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The Howling Behemoth

The beast, whether it's tamed or let free, it will always lurk within.


Spike's life has always been simple, with his adoptive mother under the care of ponies. But what of his father, the undisputed king of all dragons.
Now he has been pulled into the life of a royal dragon. He must constantly battle those who challenge him, like his brothers, for a title he doesn't even want.
Does he? Power, respect, gems. Does he want this more than his old life.
Only Luna understands both the inner and outer struggle he's going through.

Chapters (2)
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Comments ( 19 )

hail prince spike son of bahamut lord of dragons and scorcher of earth?feared his mercy be praised his name be forever hailed?

Huh, that's a new power and an interesting one at that. It looks like his father won't be the easiest guy to win over.

4462405 I think that is a understatement. It looks like his 'daddy' might be a ass. I can see him treating Spike like shit. And after this fight he will see him as being made weak by the ponies. Spike will have to do alot of dragoning up if he is going to save the ponies. From what I read I can't wait for Spike and Luna to start to get closer as well.

Hey there! Nice work. I like where this story is going (though it could use a bit of proofreading). In any event, you said you wanted to know of any other stories where Spike is a prince? Well I think I know of a few...

First there's Spike's Destiny by Ekhidna, a personal favorite of mine.

Then there's The King of Dragons by Slice141. I realize that in this one he is actually a king (or king in the making depending on your perspective), but I think you would like it anyway.

Next, there's a story called Prince Spike by B_25. I think the title pretty much confirms that it qualifies.

There is also Legacy of Dragons and Knights by DARKPHANTOM13, but his royal status comes from adoption, not by birth; and even then, that little fact is kept secret until several chapters in. So if you're looking for a Spike fic where he takes on the responsibilities of nobility, you should probably search elsewhere, though it is still an interesting read.

And finally, my #1, all-time favorite pick on this list... A Dragon's Journey by Abramus5250. Quite a long read at this point, but definitely worth it in my opinion.

An interesting start but you really need to proofread this or get an editor. The grammar errors are really distracting.

4462405 Now that I think about it, this reminds me of the scene in the anime Yu Yu Hakusho where during the final battle against Sensui, Yusuke's body is taken over by his still living Demon ancestor.

4463881 You're right that did happen in the show or at least something like that. If I remember correctly it did make him more powerful but he fought more wildly and or there was so much he could use before he run out of demon power.

SHIT you beatme to the idea of ancestor's power

That is exactly where I got the idea from!:pinkiehappy:
I was going to draw the fight out, but there will be plenty of those in the future!

This story seems interesting. I hope the next chapter comes out soon.

wow that is interesting. What causes Spike to talk like that. I guess we will find out soon enough. Great job. Thanks for the update.

Well, that least Spike stood up for himself. Good thing too, things are only going to get worst from here. Though I have to wonder when that romance tag will come into play, I'm thinking dragoness OC.

4462560 there is one I like with spike being a Prince. It's True Origins by digitalis

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