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Spike has long been confused about his past. He remembers a father and sister that no one else does, ones that don't fully make sense. He remembers the demon that killed him...but then he was not dead. He can't remember what happened next.

Now, what begins as a journey to help his oldest friend clear his name turns into an epic quest to save the world. As he journeys, he will discover the truth about himself, his past, and the world around him. New friends will aid him, and an ancient power will awaken. A great evil stirs deep beneath the surface, and it is his destiny to face it. But he will not face it alone.


Crossover with Breath of Fire 2. An idea I had that seemed to fit, and the BoF 2 characters matched up better then BoF 1.

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And thanks for the watch.

This is interesting, I have little to no idea whats going on but interesting.

You can either play the game or just keep reading. Anything important will be covered or so fully altered as to be unrecognizable.

Breath of Fire 2 retelling. I'm in.

Glad to hear it. I hope you like what I do with all the characters, as you're the first person on this site I've talked to who knows about this game.

I don't know what breath of fire is, but its a Spike story so I'm in. :moustache:

Odd, thought I had made a comment earlier.

Anyways, Breath of Fire 2! I love that game. So who do you have for Katt? Probably Rainbow. Instead of a fiery redhead, it'll be a fiery rainbowhead! Katt's actually one of my favorite characters from the game. So much so, that I actually prefer shipping her with Ryu rather than him with Nina.


Citrine's gone missing again.

Someone's been reading a certain Scootaloo adoption story.

I much prefer Ryu/Katt shipping, too. Katt is also my fave character of BoF2, and glad to hear what you have to say.

And yes, that's where I got the name. Yep, Scootaloo is playing Yua, Spike's little sister. What can I say, I like "Taste of the Good Life" and the name seemed to fit.

Maybe by the time it's finished, you'll want to play it.

3347804 I remember reading a BoF2 fanfiction that tried to bridge the gap between BoF2 and BoF3. In it, the author theorized that Rei's weretiger ability (which no other Woren has ever had) stemmed from the fact that he was descended from Katt and Ryu.

... ... ...

Where can I find that fic?

Thanks. I'll be reading that soon.

LOL the fun shall begin!

Please tell me this is a FlutterSpike fic.:raritystarry::yay::heart::moustache:

I will not reveal any details regarding my plans for shipping. Just know that Romance and Comedy tags are meant to be taken together.

Kinda figured Flutters would be taking Spar's place, but I kinda expected her to be a bit more plant-like. I also didn't expect her to get involved so early. I saw Rarity as Nina coming but I'll admit that I was slightly hoping that she would take Jean's place. Thinking of Rarity as a faux-french frogman brings a slight smile to my face.

So Pip is standing in for Bow but using Sten's weapons? So who's going to be the crossbow stallion/mare and what's Stem's stand-in going to use?

Also, the Empire Sword right off the bat? Just give him the Life Armor too why don't you. :derpytongue2:

Since Spike isn't a unicorn, he doesn't learn healing or offensive magic. He does, however, have a basic fire breath spell.

As someone familiar to the games, I know that that won't stay that way for too long.

Don't look at the image if you don't know what I'm talking about.


The reason for the EmpireSwd right off the bat is because it makes sense for a warrior to use the same weapon he's been familiar with for a long time, and it could easily be found by an exploring dragon who's willing to climb over a mountain. That, and I don't really like writing "so and so bought/found/equipped new weapon" over and over again.

And don't necessarily expect everyone to fight or act the same way as their in game counterparts. The personalities will be matched, but that's about it.

3374668 I understand completely. I was just joking about the fact that you gave him the strongest sword in the game, one that's not exactly the easiest to find.

From the game perspective, yes. From the perspective of "it's an actual world where stuff has happened prior to the game beginning", it's actually the easiest. The only other sword that would be logical for him to have would be the DragonSD, and you know why I can't give him that from the beginning.

Wow this was a good chapter

See why I had to bump it up to Teen, though?

Okay that bit with angel and the boar was priceless. And I'm really hoping for some FlutterSpike.:yay::heart::moustache:

Guess Hamlet ate the Roach boss in this story. Niro won't be eating this pig.

