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Through the simple act of bumping into somepony new, Spike will be shown just how far his music can take him. Healing old wounds, finding new friends, and possibly even rekindling an old fire.

Cover art was drawn by myself

Featured 11/5/16

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I like it, but it always bothers me when the author wants to make rarity the bad guy in these fics.

I like it.
Cool fic dude or dudet.:twilightsmile:


I don't think its necessarily that Rarity's gonna turn out to be the villian....but rather that Spike just came a little tardy with his confession. I don't personally think that authors want to villnify her just because she doesn't see Spike that way, and that she has a boyfriend already. Plus, I don't think that it has to be quid pro quo that Rarity has to put her personal business out there. It's her life, everypony should respect her choice. And this is surprising to me because I love Sparity, but I know that sometimes it doesn't work out, as long as the two of them respect each other as friends. On Rarity side, she has a direct link to Canterlot, and I'm sure that she still values Spike as a friend, just not boyfriend material. And for Spike's side, he still has the ability to interact with Rarity, just that his (somewhat childish) dream/crush had to end, plus I know that his connections to Canterlot will allow him to assist Rarity as he can, just not trying to be his girlfriend. That is life.

Besides, lots of you readers (you know who you are) don't like Sparity anyway, so it's good to see Spike with someone else, or just ship Rarity with somepony else. I hope you are all happy....nay, giddy about it.

And personally, I do believe that this is basically something that everypony, Spike included, should have knew that was coming at some point. Yeah, it hurts, but its better to move on rather than trying to make something work that obviously wasn't. To push it further, Spike, look at yourself, and look at what Rarity basically shown what she wants, and brother, you ain't it. Besides, there are obviously more ponies out there that liked and enjoyed your work. And you have two new partners in music with Octavia and Vinyl.

But, Twilight, oblivious or not, just metaphorically shoving everything in Spike's face was not right, regardless of the good intentions, was wrong. Spike still was not over the implied rejection, even without the words. You already knew Spike's sadness, it was way too early in my taste to force him to get back at it.

And the little cameo for Celestia: Let your son fix himself. Don't try to attempt to fix something that you cannot fix. You didn't know. Help him, sure, but don't try to be Cupid.

Just a little suggestion, but since the song that you have for this is basically parallel to the story, maybe there should be a link or something embedded into the story. That way, someone that is reading it can acutally feel like you are with the characters while they are performing.

It puts a really nice image in my mind. Like have it running at the beginning of Spike's performance.

3540748 I have to agree with you on that. While I'm no fan of Sparity it would be a nice change of pace if Rarity isn't made the villain. I'm more or less glad that Spike isn't mad at her, a little reluctant to see her but not mad. Hopefully he can move on and the two can be friends. Shipping wise I'm a bit torn between Vinyl and Octavia. Either of them would be a good match for Spike and their isn't enough shipping of either. And I have to agree on the Celestia thing. Maybe a hint or two at either Vinyl or Octavia but hopefully she doesn't take the controls and drive the love train off a cliff. When someone takes it completely upon themselves to hook up two people it usually ends up a train wreak.

I love Fics with spike playing the piano

3540748>>3540970 There's a really high chance the old flame referred to is Rarity. Considering the tags and the fact TL is kind of a douche in this.

3548488 You make a good point but I'm hoping that is not the case. While I like your Sparity stories I usually don't like the shipping and you got to admit that having Octavia or Vinyl be with Spike would be a nice change of pace.

3548914 I'm pretty sure the two of them are together, from how this reads.

Glad to see Spike isn't hating Rarity. I quite like Celestia's reaction as well since I can honestly believe a mother would act that way to somebody who broke their childs heart, even Celestia. I also wonder on Luna's reaction though as its not often that I see fic's that show Aunty Luna since the few I actual know of that show Spike and Celestia as mother and son kind of just gloss over Luna (...or maybe I'm just missing all of the fic's that don't).

As for Vinyl and Octavia, I think its nice to see them with Spike...hell if things keep progressing with them then Spike may very well end up with his own mini-heram :ajsmug:

why do girls always for the dicks-heads first:facehoof:

3567803 wasnt really trying to make him a dickhead honestly. diffrences in musical taste are very common and some people just dont like certain types. or it could be that i just really dont like thunderlane:scootangel:

3567806 yes but the air about his S class douse bag


A difference in musical taste is one thing, but flat out saying that crap? That's like saying to an artist "Hey, my kid fingerpaints better than you do". It's a dickish thing to say in the doucheiest way possible.

You know what, I think someone else can explain it better, Take it Pinkie!

:pinkiesmile: Thunderlane, let me show you somepony. You see him over there?

:eeyup: : ....

:pinkiehappy: Yeah, him, now listen to what he's saying.

:eeyup: .....

