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My name is Thunder and I believe I am the future. I hope people will crave my stories so I will have no choice, but to give you what you want. I hope I will exist in the future and get tons of fans.

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This is a few words from an ordinary or unordinary writer of fanfiction.
Just let it come naturally. Not everyone can write like a typing press on a timer.
Spike x Zecora was great! I wonder if you will ever read my story?
I hope you read this message.

Jeez, man... I'm the absolute last person you should be asking that. I haven't been able to finish writing a story in nearly two years. Yu need to be emotionally invested in a story in order to complete it. My suggestion is that you do some more pre-writing... really get the clearer picture in your head of what the scenes are all going to look like. That way, you can simply make them "more real" for yourself and easier to write. Best of luck!

2139364 Hey I need guidance. The problem is there are times where I am happy to be writing stories and there are times where I'm unhappy. I was ready to write awesome stories for everyone and get praise for it and I used to be good at it when I started, but now I am lost for I keep working on one story then wanting to work on the next and just feeling unsatisfied. It could be because I am a procrastinator and I hate myself for that because one of my subs liked it how I made stories fast and now I am letting him down. Also, What helps you get your stories done?

Yes. My first few stories were that way, and even to this day I can find mistakes in them when I read them. They also never made it to the Featured Bar. An editor is always worth the time and hassle.

2135363 Have you done the thing where you did not have an editor so you would just post stories and hope for the best?

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