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Princess Celestia met two Time Ponies long ago, Doctor Whooves and Colgate (AKA Minuette). With their help, Time has gone on smoothly and the events regarding the Elements of Harmony have gone relatively smoothly.

Still,it is becoming a a bit much for the two ponies. While Doctor Whooves has married to carry on his lineage, a piece of his TARDIS has been grown into a new TARDIS (yes it can happen, a piece of coral on Captain Jack Harkness's desk is growing into a TARDIS)

Spike was chosen at random to help carry on their duty due to his long draconic life. When something goes wrong, and Spike's life is on the line, it will take six certain mares to prevent his untimely end.

All characters are anthropomorphic. Story inspired by Path-of-Cloud's "Building a Dragon's Hoard" and "Spike and his Six Lovely Ladies" combined with watching a Doctor Who marathon.

Cover image by AlyxHesser on Deviantart!

Chapters (4)
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Damn, not only is this inspired by two stories from easily my favorite writer, but you are also weaving a bit of Doctor Who into this, as well---and I'm surprised, because it took me a really long time to actually start liking it (on a related note, hooray for David Tennant and Matt Smith--both of them are really well known as being the Doctor in their own eccentric ways.)

I'm hooked, where is the next chapter????:pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

A Doctor Who story...with Spike being a time traveler...and a harem story with him and the Main 6 together...I'm hooked!

A harem story with a time traveling Spike that is inspired by two stories and a show I really like. You have my attention and support.:moustache:

i tried but nothing on the internet will describe the amount of pure happiness i feel right now :fluttercry::fluttercry::fluttercry::fluttercry: no words it's just the beauty :raritycry::raritycry::raritycry::raritycry:


I usually avoid Harem but for this I make an exception, because Spike is a space time traveller who has his own Tardis


Trust me, I normally avoid writing stories like this. However, the inspiration was too great. :raritywink:


What inspire you to make this a harem one instead picking one mare for Spike ?


Path-of-Cloud's stories mentioned on the small summary

So hopefully part 3 will reveal the secret of Spike's Swag (or how he won the Mane 6's hearts)


Definitely, I was planning on it this chapter, but ran out of time.

3680885 I see. And I think I have an idea of what the Herd Law says:

If you are an Equestrian citizen, you may have more than one spouse only if they truly love with and vice versa.



Well, as long as no harm befalls any of them directly by the one under the multiple marriage clause. :moustache:

Wait 'till you see the next chapter.


"The Dragon is detected!"
"The Dragon is surrounded!"

3681872 Can't wait. Btw, Merry Christmas.


Merry Christmas! Been wearing a Doctor Who shirt I got. It's blue with the TARDIS on it.

Also, I'm designing Spike's Sonic Screwdriver after parts from a "build your own Sonic Screwdriver set" I got

Might include "time of the doctor" in the future!


Let me guess....you haven't seen it.



What does Spike's Tardis looks like ? From the inside..

3682851 No but I read about it on Wikipedia.


Had one o the best lines ever.

"Times change, and so must I"

And then that twist ending!
"Hello! do you know how to fly this thing?"

I can't wait 'till fall!


Think of the "round things" in the wall used by the first through seventh doctor's tardis and the "war doctor" , with the wall being the same color of the tenth doctor's tardis, as is the pillars and the pistons (aka Time rotors).

The rest is the eleventh doctor's tardis used in "The Snowmen" to "the time of the doctor"

You know I expected Pinkie to do something like that.


At least season 8 won't be split in two


She is random.....and has the closest thing I've seen to ADHD in a pony


It took me a while to plan this out. I hope it doesn't disappoint!

3687402 It looks good:yay: it would also be kinda romantic if at the end of the adventures where everything is back to normal, Spike asks the 6 to marry him.


Time travel: no matter when or where, you'll end up in an adventure.


I admit.

This is awkward to read. Being the 1st and only Harem fic...

But its a DW fic and I can't let that go


I wonder if Spike will bring them to a space station overlooking their planet as the sun is dying just like when 9 bring Rose to watch the Earth die by its sun


I don't know about their planet (as Celestia monitors the sun and keeps it from going supernova)

But another planet is possible....as are the rings of Akhaten


Only one as of now-I can't predict the future.

There's a reason it's teen and not mature: I don't want to get into THAT where people nitpick every detail.

I prefer the ~Timey-Wimey~ adventure associated with Doctor Who.

You have my attention...for now :moustache:

As for the new doctor...I will only say this...


I know it's a foolish thought, but I think it would be cool...


No. He'd be a great actor as The Doctor

I like what you are doing here. Alot. But you should slow down the pacing a bit. Granted I only read the first chapter but it feel a bit rushed.
Sorry I really like the story and it has my attention. I just want to put in my 2 bits to help you make the story better.

well spike you not only saved a town your about to get laid what more could you ask for my concern is the sudden echo of two certain words throughout out time and space and who will be the one to hear them also would it be bad wolf or bad pony in this case

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