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What would happen if Spike was born earlier than in the show and was raised by dragons instead of ponies? What if his teacher told him to come with him to meet with Celestia and the recently returned Luna. How will the princesses and Elements of Harmony handle a blunt, sarcastic, and strong young dragon. And how would this affect a certain shy Pegasus who is afraid of dragons.

A.U./Anthro/ Slow FlutterSpike

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I like the story. Well thought out, no spelling mistakes as far as I can see, good story line, and the new Spike has amazed me. Keep it up.

Thanks, I was one of the many ideas that has been rattling around my head for a good long while.

I like the concept, but I can't tell if I like the story through the grammar issues. Almost every sentence is a run-on, many with multiple subjects and/or predicates. There are also a great many subject - verb agreement problems.

I recommend you try to get an editor to assist you.

Aside from that, is there a reason to make this anthro? I suggest considering not doing that. You loose a lot of potential readers just by using the tag. Of course, there are several very good reasons to use anthro ponies, and if you should if you feel it's warranted.

3333163 I have a bit of a reason other than giving it a shot but you will have to wait for the next chapter. I really don't care if people don't like anthro since I'm already working on a human story and already have one done. Though I will look into finding an editor.

First person to third person.......lovely....
As for the story, I enjoyed it thoroughly!

Don't know why but when Spikes name gets changed it bugs me. Other than that great start. Keep going :moustache:

3333914 There's more to it than that but I did keep Spike's name yet at the same time didn't. You'll have to wait for the next chapter to see what I mean.

3333979 Alright then. I look forward to the next update

3334367 Don't worry, they'll be more and I'm working on the next chapter of LDK.:moustache:


Comment posted by jakcspellgud deleted Oct 12th, 2013

Ehhh, the premise has got me, but reading Spike's description made me cringe at the bad@% ery. Then you got me interested again when you mentioned the big cheese of dragons.

I will watch this....for now.

3341985>>3341011 Don't worry, there will be, might be a while but there will be.

Wow, An amazing start I must say :raritystarry:
I can't wait for the next chapter :pinkiehappy:

I like this idea of Spike being raised by his own kind to be an emissary to Equestria, it should have some interesting interactions between him and the Mane 6 and how Twilight's life is different because Spike's not in it. I look forward to the next chapter! :twilightsmile:

3347178 Yeah, even though Spike doesn't exactly know he's going to be staying in Equestria for a long time. You can already tell that his point of view is going to clash with the Mane Six's quite often. Though I'm no the fence on whether or not I should have him stay with Twilight or have his own place.

i think you let him have his own place considering there will be a time where twilight will stress :facehoof: and something he want be their for that

3351608 True, this Spike doesn't take shit from anyone and is more than likely to knock Twlight out with a frying pan if she wakes him up by panicking in the middle of them night.:rainbowlaugh:

3352929 I needed a wise old dragon for this fic and I couldn't of a better dragon.:ajsmug:

I will admit you have me interested. :moustache:

This is what was going through my brain while reading.

"Hunh... interesting. Luna speak- Waiiiiiiiiiiiiiitttttt....

From what Paarthurnax has mentioned about his student, while he has a good heart there is a good chance his personality will conflict against the Elements.

From what Paarthurnax has mentioned about his student,

From what Paarthurnax


:derpyderp1::derpyderp2::derpyderp1::derpyderp2::derpyderp1::derpyderp2: Holy fuck. Holy Fuck. HOly FUck! HOLY FUCK!!!!!!!! YES YES YES ALL OF MY YES!!!!!!!"

weeeeelll, so far lik it :twilightsmile: can't wait to see how t mane 6 react to spike n' his master's arrive :pinkiesmile:

3368585 What can I say, I needed a wise and really old dragon for this fic and I couldn't think of a better dragon for the job.


3351714 It would be interesting for Spike to stay with Twilight though, maybe you could use it to teach this Spike a lesson about friendship or something.


I have to see that actually done. It would be so hilarious!!!

Twilight stressing out about nothing
--Spike: You're gonna be fine
--Twilight: ****starts Lesson Zero face**** heehee, gotta find a problem, heehee
*****Spike wields iron frying pan*******
BONG!!!!!!!! It's super effective!! Twilight fainted!!
--Spike: That'll do it. :moustache:

Why do I have a feeling that when the anthro ponies get to see Anthro Spike, there's gonna be the proverbial moistening of lower lips at first contact, especially when he's gotta give the first info to Twilight and the others??

Sensing a bit of an emo Spike here (which for some odd reason seem like it would get Rarity, Rainbow, and Twilight kinda crushing on him, something about girls liking the bad boy), but like you put it in the synopsis, I wonder how emo Spike would interact with cute, easily terrified Fluttershy..

(and yes, I see the Teen/Sex thing, looks like my imagination has to go overtime for this :raritywink:)

3399671 Okay it's official, I'll see if I can't work in that frying pan scene when the time comes.:rainbowlaugh: Anyway while I wouldn't say he was emo you're pretty close. I mentioned that he has friends but you can tell he's by no means Pinkie and it will take a while for people to earn his trust. If he think your wrong he'll say so. If someone tries to mess with him he'll give them either a verbal beatdown or a physical one. I even plan for him to meet Prince Blueblood at one point. You can guess what is going to happen.

While I wasn't planning anything romantic with any of the mane 6 besides Fluttershy he is more or less be a chick magnet. It'll be interesting writing the interaction between those two since their more or less at opposite ends of the spectrum. That is the main reason why this shipping is going to be slow. As for the rating yeah it's their for a reason.:trollestia: I might change it to mature but much further down the line.


1/ Sweet!!! I knew the frying pan was an excellent idea!!! :rainbowkiss::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

2/ The main reason that I love the idea of a Emo Spike is because it just seems to me that this image is the first thing I see when I think of Emo/Bad Boy Spike--and yes, I do have the belief that girls, especially this girl, really like bad boys.
How bad-ass is this?!! And yes, I understand that this pic is not gonna be canon as far as the story is concerned. Fluttershy's gonna be Spike's girl, eventually.

3/ About the potential FlutterSpike shipping, I also believe that opposites do truly attract, and what's more opposite than the group wallflower and the group rogue? It works for Discord and Celestia, why not Spike and Fluttershy? :yay::heart::moustache:
Hopefully it also encourages more authors to write more FlutterSpike stories.

3400025 That is one of the reasons I started this. To bring this new idea out and hopefully inspire others to write more FlutterSpike.:yay::heart::moustache:

3420473 Soon, I got other stories to work on and I want to finish Shadow Spike's Nightmare Night before Halloween.

i hope you make Spike truely badass in this story. im looking forward into the next chapter!:moustache:

This is awesome.

So it begins.

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