for your kind attention. James will miss you all.

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