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A phantom of shadows and darkness that wander this site in search of Spike fanfics. May the darkness be with you.


There is a force that is controlling the Heartless and is out to consume all the worlds in darkness. After their world was consumed by darkness, their friend, Spike, fell into the void of his own will, and ended up in another world. Twilight, Rarity, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, and Pinkie learned they weilders of the Keyblade, the ulitmate weapon against the Heartless, and has found a master to train them. After years of training they are ready to set out to other worlds and to find both Spike and a way to bring back their world and all the others that fell into darkness.

Humanized/A.U./While containing elements and some of the worlds this story is separate of the games.

Inspired by Kingdom Hearts F.I.M Rise of the Elements

Chapters (3)

Once again Spike is left alone at the library while Twilight is away. Bored and tired of always staying inside he decides to go to a night club with a friend. While there he meets a mare that shows him to loosen up and live life to the fullest.

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Twilight's parents divorced seven years ago when she was ten. She went to live with her mother while her eight year old adoptive brother went to live with their father. Now that she's seventeen and moved to Ponyville Spike is moving from Manhattan to live with her and their mother. Looks like Pinkie is going to make a new friend, maybe more than a friend.


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On his way from visiting Zecora he finds a black gem that he decides to eat and grants him the power over shadows and darkness. Pranks and chaos ensues as he uses his new found power's to have some fun on Nightmare Night.

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What would happen if Spike was born earlier than in the show and was raised by dragons instead of ponies? What if his teacher told him to come with him to meet with Celestia and the recently returned Luna. How will the princesses and Elements of Harmony handle a blunt, sarcastic, and strong young dragon. And how would this affect a certain shy Pegasus who is afraid of dragons.

A.U./Anthro/ Slow FlutterSpike

Edited by Starblade

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After being banished, Spike sets out to find out about both himself and his heritage. Though as he progress in his journey he will find out he is much more than he realize and deep within him a power unlike any other that he must learn to use to get the happiness he desires.

Slight crossovers with many different sources and characters.

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