:pinkiehappy:Okay? Now listen again reeeeealy closely-

:eeyup: .....

:pinkiesmile:Did you catch it? No? Okay, let's try one last time, and make sure to listen really, reeeealy, super-duper closely

:eeyup: :......

:pinkiegasp: *Gasp* Did you hear it? Why, it sounded like a stallion NOT PUTTING ALL FOUR HOOVES IN HIS MOUTH AT THE SAME BUCKING TIME!!

BB: So just remember, Thunderlane, silence is golden, but duct-tape is silver, so-


Looks like this is going to be a OctaviaXSpike story. Or maybe OctaviaXSpikeXVinyl story.:trollestia:

Nice touch with the music it was kick ass(apologies to any asses out there).:pinkiehappy:
And to Thunerlane, dude that was not cool.:ajbemused:

Uhm...you should fix this little line here:

She looked over to Rarity, who was sitting with her mouth agape next to Thunderlane. Sitting down on the bench. He looked towards the crowd. His eyes could only see the bright lights glaring at him.

There is no transition between Twilight, who was looking at Thunderlane, and Spike, who sat on the bench. It confused me for a second until i realized the story was now talking about what was Spike doing.

Other than that, it was great!



:facehoof: the answer is in your comment, but to put it in layman's terms, let's just say that (and don't take it the wrong way ladies, please) most women tend to favor the physical attributes well before even considering the intangibles and mental attributes.

....Or maybe it just appears like that to me..:raritycry::raritycry::raritycry::raritycry:

Again, my opinion, please don't kill or maim me!!:fluttercry::fluttercry::fluttercry::fluttercry:

3572613 that is my point actually

I can not wait to read more this seems like an interesting read.

Like this chapter and the music you pick is really beautiful, also P.M.X ohhhhhhh god when I read that I couldn't stop laughing

:facehoof::facehoof::facehoof: Oh Twilight, you can't baby Spike anymore, he's 17!!! He's plenty old enough to listen to the likes of PMX (by the way, I really do see what you did there). There are people seeing/hearing stuff like that at probably 10. Too late to pull the parent card for that. Plus I don't think Celestia or Luna really matter what Spike listens to.

Frankly, I'm disappointed that Rarity and Thunderlane broke up. It's cliche. Rarity, you had your shot, and you blew it. Spike's moving on, so should you. It doesn't matter that Thunderlane is ultimately just another stallion that was going after the plot.....and in Rarity's case, I'm pretty sure he did get that plot a couple of times. Even if he's ....indifferent, to be polite, I'm sure there's something about him that attracted him to Rarity in the first place.

And this Neon Lights character.....please tell me that this is like the Dr. Dre of Equestria or something like that.:raritywink: That would be funny as hell if it turns out that Spike's like the Eminem of Equestria----a dragon in a pony's world, we hardly see it from draconic musicians, just equine ones.

LET THE FUN BEGIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Your really great at making two dimensional, predictable, and unrealistic characters.

3704876 appreciate that. im tryin dude. seriously though, i do appreciate that kind of feed back

Another good chapter and I like your choice of music. Looks like Spike is going to try his hand at both mare, which I approve of.:moustache:

Hmm... Well, this just got interesting and complicated. Spike likes Rarity, Vinyl, and Octavia now, and unbeknownst to him, Rarity seems to recuperate the feeling. and. on a slightly less damning note. so does Tavi. Vinyl is a bit more of a wildcard.

this fanfic is great:yay::yay::yay:
theres not only a good plot but also great music to it
pal you are incredible:twilightsmile::twilightsmile:

Man this is one of the best fics I've read in a while.
Great job.

well, u caught my interest n' i can't wait to see where u tak this :yay:. althou it does put a question in my mind on who spike's gonna get throu all this but, as long as t fic stays awesome i'm not complainin - yet :raritywink:

Did Tavi came after listening Spike's music?

I like it, I hope Spike ends up with both mares.:moustache:

And then... he saw rarity

Rarity, I have never hated you more.



I have to comment on it, because it might just be our respective Sparity senses trying to see if that actually happens in some way or form, despite what happened.

As much as I like Sparity, and the romantic consequences of it, for this story, I'm actually rooting for one mare in this one---and that is Octavia. Yes, it's nice that Rarity in the long run realizes that Spike is definitely "coltfriend material" (his words, not mine :twilightsmile:), but it just seems so reactive just based on what happened....and that's ultimately unhealthy. Rarity's still in grief because of her discovery that Thunderlane turned out to be a mule---and even more so that she essentially trampled the feelings of a good friend by putting that in Spike's face. It's not fair to Rarity or to Spike that Rarity has potentially resolved to "getting Spikey Wikey back at all costs" in what would essentially become a rebound relationship. Some seperation here is paramount. I don't know about Spike, but it definitely seems like Rarity needs to be alone until she gets over herself.