Jeez! :rainbowderp: That's a big pig! heheh good story so far. I wonder what the chances of Spike getting a harem would be? Heh heh heh, Pip would be SOOOO jealous!

ok, when u described how angel n' hamlet looked was pretty cool :ajsmug: even if callin that thing "angel" is wrong in some ways :facehoof:; also with t bit with harponies was buckin funny :rainbowlaugh: n' kinda reminded me of black widows :fluttershyouch:. other than that i'm kinda curious on t game u're basin this fic off of :unsuresweetie: n' decidin to wait for t next update to this seemly interestin fic :pinkiehappy:

*I stare at the fact that said giant porker is HAMLET.* :rainbowderp: :rainbowderp: :rainbowderp: oh what the BUCK!? ARE YOU BUCKING KIDDING ME!?

I know it wont, but now i am hoping for a harem. This Spike is more then cool enough for one. And I will be surprise with how Shy sounded,and that she looks up to him for now. But I do hope I get to see Rarity be "alittle" jealous when she see the hot girl traveling with Spike now. ( Hope he buy her something to wear and it touches her to have someone be kind to her):moustache:

I will say nothing about potential future relationships for Spike...

Except you may be pleasantly surprised.

And check the character tags.

4131031 This is very interesting, It caught my attention greatly. I think Spike should punch Pip "if" it turns out the theif is indeed his sister. and wow there is a chance it could be Luna. I wonder how will she fall into this story. That shows you have a great story that i know will draw in alot of readers with all the questions and theories I have already. Now I am dying for next chapter (hope Shy also have another cute moment with Spike again lol. Oh i hope by the end he gets to a level of respect with Angel lol):moustache:

4131031 As funny as it is I think i have this game "or maybe it is the first one" in my game collection and I never got to it. hmm.... I am thinking I really want to play it now, but i don't want to ruin the story... you introduce me to the story. I want your version, your vision of it to tell me the story.:pinkiehappy:

Alright. Just be sure you play the game when it's over.

Just a warning. The game's story will be a lot more depressing than this story will be.

4131488 That is cool. As long as you give my main man Spike a ton of action ( in both way lol:pinkiegasp:) your okay in my book lol.:moustache:

Just to let you know.

While I bumped the rating up to teen, I won't be bumping it to Mature.

4131565 I know, I didn't mean "that" kind of action. This story doesn't give off that kind of feel to cross that line. At least not how you have written it. I think that is for the best.

I'm really hoping for some FutterSpike but I go with anything as long as it isn't common.

4131733 Me too.
My birthday was yesterday. :yay:

This story is getting better and better!!!

Also, :moustache: + :rainbowkiss: = Pure Epicness

There was another new ship also implied here. Any thoughts on it?

Well I can assume that this will be a Spike harem fic. So far there's:

:moustache::heart::rainbowkiss: (my favorite)
:moustache::heart::pinkiehappy: (I think)

And I feel like we might get some :moustache::heart::trixieshiftright: in the future, but who knows?

Oh, and SweetiexPipsqueak, too.

I think that's all of them.

Overall, I'm enjoying all of it!!! Can't wait 'til the next chapter. Keep it up :twilightsmile:

Going for the harem route? That I can get behind.:pinkiehappy: I loving the new members, though it looks like Rainbow has some confessing to do if it is her. Keep up the good work.

This was a great chapter. Shy is going to have to step up her game now she have to compete with Pinkie trying to rape him every 5 seconds:pinkiehappy: and Dash's "awesomeness":rainbowlaugh: lol. But I think our man Spike can handle these ladies and keep them happy:moustache:. Can't wait to see how Dash is going to flirt with Spike next chapter, but knowing Dash it will be more like her challenging him to a fight lol.(But training can spark feeling as well lol.:rainbowkiss:

4159521 Idk if it is going the harem route, that depends on how closely he is going to follow the game. I do wonder how Dash will play to win Spike, Shy as a early game advantage but never did anything with it, Some good natured flirting and physical contact can get you caught up really quickly lol.:moustache:

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