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I love Spike/Harem Fanfics!!!! Just to let you know if I post any fanfics, they are from other Authors, I just post the fanfics because they are not on the site and are too awesome to not be

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Thanks for fave on 'My Little Bodyguard' ShadowSpike2099:pinkiesmile: I really appreciate it. On a side note perhaps you ought to consider writing your own fic good sir. Could find that you're a pretty talented writer, and it never hurts to give it a try.:moustache:

Thanks for the fave on A Herd of my Own! :twilightsmile:

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can you tell me why you like Spike herms? Because I can never rap my head around it. I don't hate them and if you give a good resin i might read more Spike herems.

Hey man, thanks a bunch for the watch! I really do appreciate it. :pinkiesad2:
Now, can I ask what made you want to hit that little follow button? :rainbowhuh:

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