Vinyl is funny as hell, but even with somewhat crude mannerisms and eccentricities, I just don't even see her and Spike in a relationship in the long run at all. Maybe a booty call or two--they're both privy to the music scene--but definitely not a relationship.

That leaves it with Octavia. She's from Canterlot (I think), and apparently from jump, you can see that there is something there from the lovely earth mare with coat like charcoal and mane/tail as black as ebony wood. Kind as a mouse, considerate, understanding as well. She definitely likes the publicity, but at the same time, there is a bit of a Fluttershy vibe to her. And ironically, it takes a guy like Spike to actually get Octavia out of her shell, in much the same way she helped bring Spike from his doldrums. Not to mention that she's already crushing on him, just the fact that he's a hell of a musician just like her is turning out to be the icing on the cake. (and if she starts to notice, Mom definitely approves of her too!)

Personally, I can't wait to see the look on both Vinyl and Octavia's muzzles when it reveals that the dragon that they are hanging out with is a bit of a prince, just without his crown. Probably at the moment when Spike takes them to see Celestia and Luna, and Spike accidentally calls Celestia with something like "Thanks for having a suite set up for us, Mom. We really appreciate it."

3761166 I can't just toss Rarity out like that when we have

possibly even rekindling an old fire.

so onward!


No dice, since it looks like for the time being that ship is sunk. Sorry :applecry:

But I do want to have Spike and Rarity as friends at least. Rarity can have the flame for Spike all she wants, but ultimately I believe that there's gonna be a little bit of a parallel between when Spike found about Rarity/Thunderlane and when Rarity confirms (to herself, at least) about Spike/Octavia.

Why the hell isn't this more popular!?:flutterrage:

3842728 :moustache: It is in my opinion that…
That is all:twilightblush:

Tell me about it.
I'm really tempted to make a post on one or two of the groups I'm in to get more people to read it.
What do you think? Should I do it?

man, what a sweet n' sour chappie :pinkiesad2:. I mean cause one min i'm enjoyin a chuckle at vi's reaction to spike's (unknown to her :rainbowlaugh:) princehood :twilightsmile: then Bam!! i get sucker punched into a sudden drama downpour :fluttercry:. *sighs with a :facehoof:* oh well at least tavi's feelin kinda better now n' has sights on a certian scale head :raritywink:

manly tears have been shed my friend, manly tears indeed

Dude don't need to apologize it was a great chap.:twilightsmile:
And good luck with whatever going on.

Boy.....the way it looks like this may be going, I may have to turn in my man card. I actually want to cry for Octavia much more than when Spike told us his story.

No wonder Octavia and Spike seemed to "click" so well---they are both from the same cloth; they thought that they had love, but it was thrown into their respective faces. At the moment though, things are gonna get really sticky and slick, and it's not like the barrage of winter weather that has pummeled home like Mike Tyson in his prime.

Spike's revealed (by accident) that he's a prince; as opposed to Spike Sparkle, his street name, his actual name is Prince Spike Draco-Solaris, son and royal of Princess Celestia. Kinda thought Vinyl would be able to get a feeling from the short reunion between Spike and Blueblood before the crier had to blow his cover completely out of the water. What I'm getting from Vinyl is absolute shock---no surprise there. I wonder though if that means that Vinyl will start seeing Spike in a new light? I personally don't think Spike's looking for another Rarity, at first glance, but he's still keeping his eyes open.

And on the other side, definitely having conflicting sides in Tavi's mind. She's been burnt a couple of times too many with Vinyl as a marefriend, so she's not interested in romance, especially in the way that it happened. But now she's got two potential suitors: Spike the musician, who appreciated that she took some time to listen to his story as well as helping him get over his trail of broken hearts, and she's definitely having feelings for him. His songs, both prepared and on-the-fly definitely have struck some adoration for the drake. (And she doesn't know that he's royalty, but that looks like the next chapter, potentially). And here's Neon---surprisingly it looks a lot like how Spike crushed on Rarity for so long and yet he got rejected, apparently time and time again. But his affection for Octavia still stands, even after all this time, and it looks at first glance that Tavi has given Neon a bit of a bone with actually accepting a potential "coffee date". So now it's someone that has loved you from afar vs. someone that by chance may have fallen into her heart. Tough doesn't even begin to describe Octavia's persona now.

And I think we can predict that at some point Rarity's gonna come back into the race---well it's not a race now, but it might as well be. Probably taking things a little too seriously when she saw Spike and Octavia together after how she crushed Spike. Ironically, this time it's Rarity that will be looking for Spike's affections, and Spike could possibly be the one that could crush Rarity if he and Octavia actually decide to try dating each other.

Luv Sic indeed, for practically all of them!!

Before reading this chapter, I like everything about this story... except that spike wants to be with vinyl scratch too

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