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The Cooper Gang has faced many hurdles since they left the orphanage together. Each heist held its own hazards, its own problems, and its own consequences if anything went wrong. However, by working together, Sly, Bentley, and Murray have handled everything thrown their way.

However, their next mission saddles the raccoon leader of this little band of thieves with two hurdles he never anticipated, ones he'll have to handle himself: romance and fatherhood. After all, how could he resist the allure of the lovely Carmelita Fox, even if she is on the side of law enforcement? And an orphan himself, he could never turn his back on the lost, alone, and scared Coco Pommel, a tiny pony filly small enough to fit in his hand...and threatened by the worst of the worst of the criminal world.

Little did he know just how much these decisions would change all their lives.

Part of the PWNY-verse.

Edit: New cover art by Technopathic
Edit 2: New fan art by The Emerald Nightingale

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DAMNITT! I was hoping for Celestia: The Next Generation!

Coco and Sly!? Not hating, just... Wow... This isn't what I was expecting...

Same here, though I'm quite happy with this, as well!

First always wanted to say this and you are genius with your work.:pinkiehappy::twilightsmile:

I was hoping for a brother sister relationship but this is fine. Loving it so far.

WOW that was quick one second there was no views and likes and when i finished it boom

Definitely wasn't expecting coco:rainbowhuh: but I'm so excited your doing sly cooper it doesn't matter!!!:pinkiehappy:

I thought Cheerilee was supposed to be in the Sly Cooper story. Why did you decide to change the pony character to Coco Pommel?:rainbowhuh:

Fantastic love Sly Cooper and I continuously hold out hope for a fifth game.

So, how long do you all think it will take for someone to draw cover art for this?

The adorable Coco Pummel that I really like(pretty much a nice contestant for best pony next to Luna) and it involves Sly Cooper?

7498292 I'll read it, but I'll have no basis of comparison. It'll be like reading through Pinkie of War again, except even less familiar because I at least knew Greek mythology ahead of time.

I changed it because I determined that Coco's abilities could be more readily and fully adapted to the setting, without becoming OP in the setting as some others could, or adding unreasonable levels of skills to others as might happen with Cheerilee.

Is this part of the main PWNY-verse story, or is this like the Woona one?

*sees coco mentioned* cool a coco story!
*reads* yes! More please!

This is a lovely opening chapter... stil I got one question.

Is this part of your PWNY-verse Multi-cross over or simply your muse singing in your ear?

I admit, I don't really know Sly Cooper, but sure. I've loved all your PWNYverse (and the style) of fics so far.

After reading:

Sly Cooper's calling guard

calling card

A Sly Cooper crossover? Haven't gotten through the chapter yet, but already HELL to the YES! One of my favorite Playstation franchises.

I can imagine this playing while Coco is doing a job.

Either that or this:


New story....

Some teachers have powers. Powers that defy logic, while they teach ABOUT logic and the laws of the natural world. Such powers include (but not limited to); the ability to command Twilight Sparkle, enchanting carriages with life and shape-shifting abilities, patience, ability to see behind them, ability to command Twilight Sparkle to STOP THAT, instill fear in all hearts whom have passed through school, get Twilight Sparkle to arrive on command.

This is so beyond adorable for this setting that it's actually believable. Though now I'm very torn on whether or not to... grrh, the temptation is always there, it's addictive. Ahh to heck with it.

Guess Coco had a... picture perfect moment.

Looks like Coco had a perfect... picture book.

Seems Carmelita was... out foxed.

Think I'll stick with three this time for the gang. Speaking of, I just have to wonder how she'll interact with Dimitri in the later parts, gonna be quite interesting for sure considering his personality.

The reasoning for all of that will be covered in the first story arc, starting next chapter.

It's a reference to the idea that Twilight would have a quirk where she would drop into a 'Good Student Mode' whenever a teacher raises their voice. Even if it's not in Twilight's direction. ESPECIALLY if it's not in Twilight's direction. It's been used in fanfiction here and there, so I thought it'd be funny to bring it up.

Sly cooper...?

With Coco Pommel...?

SOLD! :pinkiehappy:

OMG! I love Sly! That was my childhood (combined with Bionicle) in a nutshell!

Great intro btw, how often will this be updating?

7498695 It both makes me smile, and makes me cry inside... I never got an opportunity to play any of the games when I HAD money to get them.

To quote Mr. Spock, "Fascinating". Lest see how this goes and just how Coco will grow.

Okay. As a fan and owner of his own copies of all four Sly Cooper games, and with how much fun you have made the other stories, I just KNOW that there will NEVER be a SINGLE disappointing moment in this. And Coco bringing Carmelita and Sly together YEARS ahead of time? Should be interesting. ESPECIALLY when they tap into "Uber Pissed/Murderous/Vengeful Parent Mode" when they deal with Clockwork at the end of Sly Cooper 1 since they both have a kid?

Yeah. Can anyone say "Let the party/curbstomp begin"?

Party? :pinkiehappy:

GAH! PINKIE!? WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE? And no, NOT that kind of Party. Look into the Sly Cooper games then take into account the details here.

*Pinkie stares for a few seconds, then grabs a "Bucket Of Infinite Popcorn".*

.........................I'm not gonna bother questioning that. Safer for my sanity.


Probably every Saturday.

This gives me a great image of Coco becoming the Catwoman to Rarity's Batmare. Yes, the shipping goggles are on for this image, but they're not required. :rainbowlaugh:

Alright, I have never played the games Sly comes from, and you will inevitably make the story two hundred times better, so I guess this is just going to be another series that I will never pick up.

Here Iam two chapters from finiching "A moon in the dark" and you post this? Are you reading my mind or something?

Coco with the best gang of thieves to ever exist???....

AWWWWW YEEEEEEEEEEAH! :yay: This was one of my most favorite games back when I was younger, shoot.
This was my second PS2 game after GTA Liberty City :rainbowdetermined2:

I love this game, played it so many times I know it like the back of my hand! :yay:
Consider this followed!

7498695 if this follows the authors normal pattern once a week:twilightsmile:. Usually on a specific day.:scootangel:

Coco Cooper... I love it! Especially since she has a Mommy and a Daddy plus two awesome uncles. I really hope things go better for the Cooper Gang in this universe.

But I can totally see Carmelita being told she's off the Cooper Case by a glory seeking higher up and told to take a vacation, only to go right to the Cooper Gang Hideout to spend more time with her daughter and family.

The name's Pommel: COCO Pommel

jokes aside, I like the idea, especially considering that Miss Pommel moves in with Rarity in "Batmare Beyond"
:pinkiegasp: PLEASE tell me that "Batmare" eventually teams up with Agent C...

Great idea! I'm loving it so far. Tatsurou, you are an excellent writer!

I'm confused...
The context implies that this is taking place at the beginning of the first game, but back then, Sly and Carm were at each other's throats, Sly's flirts notwithstanding...
So how did 'Read me a story Mommy?' come about so quick?
Why is Carmelita in a position where she's not shooting Sly on sight?
How did the thief and the cop come to an understanding where the tiny pony is concerned?
How did the tiny pony convince the hardened police inspector to play nice with the internationally-infamous thief in certain settings?
Why Coco Pommel of all ponies?
Why am I suddenly holding a polar bear?

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